Healthy Eating Tips: Sodium Reduction

Hi there. My name is Kathleen
Turner and I’m the dietitian
here at the university
of Ottawa heart institute.
Today we’re going
to be talking about sodium.
We often use the term salt
and sodium interchangeably
but they’re
not really the same thing.
So salt is made up of sodium
and chloride put together
but the dangerous
bit is the sodium.
And sodium increases
your risk of developing
high blood pressure
which is a risk factor
for heart disease and stroke.
In a day
you’re looking to get about
1500-2400 milligrams of sodium.
Most Canadians eat over
3000 so we are not doing
so well when it comes to sodium.
However most of that sodium
is really from processed foods
so it’s not the salt that you
might be adding at the table
or the salt that you are
adding when you are cooking,
its really the salt
that’s hidden in foods
where you don’t
even realize that it’s there.
It’s in things like
salad dressings and marinades
and frozen dinners, so the
more that you can cook at home,
the better off you are
because you’re going
to have a lot
less sodium intake.
One thing that’s
really easy to do at home
is to make
your own salad dressing
and many salad dressings
will have upwards of
200-300 milligrams
of sodium per tablespoon.
This is an
easy thing to do at home,
you take a quarter cup of oil,
you can use
olive oil or canola oil,
you take two tablespoons
of some kind of vinegar,
today we are using
white wine vinegar,
but balsamic is nice,
you could also
use some lemon juice.
A teaspoon of maple syrup,
again, if you don’t like
maple syrup you can use honey
and a teaspoon
of Dijon mustard.
You mix that together
and there you go, you’re done,
and that’s all it takes.
Takes maybe
two minutes to assemble.
You could also
make it with canola oil
and it will keep in
the fridge for a few days
so that it doesn’t harden
like it does with olive oil,
so that’s another option
but the idea being you want
to cook more things
at home and you have got
a great place to start on
the heart institute website with
a number of recipes available
that you can check out.

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