How to Lose Weight with Metformin; PCOS; Nondiabetics

Hello. This is Ford brewer. I’m doing
a series on metformin . why? metformin has become very popular over the past few
years . it’s by far the number one recommended drug for the first level of
diabetes it’s the number one recommended drug by the American College of
Endocrinologists and the American Diabetic Association but that’s not why
I’m doing a series on it I use it a lot because of insulin resistance
pre-diabetes you have to remember my my population heart attack and stroke
prevention two-thirds of three-quarters of the heart attacks and strokes that
are occurring in my population and in this country overall are occurring
because of insulin resistance and even full-blown diabetes if you remember the
the concept that over half of us get insulin resistance during our 50s then
you start realizing how prevalent it is then you realize that not only do most
insulin resistant folks not realize that even a third of full-blown diabetics
don’t realize it when you start looking at what I’m dealing with what I’m
looking for cleaning this plaque out of arteries and slowing down this
inflammation of plaque and realizing that three-quarters of that plaque is
being caused by having blood sugar levels that are too high then again you
start realizing the importance of medications like metformin metformin is
actually this this video however is on weight loss and metformin
my patients will routinely come in with an OGTT, oral glucose tolerance test of
150 or higher and evidence that they’ve had that for decades and yet no notice
of that by their docs I understand why and we can talk about that in other
videos but a blood look level of 140 glucose
has been shown clearly to cause damage to eyes tendons pancreas kidneys and
arteries as we just as demonstrated well so again that’s why you begin to see the
importance of a medication like metformin
very common and the usual first recommendation that we have is to change
lifestyle to improve diet and exercise but when you read books like why we get
fat and what to do about it other a blood sugar 101 some of these
books show some clear evidence that of a concept that we don’t get fat because we
eat too much we eat too much because our metabolism our genetics and our age are
making us fat it may sound like an excuse but just read up on it study it
before you argue that so again quite often we’ll always start with lifestyle
but quite often these patients need metformin sometimes pioglitazone is an
option when they go on metformin they routinely lose weight why glucose
metabolism is a very complicated thing glucose first in terms of what we’re
looking for it starts in the GI tract it’s absorbed it goes into the blood
goes to the liver is released and then you’ve got glucose in the blood trying
to get inside the cell it goes through the cell membrane and this is either in
the liver or them so then it gets inside the cell once it
gets inside the cell that’s transported to the mitochondria what is the
mitochondria the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and it’s got a
lot of things going on in it but it makes the majority of our energy it
starts burning glucose in a process called glycolysis now there are things
like the enzymes like AMPK which are critical to the multiple processes in
this area metformin results in improvement and amplification of ampk
ampk and other metabolic activities down these pathways and Cascades seem to get
old and rusty as we get older and metformin tends to amp these activities
back up so we start burning fat instead of storing it we start taking sugar out
of the blood we start recycling cellular wastes to burn them it’s a process
called Altaf AG again multiple areas along these steps of glucose metabolism
are improved by metformin now having said all of that there’s evidence that
the biggest impact from from metformin is just stopping the the – what we
call gluconeogenesis dumping of glucose back into the bloodstream by the liver
we’ll talk about that later too but again it’s clear glue on metformin can
talk and cause weight loss even in non diabetic patients now having said that
consider the fact that insulin resistance or pre-diabetes
is so grossly under diagnosed in this country it sort of fogs the term when
you say metformin results in weight loss for non diabetics the resultant weight
loss for folks even without glucose metabolism problems some of the most
challenging patients of polycystic ovary disease now many of those do have
glucose metabolism problems patients on psychiatric medications
there have been studies with middle-aged females that did not have known glucose
metabolism problems again time and time and time again metformin did result in
improved weight loss improved metabolism of glucose now we’re going to have it
again a series of videos on metformin this one was on weight loss we’ll also
talk about a neurologic function and performance dementia senile dementia is
being called by many people type 3 diabetes it seems to be very much
related to impaired glucose metabolism metformin has been shown to help
metformin has been approved for research in anti-aging by the FDA – a researcher up
at Einstein College in New York Einstein Medical School a fellow named
Barzilai so we’ll be looking at anti-aging neurologic performance in
this video we looked at weight loss cardiovascular performance of prevention
and of course in insulin resistance in us baby boomers but there’s even one
other thing prevention of cancer so a lot of things going on with metformin
we’ll have a series on that thank you for your attention

