High Calorie Breakfast Protein Shake!

Good morning to youtube and good morning america. So, If you’re anything similar to me when it comes to
waking up in the morning I usually sleep in a little bit later
than I should and after hitting the snooze alarm about 5 times, I realize, “O snap I gotta start getting ready for work. so of course I rush brushing my teeth, I rush getting ready….and then before I know it I realize oh wait I have to grab my breakfast which
which of course is the most important meal of the day….. So ti help you guys avoid just grabbing a banana or just a protein bar…. and calling that breakfast, I do have a
solution for you essentially all I do is throw a bunch of stuff in a blender and blend it real quick and thats my breakfast in the morning. However,
I do call this my high calorie protein shake So definitely check it out. Alot of good stuff in it. So here we go right now…. starting off with some almond milk Greek yogurt peanut
butter myofusion protein Nescafe instant
coffee and some eggs. First, We are going to pour about 2 cups of almond milk And then start blending. Thats what I use. And then add 4 scoops of Greek Yogurt. Add in a couple scoops of peanut butter. Typically I use powdered peanut butter. I did run out of that however it is really healthy for you…. but I don’t have any just regular peanut butter will do especially since this is
high-calorie anyways. then And then 3 eggs. Now the first egg… is gonna be one full raw egg Then the other 2 eggs are just going to be the egg whites. To separate the egg whites you just Tip the shell back and forth like i’m doing here. Until you separate the two and then do the same for the second one. And thats how you separate the yolk from the actual egg white. And then most important part, add in the protein
… 1 full scoop With everything else in the shake, I think we will be good with protein due to the yogurt, eggs and everything. And then finally because this is a high calorie “breakfast” shake lets add some Nescafe instant coffee to give yourself a little kick-start in the morning Ok alright guys there you have it So if you don’t mind I’m going to just drink this down right now get ready
for work and I’ll see you guys next time peace!!!


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