How To Make InstaPot Rice Recipe (Beef Plov Recipe)

Hey everyone! Its Natasha Get ready to get, excited
we’re sharing a healthier, juicier,
flavor-packed rice pilaf, called plov.
It’s an instant pot recipe so it’s quick
and easy and the beef is
melt-in-your-mouth tender. Once you start
the cooking, this recipe goes fast so I
love to prep all of my ingredients ahead.
Peal and thickly julienne three large
carrots. Now peel and dice one large
onion and it may seem like a lot of
onion but seriously it disappears into
the rice once it’s cooked and adds so
much flavor! Now you’ll need one whole
unpeeled head of garlic, cut it in half
crosswise. I know it’s a strange way to
cut garlic but you’ll see, it’s genius! I
love that the instant pot has a saute
setting which means everything happens
in one pot. To start cooking on high heat,
push sautee twice. Pour in four
Tbsp of olive oil and when the
oil is hot add one pound of beef, cut
into bite-size pieces.
Saute, stirring occasionally for about
five minutes or until lightly browned
then add four Tbsp of butter and
your chopped onion. Stir and saute for
about three minutes or until the onions
are softened. Now stir in your julienned
carrots then add all of your seasoning.
You’ll need one Tbsp of salt half
a tsp of black pepper half a
tsp of ground cumin 1/2 a tsp
of paprika and half a tsp of ground
Stir that together and saute another
five minutes or until the carrots are
softened. Meanwhile rinse and drain your
rice and once the carrots are softened
spread the rice evenly over the top, do
not stir the rice in. Push your garlic
cloves, cut side down into the rice. Now
pour in 3 cups of very warm or hot water
and I try to pour over the garlic cloves
so I don’t disturb the rice. Use the back
of a wooden spatula to poke holes all
the way to the bottom of the pot, this
helps to disperse flavor. While it’s
cooking, push the multigrain setting or
cook on manual high pressure for 30
minutes and the instant pot does the
rest. While you use this time to do
important life activities. Once the 30
minutes are up, let it rest and naturally
depressurize for 10 minutes before
switching to the venting position to
release the steam. Make sure the steam is
fully released and the float valve is
loaded down before opening the pot.
Finally, although it really doesn’t take
very long in the instant pot, but we’re
gonna do the taste test.
And it smells so good in my kitchen! This
is seriously the easiest way to make
plov. The meat is just like fall apart
tender and delicious and most people
will probably not even guess that that’s
brown rice, it’s just cooked to
perfection. Delicious! So I’m gonna take
out the garlic and you can keep it in
there. The cloves get so soft they’re
literally like melting in your mouth so
for folks who love garlic leave them in
there, just squeeze out the garlic cloves
and serve the plov with them in and then
the whole pot is infused with wonderful
garlic flavor. Good! I cannot wait cuz I
know how good this tastes! Are you guys
as excited as I am right now?! YUM! Take a
look at this. Give it a quick stir. The
rice is cooked perfectly, it’s not mushy
because it’s brown rice. mmm
Time for the taste test. Oh my goodness!
It’s so moist, loaded with flavor!
Okay, and before I serve, I like to give
it a sprinkle of fresh parsley because
it makes it beautiful, adds a little pop
of flavor and color. All right, here we go…
get a little meat on every bite because –
This has so much flavor, absolutely
That meat just like falls apart in your
mouth – In 30 minutes. Can you guys even
believe that? So good, and brown rice
takes like an hour to cook normally so
this is super fast, this is a healthier
way to make plov because brown rice
is healthier than white rice and it has
a little bit of nuttiness to it. All the
seasonings work together so beautifully.
Mmm… It’s a party in your mouth. If you enjoyed
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