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so there’s actually so many different fast-food restaurants in Japan and I wanted to take you around and show you my top seven the thing is I’m not gonna actually take you guys places like Burger King McDonald’s Wendy’s because everyone knows that but I wanted to like show you guys that there’s actually really good fast-food restaurants here in Japan that are locally born that are super delicious and portable some of them may actually be pretty healthy so if I miss any or you had favorites that I didn’t include leave that in the comment section because I’d like to know oh and if you like my Tokyo shirt check it out in the link below let’s get a fast food on number seven Fuji soba Fuji Silva is a 24-hour Sylva shop but they also have other food options like futon cuts udon curry and ramen perfect place to get food during the day at night or even for breakfast so you get your main food ticket near the entrance at the Machine and then you pass your food ticket to the counter if you want fried toppings you can either buy tickets at the machine or point to which topping you want then pay at the counter like me all right let’s see how long it took to get my order 1 minute and 31 seconds pretty fast so when you order they ask you to choose either soba or udon noodles but this place is Fujisawa so I got this soba noodles and in fact once I pass on that to get there let me choose whether I wanted a cold or warm soup I like how like this one has all the ingredients it has some seaweed as you can see there crab onsen tamago which is really nice and this is tenkasu which is like the tempura flakes that like they don’t use oh maybe they’re doing is but this is keep Sanae which is like a thin shared token and what I usually like to do is I like to make it a little bit spicy put some egg in there [Music] definitely one of the best sheeps of the places around and I also got hooked and put on this either just like a little over 100 yen which is really really affordable and delicious and then you can dip this what a great meal number 610 yeah so if you guys are looking for some tempura then this is a spot I don’t come here too often because it is a bit unhealthy for like to eat extra oil and stuff but when I do get a chance and I want to scourge then it come here and have some tempura oh and a vegetable oil that they use here is actually cholesterol free if you guys are really concerned about your health but you want to kind of smudge a little bit then maybe this is the spot you want to check out Oh anyway let’s go inside let me show you my favorite dish so I’m gonna start the timer now since it take a machine automatically send my order to the cooks so convenient 5 minutes in 17 seconds I guess serving fresh tempura takes a bit longer check out this flavorful delight look how much a fried tempura we have in this we have Okuda shrimp fried seaweed white fish some sort of fish and a huge a squid look how big this squid is so quandary oh it’s so good where do you get a fried piece of nutty weather that I love how it has been like wearing it nicely it already has a sauce itself which is kind of sweet so you don’t need to put any extra sauce and if you want but they do have like some candle sauce and some more salt if you want to add some salt to it so 100 thing that’s funny like when I came to Japan when I was in the u.s. I used to put soy sauce on my rice all the time and then I came here like no one puts a soy sauce on the rice for some reason this place put sauce on the rice and I love it I think it’s just like because I put it on the tempura itself but then it drips on to the white rice and it just it’s so good oh look and it comes to the miso soup to tea and water or self-service and how nice they also provide kiddie utensils number 5 freshness burger freshness burger is known for its freshness and it doesn’t disappoint what’s really cool about this place is that it doesn’t even give you that fast-food kind of vibe it’s more like a cafe and maybe you can see that in the pricing cuz it’s a little bit more expensive but it’s just it’s so good and it’s worth of the additional price usually freshness takes time to prepare your food since everything is made to order so be prepared all right let’s see how freshness does [Music] three minutes and 35 seconds not bad for freshness so what I got today is the classic burger with bacon egg and cheese I’m not actually a fries kind of person but I love onion rings and they actually offer the onion rings as the same price as the fries set I mean this sizing and the portions of the onion rings is not like the biggest thing in the world but still it’s pretty delicious onion rings I also love the fact that you can get all different sauces may have a spicy hot sauce truffle sauce and a lot of other places don’t give you the sauce especially in Japan they’re really stingy on giving you sauces but here they just like let you just take the bottles and go to town look at that fresh egg that they just made you have like the bits of like bacon inside there smothered with cheese let me just take a bite of this [Music] that is so good I really like the main is comes if there’s like a special sauce here it’s like really tangy and that’s it like gives it a nice punch the bun is actually pretty good as well as for those of you who are on like a diet and you can actually get a low carb of bread and that’s what actually michael gets all the time and it’s a pretty good and also my other go twos is a spicy fried chicken and the cheese stop the cheese dog is so cheesy and it has an onion is I think it’s really good number four Yoshinoya Yoshinoya is usually pretty fast but today’s shop is extremely packed on two floors let’s see how they do with this lunchtime rush two minutes and 15 seconds not bad i order the beef green onion bowl separate the yolk like this and put on chopped fresh green onions blue good look at that egg [Music] unbeatable – this actually a lot of you don’t places here in Tokyo so this is the one it’s like people rank above all the rest because it’s just the volume that you get and the meat quality is like superior to all of the other places not to say that other places are bad but like in general like if you ask a Japanese person this is like the standard this is like the cold chill from you don’t number three madoka may say man so there’s actually a lot of bhutan places in Tokyo and Japan but this is actually one of my favorites second to that is I kind of motto which is actually pretty good itself but and this one actually wins out in the tastes apartment at least in my opinion but definitely if you’re looking for something really really super quick to eat then I would go here because they just make it on the spot all right let’s see how fast we can get some food [Music] cock-a-doodle [Music] [Music] I know this place is fast so no need to speed up the video [Music] [Music] 25 seconds that’s some world record speed right there so after getting your bowl you can choose some signs like fried toppings or a natty sushi [Music] oh look how long these noodles are Oh big soba noodles really capture the dashi I mean it’s just like our very refreshing meal like this is actually still pretty warm so like it tastes like it’s been freshly fried that’s what it’s like with all the sauce on it [Music] that’s the sweet fried goodness that I was looking for love the sweetness compared with a tempura what I’m working you asked for this is such a delightful meal number two in duck oh but if you guys have seen any of my other videos you know the spot behind me it has just pancake Optimus walls in fact this is a third time I’ll be showing it in one of my videos because I just love it so much and let’s go and check it out inside a lot of Kentucky shops have only takeout but some shops like this one has a standing bar for the ice is not good [Music] conductor is generally not that fastest because they have to make the taco balls fresh and that takes time let’s see [Music] not coming yet damn 11 minutes 39 seconds that’s the longest so far but I guess that’s how long it takes to make crispy fried gooey balls of joy so as you guys notice that it probably takes a little longer than their other fast-food places but at least the beer came here pretty fast check it out it actually has like these but noodle flakes actually moves when it’s like applies heat to it which is really really cool it has some mayonnaise and has some sweet sauce and like it’s still like hot to the touch all right let me just like take a bite just like show you what’s inside like this is a nice thin layer like gooey pancake and then right there you can see the taco it’s just so delicious oh-ho I just love this place number one gogo curry so Coco curry has the best two curry in all of Tokyo well maybe not the best curry but it’s the best chain curry that I’ve ever had so there’s places like Coco youichi it’s really really popular here in Japan but the thing is I feel like the volume there is not as good as this place I feel like you get the better value for what you pay for and for those of you that really want to challenge they have like this world champion challenge that’s kutsu shrimp sausages and all sorts of stuff let’s do this to this I’ve always liked the catchy gorilla logo makes it feel like a primal meal we’ve got big that thing it’s like three of my heads all right get the ticket pass it to the night server oh she’s in the kitchen and start [Music] three minutes and 37 seconds about the same as freshness burger fast enough they say this is like the regular curry size like this is that you really get my business class and in there like a fresh class this one is just like a regular size and it’s a super big so I have actually added extra cheese which is like 200 yen I got egg which is another 100 yen I actually made it extra spicy which is another 100 yen this itself without picture topping this is just like 700 yen plus so it’s not that bad it’s actually a pretty good deal look at that lovely piece of me the chicken katsu is so crispy and the meat and that is super tender I definitely recommend adding the cheese here and adding the spicy this is actually adds a little bit of a kick to it which is really nice cuz I love a spicy curry what classes like they have a healthy portion of cabbage as well like this is like difficult to finish so if you guys like really really hungry and this is probably one of the best values you can get in Tokyo so that includes my top seven Japanese fast food restaurants you know as you can see there’s like some awesome options here in Japan if you guys never been definitely worth a try if you guys liked this video help me out and hit that like button and like always if you want to see more of my ventures in Tokyo or Japan hit that subscribe button and the Bell button and I’ll catch you guys in the next one

