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Welcome to howtocookthat
I am Ann Reardon Today I am going to show you how to make seven
different types of frosting and we are going to put them each through a taste test and
then we are also going to put them out in the hot Australian sun to see how well they
hold up and test if they can be used with fondant. Our first frosting recipe is American buttercream
and this is the frosting most people are familiar with. Beat your butter until it is smooth.
All of the quantities that you are going to need for these frostings are on the website I will put a link to the recipes in the description just below this
video. Stir in your icing sugar or confectioners sugar and then beat it on high speed for at
least a minute. Add in 1-2 tablespoons of milk.
Then for all of the frosting recipes that I am doing today I am adding 1/2 a teaspoon
of vanilla essence and a pinch of salt. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and beat until
it’s smooth. American buttercream is easy to make and it
pipes well and that’s why it is so popular. Lets see what my taste testers think of it. This one is very sweet.
This one is my favorite I think I’d give it a 5 out of 5
Quite grainy in texture IT;s really sugary and nice and like you get
a sort of crunch with it. Tastes like birthday cake icing
but very traditional tasting so I would say I’ll give it a 3.
Disgusting I give it a one it’s all like gritty and sugary in a bag way. It was really sugary
Tastes like icing I would make like simple you can really taste the sugar
while you are eating it I’ll give it a five because I really love sweet things. But it’s good I’ll give that one a five because
I would usually make it so it has to be the best. For our second frosting we are making french
buttercream. Mix together the sugar and water in a saucepan.
Whip the egg yolks on high until they are pale, I recommend that you use pasturized
eggs for any of these frostings that have eggs in them. Heat the sugar and water in
a saucepan until the sugar dissolves and then continue to heat it until it reaches 238 farenheit
or 114 centigrade. Then with the mixers running pour that hot sugar syrup into the yolks.
It will turn into a consistency a bit like milk but just keep beating it and it Will
go pale and thicken up as it cools. Then add in the butter a little at a time. Then add
the vanilla and salt and keep beating on high for a minute or two until it is smooth and
glossy. Then pipe it onto your cupcakes. Mmmmm The icing tastes really flavourable. It is nice its sweet its not too sweet but
its nice an creamy. The icing really rates a tiny bit buttery.
I’d give it a 2 because it doesn’t have enough sugar in it. The one is very buttery very rich tasting
really smooth. It’s too creamy and I don’t really like the
flavour of it. I give it a four. I’d give this one a four,
A three, a four. To make italian meringue frosting add some
cream of tar tar to the egg whites. I am using pasturised egg whites that you can buy in
a carton for this. Beat on high speed until you have soft peaks. Mix together the water
and caster sugar. And heat, stirring until the sugar is dissolved.
Then add a candy thermometer just like we did with the French buttercream and heat until
its 238 F or 114 Centigrade. Then turn your beaters on and pour in the sugar syrup in
a thin stream. At first it’;s going to go all liquify but just like we did with the
other one keep beating and keep the mixers running for about 5 minutes and as it cools
it will thicken up. Then you can add your vanilla and your salt. You end up with a light
fluffy fat free frosting. It pipes well but expect it to drop down and lose some of its
height. I like it because it sort of tastes like meringue. Very very soft not overly sweet.
Was that even icing. Very very light foamy I like it four.
A five, I din’t even feel like there was icing. I’d give it a four.
Oooo this one looks cool. I’ll give it a 2, me too.
To make Swiss buttercream take cooled Italian meringue frosting and add cubes of butter.
At first it will look a bit like this curdled lumpy mess. But just keep on whipping it on
high and it will come together to form a smooth glossy frosting. Thick creamy, not very sweet.
I don’t really like it so I think I’d give it a q out of five.
There’s not heaps of flavor I’ll give it a three. Yeh definitely a one I don’t like it,
a three, it’s good I;ll give that one a three. Next we have ermine frosting. To make this
beat together butter and caster or superfine sugar until it is smooth and pale. In a saucepan
whisk together the flour and the milk and then stir it over high heat, the mixture will
start to get lumps, keep stirring it over the heat and then it will thicken into a smooth
paste. Once it is thick keep stirring it for another minute just to allow all those starch
granules to burst so you don’t have a flowery taste to it. Allow it to cool. To speed up
the cooling process I placed the base of the pan in a sink of cold water. Then with the
beaters running add one spoonful at a time. Add your vanilla and salt and beat until light
and fluffy. I like it I’ll give it I think yeh a four.
It tastes a tiny bit salty to me. It’s got a nice creamy sort of feel to it.
I will give this one a three. So I’ll give it a four.
Yeh I think I’ll give it a four because it’s quite sweet.
It tastes sugary. I don’t know it’s too hard. That ones a good
one, I would go 4. Traditional cream cheese frosting is made
by beating together cream cheese and butter until they are smooth, this is easiest if
you’ve bought both ingredients up to room temperature first. You need to be using the
block cream cheese not the spreadable ones that you buy in a tub because they are too
soft. Stir in your icing or confectioners sugar
and then beat on high for 2 minutes. The frosting is quite soft but holds its shape reasonable
well when swirled onto a cupcake. I am going to need to run after this. I think
its gross and disgusting I think I’ll give it a one it’s sort of sour. I love cream cheese
so I’ll go number 5. It’s sour but I reallly like it I will give it a four. It tastes like
what my mother in law puts on carrot cake. Um and I’ll give it a four.
whooah that, I’ll give it a one. I’ll give it a one. So I wouldn’t use cream cheese frosting on
a cake for young kids. Next we have white chocolate ganache, to make
you heat up your cream until it just starts to boil and then pour the hot cream over white
chocolate. Let it sit for 30 seconds and then stir it in.
If there are still lumps of white chocolate you can microwave it for 10 seconds and stir
it again until its smooth. Leave it to cool overnight or if you are in a hurry you can
pour it into a large bag and then spread it flat and put that on a shelf in the fridge
for about an hour. Once it has thickened up Put it into the bowl
of an electric mixer and beat on high for 2 minutes.Then add your vanilla and a small
pinch of salt. It pipes nicely and holds its shape as it
is quite a thick frosting. If you want it to be softer you can increase the ratio of
cream to chocolate. I like this one.
Mmmm tastes a lot like white chocolate. And I thin it’s my favorite so far, five.
I like the flavour but I think the texture is a bit too hard I think I’ll give it a two.
It tasted really nice so I’ll give it a 5. That one is thicker than the other ones just
so you know but it’s still good still four. A five.
Here we have some of each frosting piped onto fondant and left overnight. If the moisture
content in the frosting is too high then the fondant will start to weep. And that is exactly
what has happened with the italian meringue and cream cheese frostings. But the rest it’s
all fine. So if you had your italian meringue or cream cheese under fondant on a cake then
the underneath layer of the fondant would start to dissolve and you’d get a puddle of
sticky liquid oozing onto the cake platter. Lets see what happens if we put the cupcakes
outside on a hot day. Today it is 32C or 90F and these cupcakes have been in the fridge
for several hours before going outside. If you have this frosting under fondant on a
shaped cake then you are going to need your frosting to hold up in the heat if you want
you cake to stay together. All the frosting starts to soften but after 20 minutes in the
heat the ganache and the french buttercream just collapse. The swiss, ermine and american
all start to bow down too and the swiss topples over after 30 minutes. The others manage to
hold on for at least 45 minutes So the best frostings for outdoors are ermine,
american, cream cheese and italian meringue. Thanks for watching subscribe to howtocookthat
for more cakes, chocolate and dessert recipes and leave your request in the comments below
and I’ll see you all on Friday. [music: the Boat song by used with
permission] Oops sorry my blonde hair is in the way, oh
that’s an issue, don’t do that, don’t do that at home.
Because I just like it all. so [bang] that just fell in front of the camera.
Ready set last one, so sad. I’ll give it a one.

