Healthy Eating Tips : Eating Healthy Snacks

Alright, let’s talk a little bit about snacks.
I subscribe to the dietary plan of three meals
and two snacks per day. I think that’s important
to maintain the blood sugar. You don’t want
to go more than about four or five hours tops
without eating otherwise your blood sugar
is going to go down. So be very aware of that
and if you’re not going to be eating for awhile
it’s important to have a healthy snack. What
is a snack? Well a snack is anything healthy
between one hundred and two hundred calories.
People of course like convenience. So for
convenience, I would say fruit of course makes
a good snack and puts us in that calorie range
for about a hundred calories. Nuts make a
great snack. Even provide protein, too, which
is going to carry you a little bit further.
Trail mix of course. Trail mix is a combination
of nuts and seeds and dried fruit. A very
good choice. Have you ever tried turkey jerky?
This is another convenient healthy snack.
You could even keep some of these snacks in
your car if you’re driving. There’s also a
fish jerky that’s actually pretty good. It’s
made from salmon. Salmon jerky. So I suggest
you try that one. And how about edamame? Are
you familiar with edamame? These are soy beans
in the shells and we just heat these or eat
them cold. A little bit of healthy unrefined
salt makes a great snack.
Vegetable sticks and pieces in little zip-loc
bags. You can make those ahead of time. That
makes for a good snack. You can use, this
is a eight ounce serving of soy milk. This
makes a good snack, too. Going to provide
some protein as well. Here is one of the meal
bars. These make good snacks. I would suggest
not the breakfast bars but the meal bars that
provide more protein and less sugar. And if
you like a number I would look for something
that is around 15 grams of sugar or less.
That would be low sugar. Yogurt makes a good
snack, too. Very convenient. Sometimes it
helps to have a snack at bedtime. If you find
that you’re waking up during the night it’s
possible that your blood sugar could be going
down. You might try having a healthy snack
before bedtime. So that’s the deal on snacks.

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  2. I got a good snack idea, if your traveling with kids trying not to stop, Cut up some apple wedges and they can eat that when you are about to leave and then brink roasted nuts and almonds, and some bananas and other fruits

  3. i just scoff down crisps when im hungry. bad i know but i dont find any of these snacks very filling and they dont satisfy my craving either

  4. Because i eat large amounts, a snack would normally be a scrambled egg, on 2 wholegrain slices of toast. So, im not sure it would fill me up

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  6. so is this guy saying the nuts are going to be helpfull for my Workout at the gym…?
    I heard Protein is needed to recover the Muscles after ur workout.

  7. I like fasting. I lose a lot of weight, and after about 30 days of fasting, less portions fill me faster and junk food is no longer tasty.

    Plus it is good for religious purposes.

  8. What a joker, Science hasnt proved all religions are false, please show me evidence that science proved ALL religions are false.

  9. because there is absolutely no evidence for anything that religions claim. and since there is no evidence for the radical claims, it cant be tested or proven.

    extra ordinary claims require extra ordinary evidence

  10. There is thousands of proofs for my faith. What radical claims? That there is an intellgent designer behind everything in the universe.

    You know whats a radical cliam? That everything happend due to randomness. A claim yet to be proven by any scientisits. A tornado hitting a junkyard doesnt make a boeing 747. How can you possibly believe that everything you see, and the eyes and brain you see with were all RANDOM.

    I made a few videos regarding God and the logical and scientific proof of God.

  11. Also, notice how you had absolutely no evidence for anything you claimed, you never showed your "scientific proof"

    So you admit that you believe ALL religions are false without ANY proof. You have no scientific proof and in the world of science your comment would be scorned, why? because your comment is based on NO proof, NO logic, and NO knowledge.

  12. why would i need scientific evidence to disprove something that has never been scientifically proven?

    I never said I beleived that everything happened in randomness so stop assuming things.

    the truth is no one on knows where life or the earth came from and no one knows what happens when you die. religions make claims that they know exactly the answers to these questions. but since there is absolutely no evidence for the radical claims, science does not approve of religions

  13. here is an exercise for you, assuming your christian, without the bible, directly prove to me that there is a god.

    now once you fail that exercise, tell me why the bible has any credibility. in other words why should anyone believe anything that the bible says.(even putting aside all its historical and scientific fallocies) why should ANYONE beleive the bible.

    and if your not christian, just apply it to whatever goofy story book your religion hails.

