– Hello, this is David
from Health Remodel! I have got a great blog for you today and I’m sure you’ve heard
yourself say this a few times. I have no time to eat well. How many times have you heard that? How many times have you thought it? How many times have
you said it to yourself and it is a total fallacy
and I’m gonna explain why. If I’m gonna be 100%
honest, it is nonsense. Total nonsense and I don’t
know where it came from but I know where I would like to send it. What you’re actually
saying with that sentence is eating well is a low priority for me. It’s not on the, you know, it’s not the top of my list. It hasn’t become a priority to me. I haven’t had the tap on the
shoulder from the doctor yet. I haven’t seen myself putting on a lot of weight, as of yet. So it’s somewhere down there
where there’s more things on top of it that I’m worried about. Here’s what I want you to do, is grab a sheet of paper. Put a line down the middle. On one side of the line put
high priority activities. On the other side of the line
put low priority activities. Now this is gonna be for your day. So on the hight priority side, I want you to put, obviously
, work if you work. I want you to put, you know,
pick up kids from school, drop kids at school, exercise, sleep. They are all high priority
things that you do every day. On the other side, I want
you to put low priority. And there’s gonna be some stuff on there that you really need to look at. There will be Facebook browsin’ on there. There will be Instagram browsin’ on there. There will be watchin’ TV. There will maybe be callin’ friends that, you know, is not a high priority. So can you see where I’m going with this? I want you to add up
the time that you spend doing low priority activities
and add that up each day and at the end of the week you will have quite a few hours that you could be using to prepare your food to eat well. Isn’t that a shock to you that you finally realize
where you’re wasting your time from my two lists? And then, in the evenings, instead of browsing Facebook, Instagram, you can prepare food for the next day, you can prepare healthy, nutritious meals for the whole family. You will feel better,
you will look better, you’ll be proud of yourself
because you are achievin’. I hope this has helped you if you do have that mindset that you
are too busy to eat well. I am David from Health Remodel. I hope you have liked the blog. If you haven’t, let me know, if you have, let me know. Remember, we’re always going
for progress over perfection. Thank you.

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