  1. Hey, greetings from southern california. The quality between some fast food places here in America like burger king and such is literally a world away from your fast food in Japan, and more expensive too. All fast food around the world should be like in Japan, haha.
    P.S love your videos.

  2. you are amazing, by far the best video blogger , i am planning all my trip and places to see and visit in Japan on my trip , especially Kyoto ninenzaka

  3. Funny thing. I was at Dubai Mall and I saw an opening soon sign from Gindaco and I nearly lost my shit becoz I remembered that you recommended their takoyaki! I cannot wait for it to open! I love takoyaki.

  4. 8:54 – Can someone please tell me the name of the sauce? He said this sauce adds some sweetness. Please let me know. Thanks 😊

  5. Thanks for the videos I appreciate video like this when I go to Japan will use this as a guide and on the other note been a subscriber for a while now buddy!

  6. 日本語訳がいい味出してますね!


  7. It’s funny how fast food in Japan become fine dining in the Philippines so they can charge double the original price #fuckthesystem

  8. Ok.. most of them i try. And how i surprise that only 2/3 staff even 1 person to serve, while in the morning. How efficient

  9. One huge difference I've noticed from travelling abroad is that American fast food places don't really serve vegetables unless it's some plain old salad. It's just meat+carbs. Even the casual dining restaurants act like they're afraid of touching veggies. It's such a shame because not only are they healthy, but if you actually put in a moderate amount of effort, they can taste really good.

  10. I hate the sweetness 😂. Sweet for me should be dessert only… But living in Japan we have to get used to it. Because not only japanese, but lots of Asian dishes has sugar as ingredient… Dishes which western people would not put sugar…

  11. I heard Go Go Curry is coming to the US on the east coast. I got to try it at a convention in Atlantic City. It was amazing and the flavor is awesome. Plus really fast yet definately in high demand.

  12. Wow, that number one spot looks awesome! Can we see that place in more detail and also that other curry place you mentioned? I loved that you got chicken (not a fan of seafood) so bring on the cluck and moo!

  13. I was so faked by the #1 pick. I was curious if it was going to be Coco Curry, seeing as I was obsessed with it during my visit… then I heard Gogo Curry…. I was like what??

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