How to Do a Daniel Fast

Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine. In this video I’m going to talk
about the Daniel Diet, and how to do a Daniel
Fast, and this is something I’ve trained my
patients on for years.
I myself have done a Daniel Fast and the Daniel
Diet on many occasions, and in this video
I’m going to share with you a step-by-step
process on the three things you must do in
order to really do a Daniel Fast and the Daniel
Diet right.
Really, the Daniel Fast and Diet started in
the Book of Daniel where Daniel decides that
he is not going to eat the food of the King
that has been sacrificed to idols. He says,
“Hey, test me.” He said, “Test me for 10 days
and see how I look after a 10-day period and
then again later on, 21 days.” And they see
how he’s doing and he’s excelling and doing
incredibly well.
The Daniel Diet has these benefits. It can
help you experience a breakthrough in body,
so in your physical health, in mind, as well
as in your spiritual health, in the spiritual
realm. And so again, no matter what you’re
struggling with, whether it’s a chronic health
condition, whether it’s a an emotional issue
you’re having or, you know, it’s spiritual
bondage, doing a fast, especially the Daniel
Fast or Daniel Diet, can help you experience
a breakthrough.
So again, if you’re in that position, you
feel like, “Hey, I need a breakthrough,” then
I believe that this is for you. So step number
one in doing the Daniel Diet or Daniel Fast
is to change your diet. And consume, in the
Bible, what they only call pulse for 10 days
or 21 days. You can choose your time period,
but 10 to 21 days. Pulse is typically going
to be vegetables, fruits and certain seeds
and nuts and whole grains.
Now with this I recommend that you stay away
from whole grains that contain gluten. And
most gluten containing grains, we know that’s
not what they consuming back then. Most of
our grains today have been hybridized so it’s
not the same, so what I’d recommend on a Daniel
Diet is consuming mostly vegetables and fruits.
That should make up probably about 70% of
your diet. And then if you are going to consume
some whole grain nuts and seeds, doing things
like sprouted nuts and seeds, like sprouted
almonds, sprouted flax, also doing possibly
something like a soaked or a properly cooked
sprouted brown rice or oats and things like
that, and maybe even something like peas is
great as well.
But again, that’s what I would stick to, is
fruits and vegetables. Really, vegetables
should make up 50% of your diet at least,
along with those other things. If you want
a full list, visit my website,,
that’s I have a whole Daniel
Diet food list you can find there on my website
or just do a Google search for “Dr. Axe Daniel
Fast,” and you’ll find my whole food list
on there on what you can and can’t eat.
And then water, you want to do about 8 to
10 glasses of water throughout the day. Loads
of fruits and vegetables, and if you do this
right, you are going to feel absolutely fantastic
and cleansed. The first two or three days
going through you tend to feel weaker, but
after day three you have something, sort of
this stress melt off of you and you even start
to experience a glow. You may even have people
tell you, “Wow, you look different. I can
tell there’s something different about you.”
So again step number one in how to do a Daniel
Diet or Daniel Fast, change your diet and
follow eating only fruits, vegetables, and
sprouted nuts, seeds and whole grains and
sticking to that.
Step number two in doing the Daniel Fast right
is taking three times a day, for anywhere
from five minutes to an hour, and spending
time with God, spending time in prayer. What
I recommend is maybe it’s just five minutes,
but in the morning right when you wake up,
right before lunch, and then in the evening
taking time and just praying and really seeking
What I like to do is recommend my spiritual
triathlon, and that’s spending five minutes
in prayer, five minutes reading your Bible,
and five minutes in praise and worship. Actually,
typically I start with praise and worship
and then reading a devotional or the Bible,
and then prayer, and doing that anywhere from
5 minutes to if you have longer, 15 minutes
or so, as long as you can. But doing those
three things, three times a day, that’s such
a critical part of this because when we look
back at the Book of Daniel, there are two
things he did along with changing his diet.
Three times a day he spent seeking God, and
also he looked to perform with excellence
and that’s step number three here.
So when you do a fast or do the Daniel Diet,
that doesn’t mean you lay around on your back
and you just notice that you have a little
less energy than normal and you make excuses.
No. What was Daniel doing? Well, he was seeking
God, but also he wanted to prove to the king
that he could do his job better, he would
look better, more physically active, stronger
than ever before by following this diet and
by seeking God the three times a day.
And do you know what they found? They said
that Daniel’s knowledge and the knowledge
of his friends, they said he had 10 times
the amount of wisdom and knowledge than the
other people did. And so during this time,
do your work with excellence. What I recommend
you do during these 10 to 21 days is to really
work on your skill set and goal setting. I
would take some time, and set your goal and
really think big. It’s what the book “Good
to Great” calls “big, hairy, audacious goals,”
or what a pastor I know who wrote a book,
he said, “Sun Stand Still” was the name of
the book.
So pray big prayers. I’d take some time really
to reflect and say, “God, what is it that
I couldn’t do without your help? What is this
big thing you’ve put on my life?” And so I
would take time and really focus on one big
goal you have, whether it’s one goal in your
life or one goal in different areas of your
life, and really seek God in those things
and really then start to pursue excellence.
So write down that goal or that big vision
that you have and then really start working
towards it during that time. If you want to
really encompass what Daniel did, number one,
change your diet and honor God with the way
you eat. Number two, seek him three times
a day in that spiritual practice, and number
three, make every day a masterpiece. Pursue
excellence in the workplace. Be that light.
Again, that’s what Daniel was. Daniel was
alight physically. They noticed he looked
different, but also he stood out with his
wisdom and the way he conducted himself, the
goals he had, the different things he did.
So again all of those things are important
encompassing part of doing a Daniel Diet and
the Daniel Fast. And really, the Daniel Diet
wasn’t just that 10 to 21 days. It’s the way
he ate all of the time and really honored
God with his body throughout his life.
So this is Dr. Axe saying, hey, I encourage
you to do a Daniel Diet or Daniel Fast, and
if you want more information, make sure to
go to my website, that’s,,
or look up “Dr. Axe Daniel Fast” there on
Google or your Yahoo search engine. And by
the way, if you want to learn more about natural
ways to take your health to the next level,
make sure you subscribe here to the YouTube
channel, and I pray that you guys have a blessed

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  4. I thank God for you Dr. Axe. The beginning of 2018 I got really ill, I went to the 2 Drโ€™s and they didnโ€™t really know what was wrong with me. So I started seeking God in prayer and the Holy Spirit showed me I had hormonal imbalances and I asked the Lord what to do and so I started googling symptoms of hormone imbalance and it sent me straight to your ashawanghda video, I went and bought it that same day and started taking it that day aswell and by the 3rd day I was feeling a lot better. Praise God!!

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  11. Notice that nobody who endorses this diet is fat? Also, notice that the biggest naysayers are jews. Do the diet and think of jews wringing their hands to get you through.

  12. Maybe you should call it The Daniel Diet It is not a Bible supported fast or a fast recognized by the Jews of which Daniel was a Jew.This false fast came to christianity through false teachers like Rick Warren who wanted to sell books providing u with a healthy menu of what is acceptable to eat during this Daniel fast .A true fast is abstaining from food Read Zechariah 7:5-6 and Luke 5:33-35 clear distnctions between true fasting and eating

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  15. Daniel diet is no fast. The biblical event was probably more about proving he could do well WITHOUT the sacrafised food rather than proving the benefits of pulse. Maybe they believed eating sacrafised food provided unusual health benefits

    You want to do something dang near miraculous for health, do what the other biblical guys did. Straight up fast.

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