How to Build a Visual Plate (WITHOUT Calorie Counting)

Hello everybody, this is Steph Gaudreau from my harder to kill club and I’m here with you tonight because I’m going to do a Facebook live All about what the heck to put on your plate And I’m excited that you’re gonna join me for this one because I haven’t done a live here in a little bit It’s been a hot minute But this is some information that I see coming up over and over and over again and obviously lots of you are joining this group because you want some information about Nutrition and fitness and mindset and you just want to cut through all the noise so first I would love if you’re listening tell me where you’re watching from and if you happen to catch this on the replay Do me a favor later on and type replay and then tell me where you’re from as well So in the comments, there’s that little comment section I want to know where you’re listening from because we have so many new people in the harder to kill club We are almost seventy five hundred Folks strong and I know there are new folks joining from all over Hey Amy from LA. Of course. Amy is one of our amazing moderator So if you see her around in the group, sorry, the cat has decided she’s gonna join this Facebook live tonight I Have it on widescreen. So we’re getting more of of you Including the cats, but but let me know where you’re listening from And if you watch this on the replay Let me know because it’s helpful for me to know who can watch live and who’s not able to join live Alright, so what the heck to put on your plate? Oh my goodness, there is We just need to take a breath y’all. Can we all just like Take a deep inhale And then exhale Can really hear from Frederick, Maryland Yeah, I feel like we just need to take a bit of an inhale and an exhale when it comes to what to eat There is so much conflicting information so many Trends so many diets so many like people telling you what the real thing is what the right thing is Reading and you’re on live my friend. You’re not on replay. This is happening live We are live Melissa from Denver Kelly from the Outback. Yeah, that’s what’s going on Jessica from Stillwater, Oklahoma Kylie you guys are in the same town. That’s amazing All right, so there’s so much confusion happening in the world of nutrition. And I mean, it’s everyday We’re hit over the head with a new study a new Article a new somebody pimping some kind of supplements that you need to take your diet to the next level a new promise that you’re going to like unlock the secret to getting your your Health back on track and the thing is like I’m interested in helping people build their health from the inside out I’m interested in helping you feel better in your body I’m interested in helping you get stronger. Those are the things that so when I share this tonight, that’s what we’re aiming for We all know that we could just not eat for a week or two and lose some weight But it’s all going to come up. It’s all going to come back. That’s not going to be sustainable. So Tonight I’m going to be sharing some Really cool stuff with you and it’s so you’re gonna look at this and go. Oh, this is so simple Could this possibly work and I have to tell you? oftentimes the more complex people want to make nutrition The worst it’s gonna be for you. It’s the more the rules the more the restrictions the more the like nitty gritty like obscure things that they’re gonna have you do the more unsustainable that stuff is going to be a long term and I’m not interested if you can’t sustain if you can’t keep this going for months and then the months turn into years and you Sustained that you can only do it for like you can barely grit your teeth and hold on for two or three weeks now I’m not interested in that way of eating. I’m just not I’m not down for it. I’m not here for it And yes, I understand. There is a place and a time for a therapeutic protocol This and that but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m just talking about the like quick fix solution We know that stuff does not work. Okay, so I’m not down for that. I’m not here for it I’m here to help you learn how to construct a plate so that you can be Empowered that no matter where you go whether you are at a like a mall food court or you are in your home you can Confidently approach that and go you know what this not what might not be the most ideal of circumstances But I’m gonna do my damnedest and I’m gonna move on with my life I’m not you know, I’m not going to be able to sustain strict diet rules for myself For years, it’s just not possible and those of us myself included. I was to be a chronic dieter Anyone who has been in that cycle of hell? where they’re like, I Messed up. Okay, I’m gonna start again. It’s Monday I’m gonna do good and then throughout the week. Our willpower is tested we get to the end of the week we inevitably eat something that we didn’t it’s not on the plan and we feel shameful and That whole thing repeats itself like that is not empowering that is not putting the power back in your hands or helping you to understand that you’ve always had the Autonomy to make the best decisions for yourself when it comes to your nutrition I’m just gonna scroll back through the I went on a little bit of a rant there Chrysten, hey girl patty from Edmonton Hey, Becky and Cherie Awesome. I’m glad that you’re all here. And remember if you’re watching this on the replay we’re live right now right now right now That’s