Heart Healthy Diet – Project Health Live – Penn State Hershey Medical Center

>>[Music] now, Penn State Heart and Vascular
Institute presents Project Health Live.
>>Now with me I have Jan Christianson, a
registered dietician. I wanted to ask you,
is there a food that can help prevent heart
>>There’s no single food or dietary supplement
that prevents heart disease. What we really
need to do is aim for a nutritionally balanced
diet with four main features. First that emphasizes
plant foods. Vegetables. Fruits. Whole grains.
Legumes. Nuts. Seeds and non-tropical oils
like olive and canola oil. Second, it includes
at least two fatty fish meals per week. Fish
and seafood provide EPA and DHA which are
omega 3 fatty acids that may offer some protection
against heart disease. Third, a heart-healthy
eating plan may include other lean protein
sources. Fat-free and low-fat dairy products
and skinless poultry. And finally it limits
added sugars, sodium and red meats. And if
necessary, for individuals who are overweight,
a heart-healthy eating plan also limits calories
to help one achieve and maintain a healthier
body weight.
>>It sounds like a lot of delicious whole
foods. Can you tell me briefly, how is this
different than the typical American diet?
>>Well it’s much higher in fiber. Higher
in health-promoting plant compounds called
phytochemicals. And higher in omega 3 fatty
acids. But much less saturated fat. Transfats.
Sodium and added sugars.
>>And these are all things we have been told

>>Yes [chuckles].
>>– that we need to limit in our diet. How
fabulous. Well thank you so much.

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