HOW TO MAKE ALMOND MILK | dairy-free, vegan nut milk recipe

– We’re getting back to basics today
with a new nut milk recipe,
and that’s almond milk.
Many of you have been requesting
this recipe for months,
so I’m excited to show
you just how easy it is
to make almond milk at home.
When it comes to nut
milks, I’m personally a fan
of my homemade cashew milk
recipe and I’ve shown you
how to make that before.
But I also understand that
some may have a sensitivity
to cashews or depending on
where you live in the world,
cashews may be more
expensive or harder to find.
Almonds on the other hand,
are readily available,
cost effective, and this nut
milk is just as easy to make.
There’s only one slight difference,
and that’s that you have to strain it.
The benefits of making
almond milk at home are that
you won’t have any unnecessary
fillers, gums, chemicals,
or other nasties and you can
control the amount of sweetness
that you’d like in your almond milk.
So, let me show you how to make it.
We’ll start with one cup of raw almonds.
And make sure that you
are using raw almonds
and not roasted or salted
almonds as those would leave
your almond milk with
an oily or salty flavor.
Add the almonds to a glass
bowl or storage container
and cover them with water.
Then give them a quick stir to make sure
that they’re all submerged, add a lid,
and let these soak overnight.
(upbeat contemporary music)
The next day, you’ll see that
the water looks quite murky
and the almonds have plumped a little.
Drain the almonds and give them a rinse
and then add them to your Vitamix.
You’ll see in just a second
how quickly the Vitamix
can turn almonds into creamy almond milk
with its powerful motor
and hardened steel blades.
And I’m happy to partner with
Vitamix on today’s video.
To the almonds, we’ll add
four cups of filtered water,
a pinch of sea salt, and if you’d like,
a sweetener of your choice.
I’m adding two pitted dates today,
but honey, maple syrup, stevia,
or monk fruit all work as well.
And if you’d like a vanilla flavor,
just add one teaspoon of vanilla extract.
Add the lid to your
Vitamix, turn it on high,
and let it blend for one minute.
To strain the almond
milk, use a nut milk bag
or a few layers of cheese cloth.
And as I’ve mentioned before,
I like to use my nut milk bags inside out
so that food particles
don’t get stuck in the seams
and they’re easier to wash.
Gently squeeze out all of
the almond milk and you’ll
be left with almond pulp in the bag.
You can discard this or dry it
and use it in future recipes.
And I give a few ideas
on the full recipe post
on my website.
Pour the almond milk
into a storage container.
And I recommend this Weck
juice jar as it’s a perfect fit
for one batch of almond milk.
I also recommend straining
into a large measuring bowl
with a pour spout like this
one as it makes transferring
to the juice jar a lot less messy.
And I’ll link both of these items below.
Then, all that’s left to do is
refrigerate your almond milk
until it’s nice and cold, and enjoy.
I hope you enjoyed today’s
new Healthy Basics video.
And if you did, make sure
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  1. Hi guys! I get asked all of the time if the process to make almond milk is the same as cashew milk (my personal favorite). And there is a slight difference. So today I wanted to show you how to make almond milk at home! If this is your nut milk of choice, now you won't have to buy it from the store again. Happy Sunday! xo – Lisa

  2. Love her video BUT do NOT get the raw almonds she recommends from amazon. I used them and my daughter and I became very sick. I reported it to amazon. Look at the reviews. I didn’t first unfortunately.

  3. Enjoyed your version and this video! I have not made it in a while but I used the bag of Trader Joe’s raw sliced almonds ( without the outside casing) soaked over night then only used water. I baby my nut bag. lol Love it. I can only handle this home-made almond milk as it does not have all that extra ingredients in carton. I use a Vitamix but before that used just a regular bar blender. Vitamix does a superb job! Note that I find mine is good for three days and I use a large mason jar with the plastic white lids for my almond milk.

    I am thrilled to know that there is something I can make with the left over almond pulp! Back then, I could not find recipes. Will look into yours! ❤️🙏🏻

  4. Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing, your videos are great, I just found you yesterday and I think I've seen at least 20 so far! For now I'm going to start saving up for a vitamix as I would love to do my own nut milks and nut butters. Keep them coming!

  5. Hi Lisa where did you purchase your nut bag for straining? And which nut milk do you think tastes most like dairy milk? Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the video.
    I've made the almond milk this way many times and the milk always separates after cool
    (A layer of fluid up and a layer of precipitation at the bottom of the bottle)
    Have you found a method to prevent these separations?

  7. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I love the taste of almond milk and it’s also very calorie-friendly. It’s quite expensive compare to other nut milks in the grocery store thanks!

  8. I don't care about any "moral" reasons, that's not why I don't drink regular cow's milk. I could kill 20 little baby cows without batting an eye. I don't care. It is just that cow's milk often causes a lot of troubles for my belly, so yeah, almond milk is a way to go for me.

  9. Great video! Question: How long would you say the almond milk stays "good" till before you had to toss it (assuming there was some leftover)?

  10. Didn’t mention on how long the almond milk is good for before it goes bad.
    I think it’s only good for 5 days before it spoils.
    Also when soaking in water, do you just leave it out or in the fridge?

  11. Hi thanks so much for the recipe…it's great and easy…how long can this be stored in the refrigerator?

  12. Hi Lisa! I appreciate this video so much. I am so excited to try and make my own. I have Celiac as well. I have been obsessed with GF Oat milk lately. Could you possibly show us how to make our own GF Oak Milk? Love your all your video’s.

  13. Honestly I HATE almond milk, i'll try this because I am traveling in 6 days and want to eat as natural as possible😊

  14. Hi, I have looked at your website for ideas for the almond pulp, do you have any other ideas? Can you freeze the pulp?

  15. This sounds like a great milk to drink. I was wondering if you can make chocolate almond milk? Because I'm a chocolate lover and nothing tastes good like chocolate almond milk.

  16. I don't strain my almond milk I let it run for 2 minutes on high in my Vitamix. It comes out creamy. I also add cinnamon and maple syrup. to taste after done.(per glass) Personal preference. Great recipe! Thanks for sharing. I love your videos.

  17. I made this and it was sooo delicious! I followed the recipe except after soaking the almonds I peeled the skin off that way I could get more almond milk and less strained stuff. Better than store bought almond milk for sure! Do you just throw the strained almonds away or reuse them in something else? Thank you.

  18. I just made homemade almond milk and I absolutely love it! Thanks for shared it! By the way, where can I find the recipes in your blog (or what is the title) for the fiber of the almond, i really don't want it to throw it away! Thank you!!!

  19. I'm trying to find how to make the pulp into almond flour. I'm going to make almond milk the first time tomorrow after they soak. I love my Vitamix!! Thanks

  20. Does the plastic loss you showed for the Weck Jar come with the jar? It's hard to tell from the package, but seems like it only comes with the glass, ring and metal clips- not the plastic lid?

  21. Is it 1:4 ratio ? 1 cup almond to 4 cups water ? If I want a thicker milk can I reduce the water to 3 or 3.5 cups ? Pls advise

  22. What is the bag you used to strain the milk? I don’t see it listed below in the detail provided. Also, where do you buy it? Thanks in advance for the help

  23. Hello, I just recently started watching your videos, so bear with me if I am asking questions you have already answered. Do you put the soaking almond in the fridge or leave it at the room temp?

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