not gonna be Suns laters. You’re on the replay But if you’re watching this later on then let me know that you’re watching the replay and I have it download for you that summarizes all of this So I don’t want you to worry about taking notes or trying to write it down or like I don’t remember what Steph said So here’s the thing This makes me a little bit unpopular and I don’t care. I’m gonna say it anyway If unless you have the basics the bare-bones basics Down when it comes to nutrition, you have no business Approaching cutting out an entire macronutrient group. You have no business counting your macronutrients Period you have no business fasting. You have no business doing any of that. I This is nutrition. This is nutritionist staff. Okay, this is holistic nutrition practitioner is stuff. I just put my hat on This is nutritional therapy consultant almost done Steph putting my hat on for that, too Unless you have these basics down You have no business trying to get fancy Dancy with what you’re doing because that stuff isn’t sustainable It’s not going to bring you the results unless you also have PS. Good sleep Sleep and nutrition are like BFFs Y’all and if you really want to get the most out of the changes that you’re trying to make to your nutrition You’ve got to be sleeping I am so it makes me so frustrated and like so raging when I see people on the internet who are like Oh the magic solution to all of your weight-loss struggles is just to be fasting well PS the women I know who are trying to undertake this a lot of times are already stressed out They are leading busy lives our household CEOs. They are working Outside the home they are raising the children They are doing all the activities they are then trying to take that last little but of energy and put it apply it to themselves and they’re just So stressed and then they’re putting all of these other protocols on top of their stressful life, and it just doesn’t work Okay, so I want you to take it back to ultra basics Those things do have a time and a place for certain people After you master the basics of getting seven to eight hours of sleep I know parents don’t kill me like you got to do what you gotta do, but like let’s be real of Getting like three square meals a day for the most part if you’re only right now able to eat once a day like I don’t want you to undertake More things in your life try to get some food like let’s start with that Let’s move our bodies a little bit. Okay, but like let’s avoid as much processed food and junk food as we can Those those things I don’t want people to be stressed out about how many carb grams they’re eating if they don’t even have This basic stuff down Yeah sleep in well Pete sleep is I know it’s hard for people in certain circumstances, especially Especially shift workers and new parents, but here’s the thing If you’re a brand new parent You gotta take care of you and heal that body especially if you’re a mom and you gave birth to the child Dads, you guys have a tough job too. But moms your body has to actually heal from childbirth try to push yourself to go on a restrictive diet and then exercising like crazy on top of it like Prioritize getting good quality food healing your body getting a little bit of movement with your little one, but like let’s take the pressure off Right that stuff’s it’s insane how much pressure our new moms are under and new parents in general? Man my heart goes out – it really does but yeah sleep and diet go hand in hand. I just described your life Kristen Yeah, I know Depends on it what depends on your sleeping cycle There everybody always wants to tell me that there’s like this they know this exception to the rule in general seven to eight hours of sleep at night is what we need and No, people want to know that they won’t be like my Aunt Mary She never slept she lived until she was 95 years old and she was dancing on the day she died and she was so healthy and like Hogwash There’s always an exception, but it’s not the majority All right, so let’s get into how to what what the hell to put on your plate What the hell to do? We have so many people who are confused about calories about their macronutrients Should they be eating macronutrients at a certain time of day and how much do they be cutting their carbs? y’all like we are in this keto craze right now and It’s a tool it’s appropriate for certain people at certain times for a therapeutic approach if they’re working with somebody, who knows What the heck that they’re doing? Okay so There are tools that work for certain people under certain circumstances, but again consider the whole thing In general ooh when we cut out one major macronutrient so three major macronutrients carbs proteins and fats when we cut out one of these macronutrients, we always still laugh and be like Hahaha low fat diets. What were we doing now? We’re all super freaked out about carbohydrates look if you’re just starting out here and all of a sudden my My voice is gone. If you’re just starting out, you’re not quite sure what to do Take it back to basics here. We want to embrace all three macronutrients They all do different things if you want to get a deep dive into that We’ve got lots of posts on those things and then of course I might harder to kill challenge we go into detail on that stuff, too But just know for most people Getting a little bit of protein carbs and fat every day is going to be a much easier Starting point than saying I haven’t