Foods with No Carbs and No Sugar

A list of healthy foods with no carbs and
no sugar
Nowadays many people are looking to lose weight
and get healthy.
Junk foods are high in processed carbohydrates
and refined sugars.
These have been proven cause inflammation
throughout the body.
Over time this can lead to a great range of
illnesses such as diabetes, weight gain, obesity,
arthritis, eye disorders, heart attacks, strokes
and many more.
In today’s video we will share with you a
list of the top 16 healthy foods which contain
very low carbs and sugars.
Eating these in place of junk food will bring
in lots of nutrients to your body and allow
it to heal naturally.
Let’s take a look at some of these foods.
Kale is one of the most nutrient dense superfoods
on the planet.
This is a leafy green vegetable which helps
to lower inflammation and provide energy and
It contains no carbohydrates only healthy
forms of fibre.
Eggs contain all the building blocks of life
yet have no carbs or sugars within them.
They are rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins
and minerals which help the body’s cells to
heal and grow.
Pecan Nuts
These contain a very low amount of net carbs,
and contain a high amount of fibre.
These provide minerals which heal the thyroid
gland and are an excellent source of omega
Cheese is one of the healthiest sources of
fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamins A, E,
D and K2.
This helps calcium to be absorbed into the
bones, teeth and nails.
It also contains healthy fatty acids and proteins
which improve the health of the brain.
Chicken is a lean white meat which is rich
in iron, protein, calcium, potassium and B
This supports the health of the heart and
increases serotonin in the brain to ward off
Meat sources contain 0 carbohydrates or sugar.
Another low carb food which is rich in natural
Pure butter that has not been blended with
vegetable oil is one of the best sources of
Vitamin A to protect your eyes, skin and hair.
The calcium in butter also strengthens bones
and is very bioavailable.
A healthy red meat containing a rich source
of vitamin B12.
Beef is excellent in the development of healthy
muscles and provides energy.
Like chicken and other meats, this contains
no carbs or sugar.
Like other fish, this is a rich source of
omega 3 fatty acids which heal the body internally,
especially when trying to lose weight.
Eating fish improves the health of the central
nervous system and contains no carbs or sugar.
Coconut Oil
This is a healthy oil which provides an excellent
source of natural fats.
This contains no sugars or carbs yet provides
an alternative fuel for the body.
This helps you to achieve strong mental focus
and a healthy overall body.
When cooking delicious meals, replace the
vegetable oils for extra virgin coconut oil
to maximise your health.
Green Tea
Green tea contains no carbs or sugar yet is
one of the healthiest drinks on the planet.
It contains a substance known as chlorophyll
which is rich in antioxidants.
These heal the body internally at the cellular
level, helping you to lose weight and lower
Watermelon contains an extremely low amount
of carbohydrates and natural sugars.
It is rich fibre and minerals which help to
flush the digestive system and keep the colon
Eating this fruit is an excellent alternative
to junk foods such as cookies, bread, biscuit,
pasta, or waffles.
This healthy vegetable is well known for its
anti-inflammatory effects due to its concentration
of antioxidants.
It contains two groups of antioxidants which
have been scientifically shown to slow the
growth of cancer cells.
All fruits contain a small amount of sugars,
however berries contain the lowest amount.
Blackberries and strawberries contain pigments
which help in healing the body, and sharpening
the brain.
This is a replacement for granulated sugar.
Xylitol is a natural sweetener made from the
wood of birch trees.
This tastes sweet and exactly the same as
sugar yet is not absorbed by the body.
This does not trigger an insulin response
and is therefore excellent when trying to
lose weight.
Mint is one of the healthiest and tastiest
natural herbs available.
It contains a powerful compound called menthol
which is anti-inflammatory and heals the body
from within.
It contains no sugars or carbohydrates and
can be used in many dishes or drinks.
One of nature’s most powerful natural healers.
This spice can be used in cooking to boost
the health of the body rapidly.
This can work wonders for lowering blood pressure,
aiding weight loss and curing depression and
Be sure to add a little black pepper to help
your body absorb the curcumin compound it
As you can see there are a great range of
foods available which contain no sugar and
no carbs.
Most leafy green (cruciferous) vegetables
can be eaten without concern, and contain
the highest amount of plant based nutrients.
These should be eaten raw, as once they are
heated they lose some of their nutrients.
We recommend eating lots of kale, watercress,
broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, spinach,
beet tops and arugula.
It is important to be aware when following
a low carb diet that many fruits contain a
lot of fructose.
This sugar can promote an insulin response
which slows down weight loss.
When eating meat, try to look for high quality
grass fed animals which have not been minced
or processed.
To learn more about nutrition and healthy
foods, please see our other videos.
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I wish you great health, wealth and happiness.

  1. Todays video is designed for those undergoing a low carb, low sugar diet such as keto. Eating these healthy foods will aid in keeping your carbs below 20-30g (NET) per day in order to burn fat and get healthy. Salad is unlimited as it is not converted to sugar in the body. By consuming these foods and staying within these margins, you may boost your health. To learn more about nutrition please see our other videos. 🍈🍋🥕🥑🌶️🥬 [Note 1: Watermelon Contains 11g Carbs Per Cup (Net). Be sure to only eat a small amount of this to stay within your daily carb allowance | Note 2: Xylitol is harmful to pets.]

