Check it out It’s Trevor James And it is 6:30 in the morning I am in deep Southern Sichuan I’ve been riding my bike since 4 in the morning I have a 100km to bike today We’re going to a little town Butuo And it’s a Yi Minzu Yi minority group of people There’s going to be a lot of good food Actually, I have no idea what we’re going to find But we’re going to look And I have a lot of biking to do today Visiting the rural side of China is always a great experience Whether you ride a bike or take a bus You can go to little villages where few travellers ever go And see sights and discover new foods and cultures This trip involved a 12 hour intense ride to Butuo A little farmers village in South Sichuan Endless little villages and fields and mountains Made it truly spectacular It was one of the most beautiful rides and towns I’ve been to You can get a true feel for rural life in China The local morning market was packed with vendors Selling live chickens and wool But I couldn’t find anything to eat on the spot So I went to the first little place that looked good for breakfast And then explored around for more food in the afternoon So we’re going to have a classic morning breakfast here in China This is like fresh hot soybean milk And this is like a rice porridge We’re getting a full Chinese breakfast Look at that So we’re going to start of with a fresh steamy steamy baozi There is going to be fresh pork in there and veg Let’s try it out It’s so juicy That is delicious It tastes like really juicy slightly salty pork This is youtiao Basically deep fried dough You can find this all over China All over the breakfast joints like this place And you can just dip it right into the zhou This rice porridge It’s crispy deep fried dough That’s alright This one really doesn’t have much flavour That’s great So what’s nice is you can wash it all down with this steaming hot soybean milk After breakfast I went out for a little ride deep into the countryside The beautiful scenery really made it a great experience Seeing children as young as 7 or 8 working in the fields on the schooldays And caring for their younger siblings Really put things into perspective I met a lady farming potatoes Who asked me for water It really made me realize how hard life in the fields can be And how we take for granted how much work goes into growing food After giving her all of her water I made my way back to the village in search of lunch I got lucky I found a Yi Jia Le Yi food Minority food And we’re going to try it out But the cooking process couldn’t begin without first taking some pictures together Then, 30 minutes later It was time to feast Look at this We have a plate full of local fresh potatoes here These are grown right here in Liangshan Wow I have no idea how we’re going to eat all of that This is like Chinese cured pork This is qiaomai Qiaomai cakes I should say Buckwheat cakes That looks interesting This is like baby pig chunks Covered in chilies and garlic Boiled and steaming hot And then over here I really don’t know what this is I’ll be honest This is something completely new A lot of this is new to me Everything looks This looks earthy Look at that soup It’s full of veg Looks like there is some beans in there Chilies Amazing First thing I’m going to try is the tuotuo rou This is what everyone says you have to try Look at that Baby pig chunks Covered in chilies and garlic That is really fatty It tastes just like boiled pork It’s really juicy A slight chili flavour Not too spicy We’re going to try this local soup here That is like really earthy I can tell it’s right from the dirt Wow The greens in there are quite strong Now we’re going to go for the qiaomai buckwheat cake This is super unique It tastes exactly like buckwheat Really there is no other flavour to it Look at this Look at this sausage It’s like complete fat Complete fat with one little chunk of meat This is all really good It’s quite simple Full of energy They give you whole potatoes just to eat Full of energy I’m so lucky to be eating this right now In the Yi minority restaurant here I am just so happy and lucky to be eating this I’ve got the potatoes I’m going to take on my bike ride back to the main city tomorrow Have some meat, that was great food I shared the rest of the unfinished food with the kitchen I wasn’t expecting the portions to be that big And after a big rest that evening I made my way back 120 km to Xichang the next morning Through mountains and surprisingly cold weather in August What an unforgettable experience So please click that subscribe button down below Leave me a comment and a thumbs up as well It was a wonderful trip down into the deep southern Sichuan on the bike Completely beautiful Completely exhausting And it was totally worth it to meet the local people Walk around Bike around Awesome food Awesome experience Thanks again I got a little bit more biking to do Back to the main village Awesome fun

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