eaten healthy in like 20 years Let me start cutting out all of these foods like I want you to restore as much quality But as I’m also as much variety as possible, okay? So here’s what we’re gonna do instead of worrying about how much carbs how much protein like should I be weighing my food? Should I be counting my macros which PS again is a more advanced technique? If you are somebody who already has your basics down And for some reason you feel like you need to be on this thing where you count and wait and measure your food Perhaps but if you’re just getting into this I don’t want you to be like well this lady at my gym told me that she counts macros and so Look at her I should be doing that too Here’s a much easier thing and so I’m going to teach you what to put on your plate here And I have a download for you. Okay, so you can download this You don’t even have to write it down to get the download. You’re gonna go to stupid easy paleo dot-com Slash Amy. Are you one here? Can you type this in for me, please? My lovely moderator stupid easy paleo comm slash Visual plate all one word stupid easy paleo, calm slash visual plate. There’s no trickery here You’re just gonna give me your name and email address and I’m gonna send you the download That’s it. And then you go on my newsletter. That’s how it works. So if you want to get this you can So the visual plate is a much more empowering way To approach your food because look even if you count those of you who are like deep in the macro cave Thank you My dear those of you who are deep in the macro cave and you’re like I need to get out but I’m afraid It’s not working for me or you think you have to cut out one of your macronutrients to make progress look can we just have a visual way of looking at our plate and We can do this without counting weighing Measuring now there are times when if you’re just starting out, you’re like look my portions are completely distorted I’m either afraid to eat to enough food or PS I’ve been eating a standard American diet and I am just like well like my portions it’s like everyday is going to Chili’s then it may be appropriate for a short amount of time to journal your food and See how much are you really eating a lot of women that I work with? Underestimate their food intake they’re like I’m diggin out here and I’m like, yeah, actually you ate 1,400 calories today And you just went to CrossFit and your life is super stressful Congratulations, you’re not eating and like that was important information for us to gather or if you’re having a health problem and you’re working with a nutritional therapist or some kind of other practitioner they might ask you to journal your food so that they can get a sense of what you’re eating and start to make some connections between things like Food quality or if you have food sensitivities But it’s not really necessary on a daily basis because here’s the thing even if you do count weight measure He’s my Fitness Pal. You’re like the world’s My Fitness Pal hero. I had a former client Who had C. He was like I counted my food for three years straight in a row and never missed a day But it ended up being like an anchor boat anchor for her She just wanted to get away from it, but she was too scared even all of that is an estimate The recipes you get from websites are estimate I do even on my own website is not exact when you count and weight and measure like this is not a science It’s an estimate. Okay. So this is why I really like the visual plate and you’re gonna use that link there the visual plate is going to help you construct and like think about how am I going to put a Variety of foods on my plate in a rough quantity that’s going to keep me satisfied Filled up and it’s gonna get me all the vitamins and minerals that I need and the fiber and the macronutrients Yes protein carbs and fat that’s going to help me eat in a nutrient-dense fashion And we don’t need to debate here paleo primal blah blah blah who cares all that matters right now Is that word prioritize? nutrient-dense real whole food if for some of you you’re gonna eat a baked white potato Great If for others of you that means eating a little bit of white rice great if for others of you that means you’re gonna put a little bit of like high-quality cheddar cheese on top of that potato Great, but let’s not argue about like dietary rules before we even get started Okay, so we’re gonna imagine a round plate and now by a plate I’ll need one of these This is like a saucer, this is too small. I mean like a regular-sized plate. Okay. Let’s not be funny So when you construct your meals, I want you to think about a visual plate you are going to fill half at least Perhaps even a little bit more half of your plate with vegetables Tada like how simple is that? Half your plate with vegetables? Now those can be any vegetables that you like try to get some color mix it up Try something new eat a balance of cooked and raw if you can tolerate raw vegetables, they are not the gold standard PS Having a variety of cooked and raw can be helpful If you’re somebody who has digestive issues and raw like you eat raw kale and it comes about Completely whole in like an hour later. Let’s not do Rockhill. Let’s cook our vegetables Lightly so that we can actually digest them but let’s get a at least half of our plate maybe even a little bit more of Veggies mix it up try different things, okay How easy was that? Half your plate with vegetables? Okay