  1. I haven't tried a whole lot of frostings, but pretty much any buttercream is revolting to me, as I really don't like the taste of fat.

  2. Is Ermine buttercream good for macaron filling? I’ve never made it before.

    I LOVE French buttercream. It’s so smooth and not overly sweet.

    American buttercream is vile IMO. It’s SO sweet and its only benefit is that it’s easy to make and easy to pipe.

    I’ve always had trouble keeping my IMBC and SMBC from separating if I don’t use it immediately.

    Cream cheese frosting tastes incredible because the acid cuts the sweetness and I LOVE how simple it is to make.

  3. has anyone tried the ermine frosting bc i tried it and the butter started to separate into liquid and solids and it was rlly weird any tips?

  4. I've had success making ermine frosting using coconut flour and low carb sweeteners like stevia etc. It's so easy to customize without fearing that the buttercream will fall apart, as long as you add any liquids during the pudding making stage. Only buttercream I've managed to make keto.

    I've also made it with honey too, it works great.

  5. Could you do allergen free options? Like dairy, gluten, soy, nut, egg free options or options that might be for dairy free, all 8 major allergen free, and maybe one that is free of 2 allergens?

  6. I always use vanilla extract instead of essence cause it has a nicer taste. But it is very expensive, especially if you're making a lot of icing.

  7. what no german buttercream? xD so disappointed it's by far the best. We use a pudding-butter mix, no or hardly any sugar, so not that sweet and you can add colours or cocoa powder or whatever you want. it's perfect <3

  8. This was really cute with the kids and a great idea if you do make sweets for kids. For me, I don’t trust children pallets because they like some garbage food that most adults have grown out of completely.

