How Almonds are Cracked and Processed – Episode 58: “A Cracking Episode”

so I’ve just thought we’d come up here
and pick up our hold back which is what you get as a grower you can ask them to
hold back a few few of your almonds so you can have something to eat and share
with your friends and family and we’ll just have a bit of a look in here and
see what we’ve got if we’re lucky and some of the guys turn
up we might be out of a bit of a quick look through the plant which would be
awesome and so it’s pretty quick pretty full-on let’s see what we’ve got here I
thought a job we do so this way they come out of the crack and plant and then
they’ll go over to the processing plant where they get packed that’s all me hard work that’s a whole
year’s weather the truck in there Wow not this little bit this is just the
extra spot yeah this is pretty mind-boggling for us
guys growing up on an arm and farm down with
hunger we had a little processing plant on our own block being a little kid I’m
there with a shovel shoveling the almonds into the Jolly cracker machine
sorry let’s make it laughs woman look at this bucket over here that’s a bit more
that’s a serious shovel automated now the whole process at all yeah anyway oh
yeah we’ve Chum up into the processing plant
push me man on the trample young Nick here is going to show us around he’s the
marketing rep from from almond code which is pretty awesome it’s going to
show us around the plant and I tell you what this industry has really changed in
the last 30 years that I’ve been around 50 years I’ve been around but it’s not
let’s not get too complicated with my age Nick nice today nice to meet again
let’s go check this shit out absolutely so is is how they come off the truck out
of the orchard now before they actually get to that process and glut you
checking out in a minute obviously when they come off the tree
they’ve got their little husk on still broken fine one with sexy here’s a husk
and then they have a shell bit just which is what they’re trying to get off
in here because this is this really really cool for their cows Dee I reckon
it currently gonna make some booze out of this skin so I’m pretty cool with
that all there’s nothing in that one that’s a bit wrong anyway and then your
course you crack it open which is what that machine is doing in there and you
get yourself a little kernel which is kind of groovy a couple of peanut brittle bras in my
angle Naaman brutal boss Wow wait goodness me whoa yes now is
pretty incredible yes Andre Luna go you can either rumble
in the distance yeah we’re gonna put our earplugs in so we don’t go did So, this is basically the start of the
process drop them in here either out of the trucks or these big front end
loaders that they got here which is kind of groovy. They’ve got a big pit where they
drop the almonds in. They come out of the field covered in
sticky, sand and a bit of rock and all sorts of carry on. Which is a bit of a
worry. They’re got this awesome set up. Down here they have oars in the bottom of this pit. It goes up this elevator. Up the top of there they’ve got a de-sander, a de-sticker and a de-stoner. So, that gets the initial crap out of the almonds and then it goes across
into the processing but it takes up the wholes or that husks and then it goes through the different size rollers.
I think they’re.. sheer rollers I think they’re called. They go through them and then that
basically cracks them in different stages for the different sizes that they want
and then ultimately they go through some more screens and you’ll see them pop out
the other end where they get sized. Which is kind of cool. and obviously a bit of what are they
called? Seeing-eye machines which is pretty amazing
We’ve come a bloody come a long way for I was when I was a kid on the sorting belt, I’ll tell you that
for free. God! I tell you if I was still sorting almonds by hand still I won’t be in the industry anymore that and the bloody almond
boats. and we could ditch poetry divide a photo of an hour so would you know what
an hour bode speak guys these never even heard of that word a pretty blown
trailer and had these sheets yen to run in an era under the tree and
Florida I know I’ve been an arm and both longer what bloody any good friends
again hey today as a kid you’ve got two shitty
jobs as the kids and the Armen industry you’re either a sheep wait on a windy
day or you’re the whore prick picking them up when they were the wind for the
bucket that was very dodgy I digress and yet again so these are the olives and
the shelter see evening and looks to me as if you’ve got a separate man in the
two different twenties he got howls and shows the difference foot yep
nevertheless they still show that then they get to the dairy farm and the way
they say this s uses that increasingly is a stock feed so in terms of drought
when farmers did another sort of a feed option for their they don’t it’s so
increasingly it’s been using that as well as they like I mentioned before by
ms as well as as far as a few generation so go here’s a variant plethora of uses
for the housing interesting older so on I got a ticket
didn’t make some electricity we can do that the awesome yeah absolutely
I heard a rumor that they thinking about making some there will the follow the
qualities event of the actual show itself has some really good property so
there’s the trolls underway you’re making a beverage out of the the shells
their colleagues every Chaya we like that what’s that are they making
a few of yeah yeah and obviously they make it with the green Armand so yeah
yeah many options are as the hollow nutshell
and okay one they get it they get that worked out now get me interested yeah
it’s a lot I like it for drink stay tuned in yeah yeah in the loose so once they’ve got amount of those
little boxes you see what I’m there in there half ton containers at the other
shed obviously they load them on some trucks and they bring them here and this
is where they do the the final sorting this is a hill I reckon it was only that
bigger factory when I moved here thirty years ago and now I filled up the whole
lot so I don’t know what’s gonna go on when the business expands a bit more but
anyway I guess they just by the neighbors who knows anyway so obviously
the heads through these doors and inside there it’s all very hygienic and very
sealed and so this is where they do another grading the first part is the
tipping through another grader and then it goes through some more of those
seeing-eye machines that you saw which is prana cool I think it even it goes on
a hand sorting belt it gets pasteurized which makes it all nice and healthy
they also blanched them roast them and flavor them and all such other cool
stuff here and obviously on sell them to other people to do that as well in
different markets and from here once they get packaged they all all around
the world and so it’s pretty awesome so my almonds could end up anywhere a bit
like my honey could end up anywhere but the heads this is a lot bigger scale
than my little honey market so I just thought it’d be cool to show you the
next they’re like the last part of the process before it’s sent off and
packaged up obviously there’s other plants around that do this but I deal
with the almond Coe so yeah this is where my armor to go so this is where
we’re going

  1. hey guys, any chance in getting subtitles for this one? The machine noises are pretty overpowering and I had some trouble understanding.

  2. Great video as I love almonds thanks guys. How does one buy y'all's honey the reason I'm asking is time zone??

  3. How you only have 6k subscribers I have no idea. These videos are amazing. Been following you for a while, keep up the good work!

  4. Very interesting, thanks for posting it. Here in the States, we have Good Humor ice cream bars. Toasted almond is my favorite.

  5. where i live we pick the almonds with big upside down umbrellas that shake the tree. And i was wondering why the are so many stones mixed up in between them?? love your vids and your dads sens of humor!

  6. You guys will need to get some hi vis and yellow lines painted in the shed LOL. Get some signs made up for all your depts. at home as well. Great video as always!

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