so now we’ve got half the plate dealt with perhaps even a tiny bit more 50 to 65% veggies easy From there. We’re going to take 1/4 of our plate 25% Okay, so we have half now yet 25% that’s gonna be where we plunk down our dense source of protein Okay, then source of protein If you are a vegetarian, that means they’re going to whatever your den source of protein is goes in that section Okay Make sure it’s properly prepared. If you’re eating legumes and beans and all that wonderful stuff that I can’t tolerate with my digestive system But it works free fantastic. Just make sure it’s properly prepared. Okay, so meat eggs fish properly prepared legumes, right Or lentils or pulses or whatever you’re eating there in that spot 25% of the plate Perhaps a tiny bit more and I’ll talk about in a little bit why these are kind of estimates and you can kind of add From add to some of these sections or take away depending on your different activity level. And yes Amy put the link there to get this download stupid easy paleo calm Visual plate and I will send you the download It’s really nice and pretty I just don’t have a version of it here because I forgot to print one Okay, so 50% of your plate veggies 25% protein what’s the rest? Okay. So here’s where you have some flexibility We want to have some healthy fats on our plate, especially if we’re eating lean protein Which some of you have been brainwashed by the diet police that you have to only eat chicken breast This was me and this is why I say this Totally brainwashed thing. I could only eat chicken breast and I PS would sit there with a knife and Dissect you might as well have given me a scalpel. I would dissect every little bit of fat off of the chicken breast. I Was afraid to eat fat but we don’t want to be afraid to eat fat that has so many important functions in our body I’m not going to get into them right here okay, so That last 25% that’s left. We can fill with some healthy fats And/or, let’s add some starchy carbs Okay, so if you’re somebody who’s really active you just like starchy carbohydrates You have good body composition and that’s not an issue for you right now You just worked out put a little bit of starchy carbon that spot – okay, so that spot is kind of your fats if you do a little bit more than 50% of your plate and veggies and it’s like 65 percent 60 to 65 then that last little sliver that’s left is your healthy fats right your cold-pressed plant oils your avocado your olive oil your coconut stuff your nuts and seeds like Okay, so that goes in that spot. That’s how easy This is this is your visual plate. We just did it Okay, so that when you’re out and about and you’re like shit, I don’t have a food scale. I don’t have my fitness pal I don’t know what how I’m in the airport isn’t my favorite example, I’m in the airport I don’t know what the heck is in all this stuff. Like how can I create this visual plate wall? I’m gonna look for perhaps a salad with some protein in it because I want to stay full by the way that salad probably just the greens and the veggies Riley has like 50 calories in it. So I need the protein Right to deliver the satiety and the fullness factor Along with some kind of healthy fat. So I’m gonna look at perhaps oil and vinegar for dressing. I’m gonna look for some kind of Like sunflower seeds or avocado on the side maybe they’re going to add some get that as an add-on like I’m gonna try to construct a Balanced plate by using this visual approach and I think no matter where you are This is so empowering because you can make that decision. So what about let’s say you’re not very active right now You’re pretty sedentary and you have to perhaps Shift your body composition a little bit you’re trying to lose a little bit of body fat and I’m not talking about like we’re gonna Be here for Vanity’s sake I’m talking about. We’ve got a lot of extra fat especially around the midsection which could Come or some kind of a health risk Like I said vanity aside like we really want to make sure that we’re not carrying a lot of extra visceral fat, okay So if that’s us and we’re not very active We’re actually quite sedentary we can leave the starchy carbs off of our plate and go with the original kind of different Visual plate that I mentioned right hacker plate and veggies or a little bit more, right? And so instead of starchy carbs, we’re gonna make me increase our fats a little bit But we’re not gonna eat. Yeah, we’re not just gonna eat a stick of butter okay, this whole like keto we’re gonna just crack out on fat is not working for people and It’s just not an unlimited Invitation to like eat all the facts that you want because fats do have twice the amount of calories as protein and carbohydrates They’re really easy to overeat especially if we’re eating things like almond butter nut butters butter coffee Oh my goodness. Okay, there’s time in the place for some of those things, but we have to balance it out Even if we’re eating a higher fat protocol if we’re really active like those of you who are CrossFitters you are strength training hard You’re a very active person or you just feel like your body runs better on carbohydrates A little bit more carbohydrate works for you great Then in that like last little section where perhaps especially if we just got done with our workout We’re gonna add some starchy carbohydrate and I mentioned those those examples and they’re on the visual plate and Perhaps cut the facts just down a little