  1. Thank you! Your explanation was fantastic! I have been prescribed Metformin and was going to just use Berberine instead and see if it did the job. But, I've decided to do both.

  2. Hello Dr. Brewer,

    I can absolutely confirm what You are saying.

    A few years ago I was diagnosed with severe diabetes (type 2) with an HbA1c of about 10.
    And I was unable to loose weight.
    Insulin (Humalog) did not work well for me I even gained weight.
    So I radically changed my lifestyle with 80% raw organic vegetable plus exercise. No carbs, very few protein and fat. My friends said that I was eating "rabbit food".

    It worked perfectly: HbA1c fell down to 4,7 !! This is a good value for a young man, not for an overweight old bone of 58!! And WITHOUT Metformin or Insulin or any other diabetes drug.

    But the weight still remained. It was like nailed to me. This was a miracle for me, because I was eating more or less nothing than vegetables.

    Then I started to take Metformin – not against diabetes (which was no longer necessary), but for weight-loss.
    I combined Metformin (850 mg) with R-Alpha-lipoid Acid (300 mg), B-Complex vitamins and Magnesium. And again lots of exercise. Plus intermittent fasting (no eating between 7PM and 1PM next day)

    After one and a half year I lost 25 kg body weight.
    Metformin really worked!
    There were no side effects (except diarrhea the first days). And when You take the proposed anti-aging effects into consideration – it is fantastic.

    So if anyone has the same experience that his fat just does not melt away no matter how hard he/she tries – give Metformin a chance.

    In my eyes the main effect is, that elevated blood insulin levels do not allow the fat in the fat cells to be released. And Metformin lowers the blood insulin level and thereby allows the fat cells to release their fat. So it can be burned.

    Do not forget the supplements! Enhanced mitochondrial function needs Magnesium, B-vitamins and ALA (the R-form).

    Yes, that worldwide Tsunami of adipositas and diabetes CAN be stopped.

    Good luck for Your work!

  3. I recently learned that if one takes metformin they should not take turmeric, aka curcumin; is this true? I take a fantastic supplement called protandim and it contains turmeric. And, the benefits of turmeric might outweigh the benefits of taking metformin, if I have to choose. I'm also willing to do intermittent fasting but how can I do that while using metformin. I was recently told that I'm prediabetic and want to get on top of it. My A1C was less than 7 but metformin was still prescribed.

  4. Dear Doctor Brewer.
    I have only just today found your channel and am highly impressed.
    18 months ago I had a small right occipital lobe stroke.
    Since then I have discovered metformin may assist in the brains recovery from stroke, but NOT in the acute stage.
    I believe it (metformin) to be:

    antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and that it down regulates TNFa.

    However, I have also read (ncbi) that metformin may promote angiogenesis in existing tumors.
    If so my concern is that an existing, but undiscovered tumor might be unintentionally nourished by adding metformin. Have you heard this, and if so what are your thoughts.

    Kind regards and thanks, Alf (real first name).

  5. i am not diabetic and l take metformin last two weeks for weight loss but no result
    please give me best what to do me i am much worried about my weight.
    my weight is 78 kg.

  6. hi doctor! if i dont have diabetes but i want to lose weight! how much metformin should i take? and its before breakfast right!?

