Hi guys
I’m Laura Vitale
and on this episode of Laura in the Kitchen I’m finally going to show you how to make something that I’ve gotten a lot of requests for…
I’m going to show you how to make everything from scratch
the dough, the sauce,
and we’re going to top it a couple of different ways
my favorite toppings anyway
So this is
What you going to needto do, just make a dough, and it’s first thing we’re going to do, because it’s needs to rise for a couple hours
So all you need is all-purpose flour
some warm water
some yeast
salt, sugar
and some extra virgin olive oil
very simple very few ingridients but
we going to do some scratch
and its super easy
Now. my father
umm owned
couple of pizza places couple of restraunts
so if I don’t know how to make pizza
I’d be in serious trouble
alright first thing were going to
do is take a cup and third of warm water
at 110 degrees
Just going to put in this bag of dry yeast
and just stir this around just to get the
yeast to combine with the water
Okay, and leave it alone for about five minutes and you want the yeast mixture to look kind of creamy
and, I know it’s strange, but you’ll definitely be able to notice it in about three to five minutes.
So just set it aside, and then we’ll continue making our dough!
So we have the yeast ready – looks kinda creamy – it’s a little bit odd, but, hey, it works.
Okay, set that aside. Now, in the bowl of, uh, staining mixture,
with a dough attachment, I’m going to put in here
Just start off with three and a half cups of all-purpose flour.
It usually takes about 3.5 – 4 cups, but you just never really know, so just have your flour near you.
And…just a half.
So we have the flour in,
(Get that out of the way…) We have a Tablespoon of salt and we have a Teaspoon of sugar…
and we’re gonna put in, about…two Tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil.
Just going to mix this…just slowly to combine, like all the flour and salt and olive oil…
Just mixing my yeast to make sure it’s all…
There we go…
And just…
put that in…
with a medium – with the speed on medium – just until everything’s combined,
then you’re going to put the speed to low, and it’s gonna continue to mix for about ten minutes,
until everything kind of coheres together, and it forms a really nice, SMOOTH dough!
This is at medium speed – just until everything kinda starts to combine together –
now I’m going to turn the speed to low…
…kinda low…
Geez! I’m going to let this go for ten minutes – just until you have a really, really smooth
pizza dough!
So I had this on for ten minutes at SLOW speed.
This is absolutely perfect. Now because I’m going to make two different pizzas,
I’m just going to hang on to this for a second and get my bowls ready, ’cause this has to rise.
So I’m just going to put a little olive oil in each bowl – I’m just using a little brush –
I’m just going to brush it just to make sure it doesn’t stick.
I’m just going to cut this in half…look at that – that’s perfect pizza dough.
Thank you, Daddy, for teaching me how to make good pizza!
Okay, now I’m just forming this into a ball. Now look how easy it is: you just (each side) you just
pull it in like so, and pinch. Pull it in like so, and pinch, and then just
Take the bottom, just pinch it together…perfect ball, every time.
Just inside…seam-side down in your bowl…just kind of the same thing with this, and, I mean,
I can do this really, really fast, so that’s why I wanted to show you.
Seam-side down in the oil bowl (oiled bowl) and now I’m just going to put a little oil at the top
just to make sure it doesn’t form like a crusty, dry skin.
Brush it on each one.
Okay. Let’s just cover this…with…some silk wrap.
Cover it tightly.
Second one. Now this is going to go – both of these are going to go – into a warm space–
I usually put these in the oven, with the oven turned off, ’cause you don’t want any
draft, any wind, anything like that, from like opening the doors and stuff.

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