  9. If it is grainy it's wasnt made right. I've never had grainy buttercream. You don't just dump the entire 10x in. That butter she used was too hard too.

  10. I really like how the boy in the green shirt made up his own mind. My neighbor's son always agrees with his cousin; whatever she likes he likes, even if he doesn't.

  11. Kid in the green shirt is the litteraly cutest thing ever. Kid in the orange shirt is like and old young man, so darn funny

  12. I liked the adults criticism and the boy in the orange top was more about the taste, everyone else was just about the sweetness which is not what buttercream is about, it’s about what compliments the cake the best, I don’t want to be mean just my opinion 🙂

  13. I’m not familiar with cream cheese, is it like kiri or lavash kiri or what? I don’t think we have it in our country

  14. That wasn't Italian meringue… It was just a meringue… Because buttercream… Butter… There wasn't any lol. I'm shocked nobody has said anything and this video is still up!

  15. Since my kids are allergic to dairy and my eldest is vegan, I make my icing with nutriwhip and icing sugar.

    A while back, before my son was vegan, I made meringue using maple syrup instead of melted sugar, it was delicious. (Quebecker here)

  16. Ann – Why is it important to bring the water/sugar mix to that specific temp? Is it just the point where the consistency works best for mixing?

  17. American. Buttercream uses 10x sugar eqysl parts butter and vegetable shortening. No milk. Just a bit of vanilla or a bit of almond Extract or a bit of both. Its stable non gritty and lightly sweet.

  18. Basically the oldest one of the Reardon bros had really adult type of taste. But had more extream expressions than adults would have because he was little.

  19. As a kid the only icing i liked was creamcheese of fresh whipped cream (still my favorite but i cant eat it anymore)

  20. what about 7 min. frosting, tastes like marshmello and a kid pleazer. Funny video with the taste testers I must say. 🙂

  21. I’ve never heard of Ermine frosting…
    There is a boiled brown sugar frosting…. not sure what it’s called…
    I was surprised the white chocolate ganache didn’t last longer in the heat.

  22. I never liked cream cheese frosting, I'm a firm believer that cheese shouldn't be in desserts, I dont like cheese cake and I dont think I ever will.

  23. Whiped cream. It's light, sweet but not overly sweet, has some fat but not nearly as much as buttercream. It's creamy but also fresh at the same time. It's a blank canvas gor flavouring. Im short, whipped cream is the superior one

  24. Kids just like sugar. i feel like if you're making icing for birthday party cakes, listen to the kids. if your bringing cake to an adult event (or like a bday cake for a teen because not all of them crave sugar like five year olds do. am 19. can confirm) listen to adult blond ladies.

  25. Awee I love this video! And it's not like videos of nowadays where it's like, oh there's no black people or asian people, let's include them too… it's just simple people! Thank you

  26. All this talk of pasturized eggs and my aussie ass is over here eating raw meringue with true (pasture raised with no more than 1000 hens per 5 acres of lush actually green pasture) free range eggs that are straight outta the chooks bum lmao

  27. No one in my house likes american buttercream.. It is way too sweet. My 8 year old won't touch cake/cupcakes anymore because she hates it so much i guess the overly diabetic sweet buttercream ruined cake for my poor baby. I like to use the oreo cool whip as icing for cakes not too sweet but adds a nice touch to my hubbys favorite oreo bday cake!!

  28. Does ermine buttercream set in the fridge? I need a frosting that is not sweet and sets well so I can smooth it out easily 🙂 thank you!

  29. Don't get the American frosting, though; it's often too heavy and grainy. The Italian is great for creating nice smooth decors like waves or even small flowers. The Swiss is a blend; firm and smooth, but not too heavy. The white chocolate ganache is good for frosting entire cakes and gives colours a nice sheen.

  30. I'm sorry but this is not enough people for a test. I have a bakery and offer tastings all the time 100s of people. Almost every single adult goes for the Swiss meringue and hates the American. 90% go for the lesser sweet option.

  31. I've never considered Italian Meringue a frosting. It's a meringue. To make it frosting you add butter. The Swiss Meringue Buttercream is made differently. You take the egg whites and mix in the sugar and heat over a double broiler until the sugar desolves. Then whip into a meringue and add butter etc.

  32. Shouldn't've started with the super sugary American one, the kids were disappointed by the lower sweetness of the others, they might've given them more of a chance if that one had been left til last

  33. This is like my 500th time watching this and I never noticed how much with the two boys, the one that I believe is her son always looks so annoyed with the kid in the orange shirt when his answer differs too much. Like the cream cheese frosting, he literally rolled his eyes as if to say "Of course YOU like it"

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