Lower the cholesterol level with almonds. Do you want to keep the cholesterol level
at a healthy value? If so, it may be right to eat almonds. Studies have shown that healthy
diets, including almonds, significantly lowered LDL cholesterol levels. Eating almonds may protect you from diabetes,
cardiovascular disease, cancer, even from weight gain and obesity. Let’s learn about
the nature of almonds to lower cholesterol levels as you proceed. Study on the action to lower almond cholesterol
level: Several studies have analyzed whether almond
lowers cholesterol levels, but the results can be expected quite a bit. These studies
were conducted on a wide range of subjects, including those with high cholesterol levels,
normal people, people with diabetes, obese people. According to the report, participants in the
study who was eating almonds said that bad LDL cholesterol was reduced by up to 10% compared
to those who did not eat. Also, there seems to be no change in the value of good cholesterol
known as HDL cholesterol. What these results show is that even if you do not change other
meals, you should even eat almonds. However, reducing the amount of food containing a lot
of animal fat and cholesterol should also be effective to lower the LDL cholesterol
level even further. How much almond needs to be eaten? To lower LDL cholesterol by 10%, please eat
73 grams almonds a day. This is roughly half a cup of almonds , almond alone has 400 calories.
One study analyzing the relationship between intake and response showed that LDL cholesterol
decreases by 5% in 1/4 cup and 10% in 1/2 cup. No studies have investigated the effect
of eating 1 cup of almonds a day to date, but since there are many calories in almonds,
we can not recommend this method much. Action to lower almond cholesterol level: According to the Mayo Clinic , almonds are
one of the best 5 foods to lower cholesterol levels. Almonds are rich in monounsaturated
fatty acids, a fat that promotes health. It is rich in vitamin E which is a wonderful
material of antioxidant substances. Antioxidants are proven to prevent the effects of free
radicals and reduce heart disease. Almonds are also rich in magnesium and are effective
for improving blood flow. Things to consider: Fats contained in almonds are thought to be
fat of good kind to the body such as polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids,
but fatty foods are high in calories and can cause weight gain. According to the Mayo Clinic,
eating an appropriate amount of almonds (1/4 to 1/2 cup a day, as I said in this video)
seems to have a very good health impact. If you change snacks containing harmful cholesterol
to almonds or dried fruits , such as french fries or strong salty crackers , your diet
will be more healthy.

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