How To Make Homemade Basil Pesto with Almonds ~ Easy Pesto Sauce Recipe

It’s the end of the garden season and
time to harvest the basil. I’m Tess and today I’m making basil pesto. Stay tuned! (intro music) I harvested all of my basil today and I’m making some pesto to freeze. I freeze
my pesto in small freezer bags in 1/2 cup portions. I use basil pesto in a
variety of dishes. I put it on potatoes, rice, pasta, sandwiches, wraps, meats, pizza,
in dips, salad dressing, soup, stews and the list goes on. Basil pesto is a
required ingredient in my pantry and it is real easy to make. So let’s get
started. One of the ingredients of basil pesto is nuts. Typically, you will see
pesto made with pine nuts but they can be a bit pricey. I’m using almonds but
you can use any nuts or combo of nuts that you like. I think almonds have a
nice mild flavor and blend nicely with the pesto. To get the maximum flavor I’m
toasting the almonds in a dry low heat pan for about 3 to 5 minutes. Be careful
not to burn. I’m using my food processor to blend everything together. I have my
fresh basil that I rinsed, drained and let dry. I’m adding in my toasted almonds.
salt and black pepper, a couple cloves of garlic, a good handful of parmigiano
Reggiano cheese and I couldn’t find the block of cheese so I had to buy the
pregrated, and a little squeeze of lemon juice. And that’s it! The only other
ingredient is the olive oil. It is important to choose a good extra virgin
olive oil when making pesto as it adds a good bit of flavor. I’m adding a little
right now to get everything start to combine in the food processor and then I
will add more as the pesto breaks down. I like my pesto to be a little thick and
almost like a paste. I like to pulse the pesto in the food
processor and then run on full speed for about 30 seconds. I’m drizzling in the
olive oil until the pesto starts to form. I stop the processor and scrape down the
sides and to check the consistency of the pesto. And then I processed
again until the pesto was smooth. And this is what the basil pesto looks
like. I ended up making four batches and my kitchen smells amazing. I just love
the smell of basil and it is one of my favorite herbs. Most large grocery stores
have bunches of fresh basil available. You can always cut this recipe in half.
Buy a bunch or two of basil and givea pesto a try… and enjoy. If you like this recipe please hit the
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  1. great recipe!
    I too use different nut's for different flavor's.
    I sun dry my own tomatoes and use those with different herb's for my pesto's.
    I absolutely love pesto's for anything and everything.
    try stuffin pork loin and chop's for added flavor AND moisture.

    "keep the faith people, and keep on keeping on"

  2. Gardening is so much fun, and so rewarding. You get to make great recipes with your fresh produce. That pesto looks great.

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