hey everyone a little change in scenery
today we are in and NYC my home and we are in Rock Center right now and today I’m
gonna talk about one of my favorite things to do dining out I’m keri glassman welcome to your most
nutritious life friends and family love to dine out too
and one thing that people always ask me about is you can I still dine out when I’m trying to diet
always tell people YES you can enjoy dining out and no don’t try to stay home and
don’t go out if you’re on a diet and lifestyle and dining out as part of your
lifestyle I want you to continue to do it because it is a fun thing it’s a way
to try new foods it’s a way that you might not get home it’s a way to
obviously be social and that’s actually one of my point today as I want you to
be social and enjoy the people you’re with and be present with the people
versus just focusing on the food so I want to go through a few tips today
about ways that you can enjoy dining out Try different food stick to your fun social family family whatever why why and how would you ever
go out stick to it and still stay on course with your nutritious life ok so the first tip is
doesn’t even involve the rest on the first one is to always say this to ruin your appetite an
hour and a half or two hours or even an hour before you go out make sure you
have something that I say is going to cut the hunger so you don’t go to the
restaurant and just dive headfirst into the bread basket or and or worse
dive in to the bread basket and then make an order that’s completely overly
decadent a big bowl of pasta in a big dessert if you save up knowing I’m
going out to dinner tonight skip lunch or I’m gonna get a really
just have this tiny little salad for lunch today and then hold out for the
meal it’s going to sabotage you do not only do I want you to look to your
normal person eating healthy consistently the day I also want you to
have a snack that will cut the hunger hard-boiled egg two slices of turkey 15
almonds and a big glass of water about an hour
and a half before the meal will enable you to go into the meal slightly slightly hungry versus famished you’ll be in a more mindful place you’ll be in a better place
to make a healthier choice and to eat slower so you end up consuming less than you
would have if you were starving oK so that’s what you do before you get to the
restaurant then at the restaurant especially if you’re with a whole bunch
of friends I want you to think about being a trend setter and what I mean there is have you ever
noticed when one person who orders first everybody else kind of follows suit one person order something with the fries guess what a lot of people are
ordering well the fried calamari and the fettuccini alfredo but if one person the first person to order orders something healthy you’ll be surprised at how many people
follow suit believe me i’ve seen it happen multiple times I want you to be a trend setter choose the thing on the menu that is the healthiest when the waiter comes over speak up be the first one to order and try to set that trend of having a little more healthier evening ok the next thing I want you to do is when it comes to alcohol is skip the first drink skip this first drink over here and start with
something like a club soda with the lime and you can even get this in a stem glass so that it feels more festive skip the calories of the first drink
are also feeling yourself up a little bit more so again that’s slowing you
down and feeling you up a little bit when you get to the food you might consume a little bit less ok then when it comes to the
appetizer if there is not a salad or soup that’s
fairly clean like a simple veggie soup or a kale or arugula salad that isn’t loaded with lots of different cheese and
dressing so often these salads now are are loaded with so many
different items and ingredients that there as caloric as a full meal so if there isnt a cleaner salad to fill up with I want you to look at the veggie side dishes and often might be the best choice for that side veggie item may be a better choice then the salad item alright next thing when it comes the main course I want you to either split a protein heavy option with a friend tips to help you take your dining out up a notch and then guess what when you are home take those meals up a notch and eat a little bit cleaner at home to improve your overall health and weight have fun and don’t feel deprived so bon apetite enjoy your next meal out and also don’t forget have fun you aren’t doing all the work order something you might not make at home and enjoy the fact you are not doing the dishes you want a little bit more of a specific meal plan to follow check out my one month slim down below

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