How to Have a Healthy Diet with a Busy Schedule : How to Get a New Perspective on Eating

So let’s get a new perspective we’re clearing
our mind of deception everything that you have learned up to now. Let’s just go ahead
and forget about it for a moment. What I try to do is with some of my clients and sometime
this helps so let’s see what you think. What you can do is clear your mind and imagine
yourself just born as you are today. You don’t have any idea about food and let’s say you
are about to sit down to your first meal and here on these plates I have your first meal.
What you would probably do the way that you are right now, naturally you would sit down
and you would choose a portion of each one of these foods. You would choose some of the
protein, some of the carbohydrates, a lot of the vegetables, a little bit of the dessert
and some milk. You might choose some fruit if it were available. You would begin to eat
when you are hungry and you would stop when you were full because that would be your instinct
telling you what your body needs. So go ahead and clear that deception of your mind and
thinking about the balance and thinking about eating an appropriate portions.

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