1. Hey doc Mike can u give me a medication about high sweating becauz I release more sweat I don't know whats wrong with my body .. I hope u help me out ..

  2. You're just so cute when you explain and act out things
    "So go ahead skip the soda.. Skip the alcohol! Just go with water. "
    "Hydrate! FTW!" ughghhfhg

  3. Hi Dr. Mike i know my comment is too late but i hope you read this..I am a beginner marathon runner. I run 4 times a week, 8-10 km at the minimum. I have a full time job so i usually get 6 hour sleep the night prior my running day. However, the night after, i usually make sure to get 8 or more hours of sleep to rest my muscle. Is this technique right? I aim to train my endurance by running longer distance like 15km but worried for a possible injury if i am not doing it right..hope you can help me on this..i also would like to hear your advice on how to train my lungs for long distance running..

  4. Dr Mike I really like you because you seem to be a very smart and sympathetic guy but these ideas are not really new…

  5. Ive heard from my brother that weight training at a young age stuns growth and height. Is that true? Ive been dying to go hit the weights so i can get more muscles for track and field. I cant be this 98 pound stick anymore man :(. Also if you are going to answer this comment in a video don’t say my account man. Big scared oof

  6. Dr. Mike:Sleep
    Me:oh shi-what is that? It doesnt exist, that is a myth! Sleep is not real!! SO MUCH LIES!

  7. Consejos geniales, engloban todos los aspectos involucrados en el bienestar mental y físico. El "cuerpo de verano" no existe. Existes tú, sé feliz 🧡

  8. Hey Doc, I need a few tips about my body. I don't gain weight easily (I have a few "genes" issues) and lose in an instant. Any tips or advice ?

  9. I wish I could bike to places but unfortunately we don’t have bike lanes where I live 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  10. Dr.Mike, I have a question, when you said “this is supposed to be fun, not torture” can you give me some ways to make going to the gym or doing sports fun? I do know that you said having a workout buddy could make it more enjoyable, but at the moment, it’s just not a viable option for me at the moment. I also get very bored and unmotivated at the gym and while doing sports because those types of activities just don’t interest me, but at the same time, I’d like to make my muscle mass higher and my body fat level lower, so is there anything you could recommend for me? Thank you!

  11. This is so clickbait! I have to walk at LEAST 10,000 steps a day for a month to get a good summer bod. Thats way more than 10! :/ very disappointed in this doctor 😂

  12. So you are doctor and you dont know that to lose fat you need a caloric deficit, you can eat healthy shit all day but if you overeat, you wont lose anything.

  13. The personal trainer in me couldn't help but focus on your squat form lol try dropping lower and make sure you keep your core tight!! You can dig deeper in your hips if you break 90 in your squat!!

  14. Hi, I am Ambarish. I weigh 53.2kgs (117lbs) and my height is 178cms.
    How do I gain weight and muscle on a vegan diet and without whey protein powder? Please help Dr. Mike.

  15. I have a tank that looks just like that. LoL. I showed someone pics. of me in it (actually this happened the same year and right around the same month that you made this video) for my workout progress/regress pics. You weren't the person telling me my chest looks tight/squished like I have male pecs. were you? 🤔

  16. Hi, I've downloaded a program of fitness" fitness day" , I began with that program but I stopped it in seven days, I haven't the courage to continue, I don't know what to do… Can you help me Dr. Mike please?? I really want to loose weight thank you for your videos

  17. Weird comment, but why is your right shoulder lower than your left one? 🤔 Something that just caught my eye, sorry, everyone, back to work 😅

  18. I slept for 3-4 hours a night for 3 years straight. I had one day a month where i would sleep 20 hours, then continue the 3-4 hour sleeps cycle. My body and mind paid the prize in the end, and i am still struggling with the aftereffects.

  19. I want to lose weight and I'm already controlling the food part of the process, but when it comes to exercising, everywhere I look people say I need cardio. The problem is, I ABSOLUTELY HATE cardio for my own reasons, so I'm wondering if anybody has some other idea?

  20. How did nobody respond with ‘you’ when asked what the perfect summer body is?? Like helloooo you were just describing him anyway

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