  14. Prove to me that electrons exist without using any Scientific source when you fail that excrsize tell my why scientific sources have any credibility, in other words why should anyne believe anything that scientific sources says. (even putting aside how new science shows old science is wrong) why should ANYONE listen to scientific sources.

    ^Your logic thrown back at u

    Notice how you assume my religious book is goofy when you have NO IDEA what religious book I use. You speak without knowledge.

  15. "never been scientifically proven?"
    …that you know of. There is thousands of scientific proofs in my faith, you are just too lazy to look.

    "the truth is no one on knows where life"
    -You make a claim, you must prove it. There is plenty of proof if you just open your eyes. Reflect and ponder on life and you will see how there MUST be an intelligent designer behind all of it.

    "science does not approve of religions"
    Yes it does, stop being ignorant.

  16. watch?v=IPdO-NIUuEo&feature=player_embedded
    that is a video of an electron being filmed. telling me to not use science to prove something has the same logic in telling me not to use my brain. why should we beleive science? because science has TESTED their hypothesis and theories and science has PHYSICAL PROOF of their claims. religion has neither

    I assume any fictional book is goofy to some degree, regardless of the story.
    you still have not proven the existence of god

  17. " telling me not to use my brain."
    -Exactly, my point, your challange is illogical at best.

    ".religion has neither"
    -Religion has both, YOU simply DO NOT WANT to TEST, NOR do you want physical proof of the claims. It is obvious you made no attempt.

    You say it is fictional without TESTING the book, and without PHYSICAL PROOF.

    [4:174] O people, a proofs have come to you from your Lord; we have sent down to you a profound beacon.

    But if you keep your eyes closed, you will not see the beacon.

  18. "Exactly, my point"-what point? you never made one.

    "Religion has both, YOU simply DO NOT WANT to TEST, NOR do you want physical proof of the claims." religion has never proved its claims. NEVER. if they have, then present them to me. present proof of gods existence or of hell or heaven or of any of there radical claims.

    like i asked before, what gives the bible credibility? i already defended why science has credibility. now defend your source.

  19. Ok, I am going to send you a message ( I have to go to work now).

    Also messages dont have a character count, so I can show my sources, etc.

  20. What's with all the religion comments???? This is a video about friggin' healthy snacks!!!! My gosh, people are sooo weird….

    By the way, thank you sooo much for the snack tips. I'm switching over to health foods ever since I saw Food, INC. and I was looking for something good to replace potato chips. Haha XD

  21. What's with all the religion comments???? This is a video about food!!!! You people are soooo weird…

    By the way, thank you for posting this video! I'm switching over to healthy food ever since I saw Food, INC. and I needed to find something to replace those potato chips. HahaXD

  22. @28kb you get tired you; if you had something high in sugar just before your blood sugar goes down then you will want something high in sugar again, which starts of the weight gain cycle. there is an excellent explanation by a youtuber called underground wellness.

  23. @jstrivens I have lost 70 pounds in 6 months and have always had a snack (under 200) before bed time. Weight gain due to eating before bed has also never been proven. In fact there was a study (maybe check google) which found people who did not eat a snack before bed woke up hungry and ended up eating more calories than they would of eaten had they eaten before going to sleep.

  24. @jstrivens A great tip my PE teacher told us was that you should primarily eat food that is produced naturally, not modified food. So have to agree with you there.

  25. "There's also a fish jerky that's actually pretty good it's made of Salmon ( looks to the left trying to remember what it's called )………Salmon jerky"

  26. @PatchouliNoir vegetarians eat alot of soy products and they tend to live longer and dont get cancers or diseases as often as other ppl

  27. Every day my diet consists of the following: Please let me know what you think

    Porridge, 2 apples, banana, brazil nuts, wall nuts, licorice bar, nutrigrain barsome carrot, 1 orange, blueberries

    A sandwidge consisting of (2 slices of brown bread, tomato, lettuce, lean beef slices, 2 slices of low fat cheece)

    An averge sized dinner which normally varies between 1(potatoes OR rice OR pasta), 2(brocolli, brussel sprouts), 3(lasagna, chicken stir fry, meat)

    and a good amount of water.

  28. The thing is about this heathy eating thing is that if you exercise an apropriate amount, you'll be just fine! And I'd rather be fat and explore the culinary world healthy and unhealthy than be fit and limit myself. 🙂

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  30. Great tips! I agree with eating often to keep your blood sugar stabilized. I lost over 100 pounds and this is one of my top tips! Thanks for the information! 🙂

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