How to Have a Healthy Diet with a Busy Schedule : Explanation of Salty & Sweet Cravings

Now I want to talk about some of the flavors
that we enjoy the most. Because this tends
to be where most people get into trouble and
it’s where manufacturers love to confuse us
and they like to provide us with a lot of
these foods. Because we naturally enjoy the
taste of these foods. Where a lot of people
get into trouble are things like potato chips,
tortilla chips, desserts, soda pop, crackers.
I was just at the movies the other day and
I couldn’t stand the resistance of the popcorn
and the soda pop. We love salty and sweet
foods. So it’s important to know that we love
them but we can not live off of them and it’s
important to know manufactures are going to
often times put these foods in front of us.
They are going to make them much more convenient
because of course, we desire to eat these
foods. The thing that you really have to remember
is that even though we love the taste of these
foods is that we are not generally, we’re
not addicted to these foods. Often times people
come to me and say “I’ve read that my addicted
to carbohydrates”, and that is not necessarily
true. What tends to be the problem is that
these are usually the foods that people have
available to them because they are so convenient.
When we are busy well then these are the foods
that we tend to grab so let’s start brunching
out and start thinking about other foods that
we can start liking.


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