  7. Thanks again, Dr. Brewer. I take the Metformin, but only once daily (I have the most carbs in the evening, all keto during the day). My weight, BS and BP have all gone way down. As you mentioned the "fast water-fat" loss of the first month or two, I wonder if I've hit a roadblock or just need to be patient. A month ago, I hit a roadblock around 149. Then for a while, it was 148. Then 147. Then 146. For some reason, I skipped straight over one day, and went from 146 to 144. My target was 145, which is a bit of irony. Then back up to dailies around 147 – 150.

    I heard of keto-adapted, when your body stops wasting ketones, and my ketone levels have gone way down – still higher than zero, which is what most people register.

    I recently picked up a college text on microbiology and can't put it down. There is also this huge chart, now a book, by Gerhard Michal and Dietmar Schomberg, of Biochemical Pathways. They began with a large wall chart, and kept expanding it.

    And here's a new word I'm going to look up: autophagy. Some keto proponents suggest that, after losing weight, the body will get rid of loose skin where the old fat was. I haven't found any research around this, and I'm still looking.

  8. If I remember correctly (feel free to correct me on this), it's the Citric Acid cycle that processes glucose, and that cycle isn't generally used in the keto diet, which instead, uses the Lipid Cycle (?). These two cycles share certain processes, of course, but only after ketones have been converted to glucose. Certain genetic diseases where some individuals are unable to complete the Glycolisis process, have found that these people can survive on the ketogenic diet, where otherwise, they would have died, generally at a very young age, usually from extreme acidosis and severe degradation of the nerves.

  9. hi doctor i watched u video now.can u plzz hlp me? im 4 yrs merried not concieving im not diebitic no pcos i hv just hypothyriod my dr sugest me take glucophage fo pregnancy is it safe to take it ?if i start taking it i will not becom diebitic? plz clear my confussion so glad of u thnks.

  10. Hello Dr. Brewer! Thanks for the informative video! I was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic, was put on metformin 500 x2 times a day. The first few days I had it, the side effects were so bad, I had to stop. I took a break and started it again, this time 500 mg once at night time. I have started losing weight especially the belly fat and the side effects are gone. So I would like to urge people not to get deterred and not to write it off completely coz of the side effects in the beginning. I work out daily and I'm exercising portion control, thanks to metformin, my appetite has reduced so I don't binge eat anymore. I'm so happy finally I'm able to lose weight.

  11. Hello dr.. I m diagnosed with pcos.. Taking metformin 500 since 3mnth once a day but losing weight… What shd b the dosage of metformin i weigh 80 kgs and ht. 5.5 ".. Plz confirm.. Thank you

  12. I've been prescribed this for diabetes but been reluctant to take it for over a week but you have put my mind at rest I'll be taking it tonight, thanks a lot. 51 male UK

  13. Hello Dr Brewer! I started metaformin 500mg .. im 30 years old non diabetic female.. I need to lose 30 pounds what is the best dose of metaformin you would suggest for weight loss.. I'm also eating less carbs . Mostly im on citrus fruits . And one thing more I need to know! The lost weight is regained after stopping the metaformin??

  14. Hi ! Can you make a video about inhalable insulin Afrezza? I just watched a News segment of it on TV, saying it's life changing. I'm very interested in knowing How and Why it's life changing – Thanks!

  15. I consume 100 mg thyroxine for my hypothyroidism in the morning on an empty stomach. Then I normally have acv and lemon water after an hour. I have gluconorm sr 500mg with my lunch just once a day and have a magnesium supplement after dinner. I am on a keto diet since a month. Is it okay to take the metformin when I do or should I change the timings. Thanks

  16. Thank you for your video. I am 48, 6' 4" and started on Metformin three months ago weighing 338 pounds. I now weigh 326 pounds and starting to notice and feel better because of Metformin. I take 500 mg in the morning and 500 mg before bed.

  17. I have PCOS on both ovaries and my doctor gave me Metformine (1500mg a day). However I stopped after 2 weeks due to terrible side effects (nausea and headache). Is there something I can do to lessen the side effects?

