Getting Healthy with God? Daniel Plan Diet & Book Review

IS the Daniel plan’s actually biblical.
What is the Daniel Plan Diet?
In this video we are going to be looking at
the daniel plan and see if it is right for
Hello Im Tyler inloes your Christian personal
here are five17 fitness I help you lose weight
and gain faith.
Today we are taking a look at the daniel plan
The daniel plan is a diet created by author
of the purpose driven life and mega church
saddleback pastor rick warren. along with
dr daniel amen, and do mark hyman
the daniel plan is a lifestyle program based
on biblical principles and five essential
components: Food fitness focus faith and friends.
Here are the top 3 main takeaways from this
#1 Love
The daniel plan is build with love as the
motivation to doing the program.
Experiencing god’s love.
Learning to love him back, learning to love
Love is the main motivator of this book/program,
unlike guilt in others systems.
#2 Remembers who owns your Body
God Made you and expects you to take care
of your body.
You body is also a temple for the holy spirit.
We to often forget that our bodies are a gift.
We should start treating them like one.
#3 You are not alone
Like every challenge you face in life there
are people facing the same thing too.
That is were church groups, group fitness,
and overeater anonymous come in to help.
Never underestimate the power of building
a small group that can hold you accountable
to your goal.
So should you read this book?
Especially if you are trying to get healthier
or lose weight.
I honestly have never read a more clearer
book about food.
It makes it very easy to understand more complex
diet things like scratches and the glycemic
Things in the book to be aware of.
After reading it
I felt like in the the authors wrote a basic
health program and then put God into it.
With that said, the first 70 pages are all
about faith and your Body.
I personally found those to be the most inspirational
and impactful.
Worth the read just for this first part of
the book.
Have you read the Daniel plan?
Have you lost weight using this program?
I would love to hear your comments and results
in the comments below.
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Thank you for watching this video.
God Bless finish strong and i will see you
in the next video.

  1. I have not read the book, but I have heard of it and also about some of the principles. I am sorry to hear that it felt like they made a plan and then they tried to fit God into it.

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