bit Maybe we don’t do a big huge glob of fat on our plate, especially if it’s post-workout So you see how that kind of works, right? we can be pretty balanced if we’re just eating a regular meal or we can tweak things a little bit more to one side or A little bit more to the other a little bit more carbs or a little bit more fats Depending upon what our goals are but look, we’re not gonna stress about it We’re not gonna be like counting things and calculating our meals All of that stuff again. Those are more advanced techniques. There’s nothing per se wrong with doing them but what I tend to find and I have worked with a lot of people everybody I mean thousands and thousands and thousands of people I have come into contact with and I can tell you that the ones who focus on the basics, let’s build that basic plate first And we follow through with that and you get good sleep and we get some, you know, make sure we’re drinking water I know that sounds like of course But these are the basic things that over time are going to move you forward Okay, it’s not going to be the slicing and dicing of the card grams It’s not going to be like for the next three years whether or not you’re in ketosis It’s gonna be that kind of middle-of-the-road Not super sexy like who’s gonna you can’t sell a supplement for that You can’t sell it a powder to put in a drink for a balanced way of looking at your nutrition but of all the people I’ve ever worked with Those who can sustain a more balanced approach Long term and eventually add back more variety into their diet. I understand some people can’t eat gluten Some people can’t do dairy. Some people know they have a sensitivity some people a bad digestion like there are things that we just know about our bodies that we can’t do but I think ultimately We don’t want to keep restricting the diet Right. The goal should be can we add back as much a variety as possible not how hard you don’t get a gold medal for? restricting your diet for the longest Period of time that you possibly can and I think that’s where things like paleo have fallen down in a lot of ways As protocols is like People have really gotten ortho Rexach and like obsessed with perfect eating and obsessed with clean eating and like all of these things where we’re restricting when we really don’t need to and I’m not talking about like every night say Yolo and you just eat whatever the hell you Want because that’s not going to be moving our health forward either but it’s understanding that let’s add some variety. Let’s eat pretty balanced Yes, you might know you have trigger foods. Maybe we stay away from those but Ultimately, that’s going to bring us the most health and wellness and sanity in the long run And be really actually quite effective. It’s when we try to Buckle down and follow super strict rules for a long period of time that we end up in the willpower Battle and then we get into the vicious diet cycle and we don’t actually make any progress So save the advanced stuff for once you have a good solid foundation We don’t want to build the massive complicated structure on top of a tiny weak Foundation that’s not there because it’s just all going to fall apart. So over time if you find that you’re wanted to eat things and like get into the biohacking and like all of the stuff that people Are up to and the things that are you know gonna promise you the last couple percent Great like go for it. But until and unless you get to that point the link The link is stupid easy paleo dot-com Visual plate all one word. Thanks Amy. She’s got it right there for you and you’ll just sign up I just have to make sure I have your permission before I Sending things because it’s the anti-spam law thoughts on fruit if you can eat fruit, and it works for you, why would you not eat fruit if you want to I Think we’ve been made to feel super Afraid to eat fruit. And again I say this personally because there was a time especially when I first started eating paleo And we’re talking about this is 2010. Okay, so this is eight years ago I’ve learned a lot since then but there was a time when I was actually afraid to eat fruit because it would have too many carbohydrates For me the general thing I look for is is the fruit in season in other words is it January and I’m trying to eat strawberries if so, then those strawberries probably came from Far as I live in California to those strawberries came from far far away on a truck or an airplane They were probably sprayed with pesticides. They’re probably not organic, and I probably don’t want to eat them. Okay in the winter I might look for things like Citrus fruit we’re in the fall for things like apples. I think seasonal stuff is always the best You’re gonna get the best deal on it. It’s gonna be the cheapest and if you can tolerate That kind of stuff a couple of servings of fruit a day is probably just fine We’ve been made to like get really afraid about eating fruit in our base like the fructose well, we also have Cats playing with all I had all my makeup spread out here I did a photo earlier and she’s like trying to knock it all on the floor. Um You know people have freaked us out about fructose and like oh my god the carbs and like think about Fruit if we’re eating an apple, right? It’s in its natural form It’s got fiber water micronutrients phytonutrients like all of this wonderful stuff and if You feel like when you eat if you’re only eating fruit, and you feel like you get a