  18. Great Video!….Question…my dr prescribed me 1000 mg of metformin daily…. can I take both at 1 meal or 1 in the am and 1 in the pm?

  19. What do you think about "off-label use" of metformin: PCO without insuline resistance, but highly deviant hormonelevels (high testosterone) and problems losing weight?

  20. Any recommendation for someone who is doing Keto (75-80% Fat, 20% Protein and less than 20 grams of total carbs a day), Working out five times a week (resistance and interval cardio) for ten months with zero weight/fat loss. I have been taking Metformin for the last two months and nothing is changing? Thank you in advance.

  21. Hello,, Mr Ford Brewer,, I m suffering wth pcod,,history of two miscarriages in 2 yrz,, hopeless to conceive again,,my doctor suggested me gluchophage,, bt it didn't loose my weight which is now 72 kg,,,, I m mch more tired in ths battle,, loosing hope to live even,,, tody suddenly watched ur video on YouTube,,,may b I cn find good results ,, plz do reply,, , whether I should uz ths again or not? Waiting fr ur kind reply.

  22. 💕Thank you Dr Brewer! I was letting my Metformin pills just accumulate and not take them for well over a year based on faulty internet acquired information! I just took my 1st pill today and will keep on taking them as well as go pick up my waiting prescription today! I have both hypothyroidism and T2 so I am on both Metformin & Lisinopril and wasn't even taking that as prescribed. Now I will 😇

  23. Do ppl need to be on both Liprinisil and Metformin? Can you stop Liprinisil but keep taking Metformin instead? That annoying Liprinisil cough is so annoying

  24. So my BMI is 19 now. My low carb high fat with exercise has corrected everything (all blood results) I took metformin for 6 weeks then stopped. It’s been 3.5 weeks since I stopped. My weight is the same and my glucose is holding steady. So do you agree I don’t need it for now?

  25. Hello,
    I'm 31 with PCOS and have a hard time losing weight. I was also diagnosed with pericarditis in 2011. I have metformin, but it hasn't been prescribed to me. Would it be safe to take this without consulting with a doctor first? (I live in a small town with two doctors that aren't accepting patients, unfortunately.) Thanks in advance

  26. Hi Doctor, thank you for this video.
    I took Metformin last year for weight loss. Unfortunately I had to stop the intake as my hair started to fall quit. Does any of you patines complain about hair loss as Metformin side effect? Thank you Doctor.

  27. im non diabetic and have PCOS. i was prescribed to take metformin and im afraid that it might trigger diabetes , can it? please somebody help this figure out 😕

  28. If Metformin prevents the Liver from releasing the Sugar into the blood what happens to it ?  
    Does the liver just eventually convert it to fat ?

    So in the first few years, the Metformin lowers blood sugar and some weight comes off. Eventually dosage gets bumped up slowly to the maximum dosage. Then the Type 2 Diabetic moves on to a Victoza type drug, slow acting insulin and then meal time Insulin. This is the known medication path of the Type 2 Diabetes disorder.

    A fatty liver is not good for insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome problems. While it does lower blood sugars what else does it do ?

  29. Very helpful video, I have researching Metformin and thus far I have discovered only positives so long as you ease into the prescribed dosage gradually via taking 1/4 then 1/2 then full amount prescribed – always ask your doctor before taking any new drug especially when you are taking other medications or drugs.

  30. I was diagnosed with PCOS but not given much info from my OBGYN, which for obvious reasons (thankfully) lead me here! I am 26 yo, always on the run, eating healthy and very active! I have had stubborn fat for the past 5 years and it seems nearly impossible to loose it. I was offered metphormin but was told it would be to help regulate my menstrual! I was given the option of the medication or to loose 15 lbs (again, seems nearly impossible). After seeing your video I think I will voice out my interest with the medication to my Dr. my concern is, if it does work and help me with weight loss, will I be dependent on the drug for the rest of my life or will getting back in shape help me get my insulin back to normal?

