FULL FACE USING ONLY FOOD Challenge! NataliesOutlet

Hello there, so a lot of you requested me to do is the full face of highlighter
Or the full face of liquid lipsticks, and I was like that is great and that completely inspired this video however
I wanted to try something a little bit different
And I was eating like what was it I was eating some Jolly ranchers twizzlers, and I was being a kid okay
I was like what the heck why not food, so this is the full face makeup sink, ooh?
Yes video thumbs up if the way to your heart is through your stomach and you love food and leave me a comment down below
What your favorite food is so today. We’re gonna try and create foundation Concealer blush Bronzer highlighter brow
eyeshadow Mascara
lipstick and Eyeliner all using food
Can I take on a challenge? I don’t know I know this might not be a challenge. Maybe nobody will do this with me
That’s make sure you guys stay connected with me on my social Media and a lot of you have really been enjoying my vlog
So if you don’t already know I’m doing vlogs my boyfriend, and we’re having lots of fun
Are you guys are you ready for this let’s do this alright, so the very first thing
We’re try out is foundation and Concealer, and I mean this is kind of like the base of everything
I feel like if this fails everything else goes downhill from there for the foundation
We’re to be using some red mill brown rice flour some arrowroot. It’s I’m gonna start off with arrowroot
I have no idea what the heck that is but let’s just bounce and I’m gonna go in with some brown rice
Flour because it has a little bit of a darker tone
I’m gonna go in with a whole bunch of spices to basically try to create the color right so I actually ended up finding some
Cocoa powder, I just went like this with that cocoa powder onto my hand and it kind of created a really nice tone. Oh
The Spices are strong. Oh my God if you’re highly allergic
I’m not recommend this on your feet it also gets everywhere
I’m sure I’ll pour in some cinnamon now. I’m pouring some cocoa powder mix it up and hope to God this is my color
I’m gonna use , this as a powder. Let’s see
Video might be my biggest fail of life this isn’t working. I’m just gonna use cocoa powder. You know what?
Well, it’s patchy, huh
Not working. I’m gonna make this work. This has to work
But forget the powder that just is crazy
It clearly gets all over the place and say I’m just gonna put some coconut oil into that original mixture and hope this works
And make this into a liquid foundation oh, god oh my gosh, hi
Okay, interesting
Don’t know what I’m doing. Okay. never mind this isn’t that hey? I don’t know what I’m doing people
I don’t know what I’m doing. this was looking promising until I did that
I’m Gonna try just ground cinnamon
When you do this close your nostrils people gonna be like Shannon tatum from she’s a man
He puts a tampon in his nose our secure proof. We got em eating cinnamon. It’s in my mouth, okay?
All right now for the bronzer. I’m just going to use the cinnamon that our we had in here and some cornstarch
My skin feels dry. I’m going in with the first mixture that we did to create the eyebrow stuff
From a distance it looks okay. eye shadow just going in with what we had created previously a shot
I’m just going in with Cinnamon, Nutmeg
Cocoa Powder
Now your eyeballs will smell like chocolate
Out for the blush. We’re going to use some beet couldn’t find beet powder. So we’re using this
Okay, oh my gosh cant open this
Alright. I’m just going to pop in some cherries, and gonna mash them up It’s how many is this as blush oh?
What the what now, I’m gonna put this on my lips. This is gonna look cute. oh, yeah
My face is sticking together
Shall we continue? I’m Gonna use some
Blackberries which was supposed to be for the Mascara my God unstick
New trend a triangle eyelash right in the middle of your op, is that a berry in my eye
I’ve given up I
gave up on this challenge, and
Highlighter, I just brought Sprinkle cupcake Jim’s thought this was all gonna work
And then I just put I just dumb it on top but I’ve dumbed everything oh
Give this video thumbs up if you enjoyed guys this was totally supposed to work. I had faith in myself
I lost all faith for myself okay um this video. All I have is a huge ass mess in front of me and
Ugly makeup, I’ll be in Columbia for the next month
So make sure you guys still shoot me an email saying whoa what up um I love you guys very much
I am so sorry this didn’t work if you choose to take on this challenge the solo challenge
Let me know I would love to retweet you or just see what your creation is and this was supposed to work
I try I love you guys don’t forget to live weird or die normal

  1. Last digit of your like is your food!
    2. Cake🍰
    3. Pizza🍕
    4. Fries🍟
    6. Bread🍞
    7. Crackers🍪
    8. Sushi🍣
    9. Soup🍲
    Comment what you got!


  2. Natalie those were black Berries u said cherry’s lol but what are u doing. next time doing like fruit 🍉 🍎 🍌 for makeup

  3. Last digit of your like (makeup)

    0 – foundation
    1 – concealer
    2 – bronzer
    3 – contour
    4 – eyeshadow
    5 – highlighter
    6 – mascara
    7 – eyeliner
    8 – lip liner
    9 – lipstick 💄

    Comment if I missed anything and what did you get . ( except brows)

    So this a game like which ever thing you land on you will get it for free. ( not really) comment what you got and if you are happy with it with emoticons like happy sad or ok face

  4. This ad I watched was so beautiful,this mom hold her baby boys hand for the first time😫😭😭😫 like if you love it!

  5. The way to anyone's heart, is to stab them……..

    Preferably with a sacrificial knife, with a golden hilt embedded with rubies…..

    Or just use black magic…..

  6. 3:36 Natalie: I'm just going to pop in some cherries and mash them up
    Me: those are blackberries
    Did anyone else notice that

  7. Good ideas for actors. If u can't eat it don't put it on your skin. lol On a serious note, I'd say it is a healthy practice. The skin being the largest organ, why not use natural ingredients that maybe ingest, opposed to harmful chemicals and additives with side effects.

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