How to make DIY Diabetic Zucchini Seafood Pasta “Valentine’s Day recipe” | Health Reset Meals

today’s meal seafood lovers pastor and
your edible hero zucchini low glycemic source for fiber and multi-vitamins these are the 15 ingredients that we
will be cooking with so let’s prepare Xiaohui peel and dice forgot to close can add to
a bold sun-dried tomatoes possess briefly
wristlet slice of pie with news grab one can of smoke sardines and chop
them into pieces nature is always good to us let’s kill a
five stems have time into a bowl of three tablespoons of
sun-dried tomato oil now let’s introduce and he in add a
pinch red pepper flakes and stir them together I discovered two
different flavors in two ways to put this dish first I recommend cooking your seafood
broth by adding all your relevant reviews into a pan in covering it with a little
tool in makes in broth like consistency on a low flame which are about to watch is my stir fry
version for your sun dried tomato oil mix into a pan edgy diced garlic to the party drop in some sun dried tomatoes a small
spot a coconut butter never to care for them apple cider vinegar 1 pinch of saffron bring in the smoke
sardines and given mister and one bag the clams and stir them once
more one bag of muscles gets the same
treatment but the flavors infuse into cook I
remember make love now war chopped 1 bunch of parsley and set aside
top of the intestines and he’s a prepare them to be spiralis heat up 1 tablespoon of sun-dried tomato oil on
the plane sprinkle large pinch of parsley resting years in Kenya continue to toss
around sprinkle to medium pitches a onion
powder 1 million pension garlic powder run your black peppercorn and sprinkle
around 1 pinch this take five to 10 minutes now if you’ve considered my advice your
dish it looks similar to this pool inspired by Valentine’s Day were made
for any occasion Kyurem a glucose course you should check out when they went just
say in the eighth so healing I’ll man 11 others really hungry mileage E okay moving on so babes sardines and
sun-dried tomatoes I think they’re really awesome the blimp Apple punch think the aegis they’re very
complimentary I mean what do you think a muscle one measly muscle name babe I definition that leaders Cal
has actually share you me too a joke like you know what I just can’t this three times a me delete this and he attempted to access just me and
you well obviously public house in a absolute was it worth it with everybody and exactly I can’t get
next year under has pissed at me as a dog food so
are maybe doesn’t subscribe to our channel she made these awesome DIY projects kids my name on a coffee mug %uh every time I
watch it it is never comes up jasmine rose on YouTube well it

  1. Omg !!!!!!!!!! This look soooooooooooooo yummy and delicious ……….. ME GUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!! WELL DONE ………. 

  2. Awesome Alaine! I am always looking for carb substitutes. I love quinoa, couscous, spaghetti squash. … the possibilities are endless. I will definitely be purchasing the appliance to make my life easier. Ive been using my mandolin for zuchini "lasagna" sheets but I havent made the zuchini "noodles". Oh and the bean burger was so good!!! Keep up the great work!

  3. The expression on Jasmine's face had me rolling. Lmbo!! Nonetheless, amazing video, editing and quality. It looks easy enough for an amateur chef like myself who is trying to eat healthy… lol.

  4. OMG! Recipe looks tasty just may try it. Jazzy girl, too much sexiness between you and Alain on camera! Loved mini hearts on table.

  5. idea: I need snacks.  I love popcorn but the carbs, right?  Me and my sweetie have movie night…what can I serve that I can have that won't make me too sweet in the wrong way? lol

  6. Wow this video was awesome!!! I rarely comment on videos but this one definitely deserves some extra praise. It was by far one of the cleanest, well put together video that I've seen in a while. I'm 100% subscribing. Keep up the great work!!!

  7. I had to come check you out after Jasmine Rose suggested you. Such a great video. So professional and easy for almost cookers like me to follow. Subscribed!! 

  8. I've Just this recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. So I have been re-educating myself about food. Its all very daunting right now for me as I LOVE my carbs, Potatoes, Rice, Breads.. anything starch and I am on it 🙁 . I have subscribed to your channel, I really need all the help I can get right now and your channel looks fab, I especially love the look of your low-carb pizza and this dish as I am huge seafood lover. Much peace to you! Kris from the UK x

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