Hot Chocolate Cookies with Toasted Marshmallow Topping – Hot Cocoa Cookies – Keto Cookie Recipe

Welcome all! Papa G here. Today I present
my hot chocolate cookie recipe. This
chocolate cookie has just a hint of
spice and a toasted marshmallow topping
that brings the wonderful flavors of
chocolate and marshmallows together for
a fantastic little snack – all with only
one and a half net carbs per cookie.
Let’s get started. Start with the dry
ingredients and add some almond flour to
a mixing bowl; some unsweetened cocoa
powder; a granulated sugar substitute
equal to 3/4 cup of regular sugar; a
little salt; and just a bit of cayenne.
The cayenne will give this cookie a nice
little spice that you’ll only notice in
the aftertaste. Mix with a whisk to
combine. Now add some melted, unsalted
butter and just a little vanilla extract.
Switch to a rubber spatula and give a
mix to combine.
Add some chopped macadamia nuts and give
another mix. Finally, add one lightly
beaten egg and continue to mix until the
batter comes together and looks a little
something like this. Line a baking sheet
with some parchment paper and with your
hands take a little batter and roll into
a ball; about an inch in diameter. Place
onto the baking sheet, being sure not to
overcrowd, and repeat until all the
batter is used. Gently press down each,
forming a round cookie shape. Place in
the middle of a preheated 325°F
oven for 18 minutes. Now while the
cookies bake, we’ll work on our topping.
To a mixing bowl, add two egg whites; some
sugar-free toasted marshmallow syrup; a
bit of cream of tartar; and one
tablespoon of powdered sugar substitute.
Give a mix with an electric beater
until nice and fluffy. Now I’m using the
sugar-free Da Vinci syrup. This syrup can
also be used to flavor other things as
well. I absolutely love it in my coffee.
Remove the cookies from the oven. Top
each with a dollop of our marshmallow
flavored topping and place back into the
oven for an additional 5 minutes to
allow our topping to set and brown just
a bit. Remove and let cool. Place on a
cooling rack to help them cool a bit
quicker. I like mine a bit warm with a
nice hot cup of coffee.
There you have it folks! My hot chocolate
cookie with a toasted marshmallow
topping. A delicious little snack with
just a hint of spice. I hope you enjoyed
this video. If you did, please like and
consider subscribing. As always, thanks
for watching and I’ll see you next time!

  1. Papa G, I love this recipe! The addition of the macadamia nuts really takes these low-carb cookies to a superior level of scrumptiousness! Thank you for the great recipe and demonstration!

  2. Looks great, i will make these later. Not sure if you take requests but ive been scouring the net for protein powder recipes. i bought some to make waffles, i kinda overdosed and was looking for something different. Thanks 🙂

  3. Yum…, How is it that you got into this low carb cooking, was it that you needed to lose some weight and better your blood profiles? Another good one Papa….you still really need to think about taking up audiobook narration!

  4. Just a little tip,, the topping could be piped with a pretty tip onto the cookies,,, just a thought…a little prettiness.

  5. Could you also add the whole batter to a cake pan & cook like traditional brownies? Or would it not cook through? I love traditional brownies. As usual Papa, another great video. I recommend your channel to everyone I know as I introduce them to keto.

  6. Papa G you popped up on my YouTube feed. My doctor said “enough of this unmanaged diabetes. You’re slowly killing yourself.” So I started a low carb diet and I don’t know how to cook anything without carbs 🙄. Between the withdrawals from a carb addiction, I’m so hungry and craving, I’ve been miserable. Your channel showed up just in time. Maybe for some this was an easy transition but after 18 years eating and drinking carbs this has not been easy. It’s only been 8 days. Thank you for this blessing and making all these recipes so simple.Be blessed. Pam

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