Gordon Ramsay Hunts for Native Foods of New Zealand | Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

  1. This is were Gordon can bulls hit even more than he does Jamie Oliver is still a better chef not saying Gordon is bad he jst need to get over him self

  2. The fact that he is welcomed to different Beautiful places and introduced to amazing cultures world wide.
    He curses and swears, its so disrespectful and embarrassing. I know, he's better than that. I want to watch but i can see that behavior, everywhere Else he's at.

  3. have fond memories of eating Huhu grubs, yummy. was at a school camp and realised the log we were sitting on was full of them so started chipping away at it and by dinner time had enough for a feed. go a frying pan and some butter and veges and cooked a feed. I think it weirded out the teachers as they gave me some weird looks. some other kids were interested, but good luck getting food out of my grasp in those days, especially something that tasty.

  4. (In an excited baby voice) Oh boy! 👶
    Today on Nat. Geo.
    Gordon Ramsey
    "Willy Wonka: Goes to New Zealand"
    This film has not been rated.
    Peace ✌

  5. no.1 chef in the world!!master of the masters!!you're amazing mr.Gordon Ramsay..i learned a lot from you.Godbless and more power!

  6. i like gordon when he's outside the kitchen and struggling in the woods to cook (in a good way i say).. no cursing, learned the history and taught us to cook in a traditional way.. nice video!

  7. 2:35 we got that, well something very very similar in the same genius in florida its like asparagus its called smilax

  8. Maori these days don't eat traditional food we all eat food from the shopping centers she's not a local Maori she's a scenic Maori

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