  31. My self emi I have this problem for the pcos and I started on metformin 5 month so I have how much month I take the tablet please tell him

  32. Thank you for your video. I have a question for you pls. I started taking Sandoz-Metformin Fc 500 – 2 daily(1000) 2 month ago for weight loss but haven't had any results. Can I up my dose to 3 daily (1500)? Also what is the difference between regular Metformin and extended release? Thank you in advance

  33. Hello doctor, I am 55 female hight 163 cm weigh 74 my doctor put me on once a day clocophage 500rx to help loose 10 kilos, i don't have the side effects as diarrhea or changing on my eating habits in a contrary i feel eating more, however i am concerned of the color of my urine is it is now dark yellow as i am not taking any supplements and i am not dihairated as i drink a lot of waterء- why is that? excuse my english ء- thank you

  34. I have been in metfomin for the last month 500xr for weight lose- i feel energetic but i feel eating much more- any one like me؟

  35. After my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer I started giving her some of my metformin, she's been cancer free for 10 years. Metformin will also extend your life. If you can't get Metforming buy Goat's Rue which is where metformin comes from.

  36. I got my anti-aging doc to put me on 500mg of metformin, id like to go up to 1500mg for anti-aging more than sugar

  37. thanks Dr. Brewer, I have PCOS and doc just put me back on metformin. Sugar is a little high. And just a side note. Have you ever seen a ugly drug rep? Just show a young good looking muscular drug rep coming out of my endo's office. It's usually a sexy female today it was a sexy young male. LOL!!!!!!

  38. I am 38 year , I am without gallbladder , hypothyroidism patient, my weight is 68 , height is 5.2 inches . should I take metformin for weight lose?

  39. I was diagnosed October 2018. Diabetes runs like wild fire in my family. I think I had it all my adult life off and on. Father type 1, mother type 2, brother type 2 at age 23, now hes 46 on dialysis. Younger brother is 25 type 2. I'm 43 female. My dr gave me metformin 500mg 1x day. It made me so sick and so I stopped. My average am blood sugar is in the 170's. Remember I'm not in anything rt now. My weight jumped up 20 lbs. A1c at time of diagnosis was 6.9, a few months ago was 7. Its prob a little more now. I have heart palpitations, pain under left and rt rib cage, more so left, side mid back pain. Itching everywhere for almost a yr. I had to buy a gluclose machine on Amazon because my dr said I didn't need one. I dont walk like I should, I get very busy with college work, kids and driving. I know I can make time but I'm so tired. I have fibromyalgia for a very long time now. I made a dr appt but it's not for another month. Please any advice will help. Should I go back on metformin and take half to start? It gives me bad side effects. Thank you in advance. Also, do I take b4 my breakfast or when I start eating? Do you reccomend intermittent fasting 16:8?…Blessings

  40. I am taking metformin ER for my pcos. I want to know when is the best time to take metformin er 750mg to maximize weightloss benefits of the drug. The packaging says to take it with the evening meal, but I feel it would be more effective if I took it in the morning as I will be eating less through out the day due to curbed appetite and cravings.

  41. After taking 850 mg/day for a month for longevity (not to treat diabetes), most food was repulsive, there was a metallic taste in my mouth and vinegar-like body oder. I chose to give up Metformin and now take resveritrol, NMN and on an OMAD keto diet. Much more pleasant !

  42. Since insulin is called the "fat storage hormone," I would think, as a layman, that metformin would result in lower insulin levels; hence, the weight loss. Correct?

  43. Hard to fathom this, because I don’t understand what you mean by “improved metabolism”. If this means more efficient then shouldn’t it cause weight gain (i.e. I can meet my energy expenditure with less glucose, so what’s left over will be more and turned to fat)?
    Is shoving more glucose into my muscle better? I’m not understanding how more glucose exits my body with Metformin, just that it seems to move it from one place to another.
    A more mechanistic explanation of what’s going on would help me. Perhaps my grey matter is just not processing this well.

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