  2. Chicken should never be in anyone's diet – its nowhere near as healthy as the industry's propaganda espouses and conditions in the poultry factories are abominable. I recommend using rabbit instead. Its far tastier and healthier than any fowl. Also, I was horrified that you included watermelon in your list?? That makes no sense at all. Now fermented watermelon rind is a different matter altogether.

  3. *Kale,egg,pecan,cheese,chicken,
    butter,beef,salmon,coconut oil,Green Tea,watermelon,Cauliflower, blackberries,Xylitol,Mint,Turmeric*

  4. You should check new studies, half of foods you mentioned ( animal fat, meat, chees and also eggs. ) are not such super healthy like you think.

  5. Eating nothing and drinking nothing is extremely unhealthy. SO where do we stand? Can't eat and can't drink because ALL of that is unhealthy. The air we breath is unhealthy. CAN I SAY MORE?

  6. Watermelon is low in carbs … compared to cookies, bread, biscuit, pasta, or waffles. Gee, ya THINK? Watermelon is low in sugar ONLY because it's 90% water. But people eat a TON of it. You're better off eating a few strawberries and getting your water from tea. Blackberries are high-carb but high fiber. Jury is still out on those.

  7. I learned from Harlan Jacobson years ago that watermelon is the worst fruit for a diabetic. I'm not diabetic but I run from watermelon. Haven't touched it or sugar in over 10 years.

  8. Watch the Xylitol. I hate this crap. People don’t know that it is extremely toxic to animals. Best not to have in the house or to buy foods that contain it including toothpaste and sugar-free gun and candies and diet foods.

  9. One more dimension to your list, Acididity, most of non vegetarian food is acidic, please be careful before recommending

  10. Eggs are not healthy. It has no fiber. It is high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Cheese is not healthy either. No fiber and it will clog up your veins. Lots of Cholesterol and saturated fats. Eating dairy leads to heart disease. Animal products are not good either. Go on a plant diet and you will heal your body. Watch the movie Forks Over Knives featuring Dr. Campbell who did a large study of people's diets in China.

  11. Sadly, eating chicken , eggs and beef requires terrible animal abuse. If you are happy with that you don't deserve to be healthy.

  12. who is sponsoring this video and/or what about CHF/Diabetics and other illnesses that some of these products are dangerous for? Do you have substitutes for them?

  13. Kale, egg, pecans, nuts, cheese and chicken, butter, beef, salmon, coconut oil, watermelon and cauliflower, blackberries. This is thee worse video ever. Only good thing is coconut oil and kale and watermelon

  14. eggs,red meat,nuts,,greens,olive oil ,and butter aren't that expensive..berries aren't either.
    I pick my own black berries most widely available berry in the US.
    I also fish for my own salmon.
    you can afford this eating lifestyle even if your getting food stamps.
    you can buy burger or chuck steak.
    make stews…anyone that says its too expensive ate just looking for excyses

  15. Farmed salmon is very high in fat as it ones from fish kept tightly packed and fed an unnatural diet to turn their in flesh pink. Because they are swimming in water highly polluted with their own waste, they have to be given drugs to keep them disease-free. Sadly, the leaner, more grey-coloured wild Atlantic salmon is now becoming polluted by the vast numbers of farmed salmon in sea net enclosures.
    Red meat is directly linked to bowl cancer. Chicken is far from lean, unless free-range and organic.

  16. Only thing that was good was pecan kale all meats no good fish is good coconut oil good beef is deadly consume five days week or month more then you eliminate meats it can stop alot things digestive system fruits are good I don't know about xylitol and mint is good certain things definitely can replace gum and turmeric is great for the body alot vegatables are excellent.

  17. Really, eggs? Sure it has no carbs but it has high amounts of cholesterol. The USDA cannot even consider eggs as healthy, nutritious or even safe to eat.

  18. Are you fucking kidding me
    I through all kinds of meats beef chicken …except fish
    And I feel really healthy
    I eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits and less bananas 2 in the week
    No bread no butter
    No sugar no salt
    And more water with lemon
    And you ll see a great result
    I swear
    Do not forget to fast 2 times in the week
    It helps your body to detox it self

  19. mint and turmeric are labled as food, even if I eat 1 ton of those I'll never be filled what a complete waste of my fucking time

  20. This is really helpful specially for those who are living in western countries where there is no healthy much food just crazy processed food . This is the first ever time I watched and I subscribed it and I do agree with the speaker who seems to sound like British and I guess he british . I studied nutrition and I do believe all what he said is really helpful

  21. lmfao!!!..well if I'm special needs then I guess that makes you an escaped retardate from the mental institute…I know being locked away from society for so long you're not aware they have this great invention called a grocery store…where you can actually buy things like sardines or jack mackerel in a can instead of fishing,..but yes for you.
    ..I would suggest going to your local sporting goods store and buy a fishing licence,pole,and necessary tackle before purchasing really expensive sardines and mackerel.
    don't let the game warden catch ya though as you might be over your limit and get arrested.
    as for your fruit yes we all know they don't sell apples atvtge sore either.
    if ii were you id go to an orchard for those as well.
    all of these suggestions won't help haters like you though because they'll just get in the way of your combo meal at the fast food drive through.
    you just can't fix stupid.

  22. what are Vit ta mins lol hahaha mman that accent be gettin me .
    also I'm hella pissed about watermelon. I love it and its supposed to be healthy it that shxt ja high af in carbs and sugar!! why yall lying. i be mad looking at watermelon and can't eat it like i want to . same with mango , strawberries and bananas!!

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