little bunkie blood sugar later then try combining protein carbs and fat as a snack a Little bit of apple with a little bit of almond butter Or peanut butter or whatever like to try to blunt some of the insulin response if your insulin is not really in a great place But I don’t see anything wrong for a majority of people with having a serving or to a fruit a day Like we’ve been we’ve just gotten so freaked out about eating real whole food in some cases and that is that is a concern that is certainly a problem when we’re at that point and we’re afraid to eat a piece of fruit because of the carbohydrates or the fructose like Drinking a high fructose corn syrup, which is by the way and getting harder and harder to find Drinking something with high fructose corn syrup and it is way different then eating a piece of fruit like we just had to come back to our senses a little bit and Come back to a little bit of a less freaked out place I’m trying to I can’t see like all of the comments for some reason. Hmm. I Had to go back through and look at them later. Kimberly had a comment there. It’s all time for any other questions Can I incorporate this for my seventeen-year-old that needs to be animal so Christy your son just needs to eat Especially if he’s active I can’t actually see the rest of your comment there. The kids just need to eat They don’t need to load up on junk food they inevitably Probably will eat some while they’re not in the house with you and they’re out with their friends or they’re at school or whatever They get their hand through a little hands-on. I used to teach high school kids So I totally know what they eat with I taught high school for 12 years when their parents aren’t around You can’t control that right? All you can try to do is like empower them to understand how eating good food is gonna help them feel and like not give them acne and like all this other stuff that’s important to teenagers right But they just need to eat especially if they’re active I can’t see the rest of your comment to see like maybe if he’s on a sports team or playing Sports or anything like that. They just need calories And have it preferably not be from high sugar Because that’s just not going to help them to concentrate throughout their day, I’m just scrolling back through the comments. Yes biggie you Hate pistachio much love Sorry, I’m going back through the comments here any other questions that you all have so, you know this stuff forms the foundation of my So I have my core for my four pillars of health that I use in my life that it uses my clients to help them get some balance back into their lives because y’all we are too focused on dieting and Like exercising for punishment and so to introduce more balanced into your life I have blog posts on this I have recorded podcasts on to the first two of these core four pillars the next ones coming Friday And then the last one be coming next week So you can dive into this stuff even more but eat nourishing foods eat nourishing foods. It’s what we eat It’s how we eat. It’s why we eat that that forms that first pillar that lays the foundation in the visual plate is part of that and so the court for Forbes the Foundation of my harder to kill challenge which is coming up. We’re running another group one, October 1st. So definitely stay Tuned in for that you’ll see posts in the group and on social media and stuff like that and make sure you get this download The visual plate you can print it out put it on your fridge. It’s a one pager It’s really quite short, but it sums up everything that we talked about here tonight Rachel said excited to see your change of focus. Thanks. I’m really excited, too. I really love this idea of Trying to talk with the cat the way she loves to show off She Lutie knows I’m on a video she loves to show off I’m excited too I really love broadening the discussion of nutrition into a more bio individual approach and In the future of minima working on all sorts of stuff to help support the foundations of health through nutrition Based on what I’ve learned in my nutritional therapy work and education I think it’s so incredibly important. There is no one right way. We have to move past that and start asking what’s right for us What’s best for us not? What is the best way or what is the way or what is the one right way? There is no one right way And ultimately that’s going to make it really sustainable when you have those tools and that perspective in your back pocket Cool. All right. So Amy put the link there one more time. Thank you. Amy. You’re the best Remember you can catch this replay go back me at the link at some other time and Stay tuned for the harder to kill challenge We’ll be talking about how you can enroll and talking about the other pillar And things that are related to that in the coming two weeks. All right. Have a good night Everybody stuck on Oh stupid easy Paleo signing off. Thank you for watching and we Will see you all very soon

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  2. Wow i sleep 😴 10hrs per night and 13 on the weekends.
    I eat 2 or3 meals per day mostly veg fruits and good fats with some great fish! Some meats but not alot. Yummm what so i put on my plate? A freaking ton of veggies! And huge yummy smoothies lotsa tea!

  3. Replay- Montreal, Quebec (Canada)!
    You rock Steph! Loving the new direction you're taking! Cant wait to hear more! 🙂

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