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Horns up and welcome to a new episode of Headbanger’s Kitchen Keto Essentials, the show where I
show you how to make some essential stuff
that we use in all our keto recipes.
And today we’re going to be tackling mayonnaise.
Yep, most of the time store-bought mayonnaise
has a lot of sugar in it, so you really don’t
want to be eating it.
Also, they use hydrogenated vegetable oils,
which are not good fats so we don’t really
want to eat store-bought mayo given a choice
and besides, it’s so simple and easy to make
at home, so today we’re gonna make some mayo.
Now in the mayo today, Im going to be using
a whole egg and not just the yellow of the
egg, because, like Gary from Masterchef says,
“whatchoo you going to do with the egg white?”
And you know, it just makes sense, so why
waste the egg white or why use it elsewhere,
just make it with the whole egg.
Of course, yes, you can make it with just
the egg yolk if you like.
Also, I’m not going to be using vegetable
oil of any kind, I’m going to be using olive
oil, so technically it will be an aioli but,
you know what, we’ll just call it mayo, for
Of course, the mayo purists can come after
me; I’ve got my guns blazing for you.
I’m just going to start by putting our ingredients
in our food processor.
We’ve got one egg, some salt, some pepper,
some mustard, and some vinegar.
Then all you’ve got to do is blitz it for
about 30 seconds till everything is well incorporated.
Now we’re going to pour in one-third of our
oil and give that another good mix.
And you’ll start to see that everything is
emulsifying together, add in another third
of your oil and mix again, or whisk again,
or whatever you want to call it.
Then you just scrape down all that stuff from
the sides, after that’s done, we’re going
to add in the final third of our oil and give
it all a gooood blend and you will see that
everything has come together very nicely and
you’ve got a rich, creamy and delicious mayo.
Then, just transfer it into your jar and that’s
That’s how easy it is to make your mayonnaise
or mayo.
So that’s it guys, our mayo is ready, but
hold on, wait for it.
Of course, as expected, my Indian friends
are going to ask me for sure: How do we make
this without egg.
In fact, sometimes I wonder how come they
don’t comment on my omelette recipes asking
me how to make omelettes without egg.
But anyway, you know my Indian friends, I
love you guys.
Of course I’m going to show you how to make
this without egg because you can make it without
So let’s go and make it now.
Now for the eggless version, we’re going to
be using cream – I’m just using regular
Amul cream – 200 gms or 1 cup.
Season it with salt, pepper, I’m also adding
a spoon of wholegrain mustard because I ran
out of dijon and lemon juice.
Or then you can use vinegar instead of lemon
juice if you like.
Mix them all together and let everything combine
Then to this we’re going to add in our oil,
which is just 1/4th cup of olive oil and give
that a good whisk once again, or blitz, whatever
you call it.
And then you will have it, your creamy, eggless
Look at that, it’s deelicious.
Just pour it out into your serving dish and
you have eggless mayo – Keto-friendly eggless
Okay, so it’s time to taste the mayo that
we’ve made.
I know you’re probably thinking, “Ew you’re
gonna eat mayo on its own?” but that’s how
you know the real taste.
So let me try this egg one that we made.
To be very honest, I don’t find a very strong
olive oil taste but it is there, very mild,
in the background, and I like it, it’s smooth,
it’s creamy, I don’t feel like anything is
different, especially since we added the entire
egg and not just the egg yolk and now let
me try the creamy one.
Mmm, this is creamy and I think that the mustard
that I used, the wholegrain mustard, gives
it a totally different dimension.
I can kind of tell the difference between
the two; this one definitely has that very
milky smell to it.
Not smell, sorry, I mean more like a taste.
So that’s the mayonnaise we’ve made with egg
and without egg.
I hope you guys are going to try this at home.
And what are you going to use it in, please
tell me.
The first thing I’m going to do is make that
tuna salad that we did last year, I think,
on one of the episodes and anyway, whenever
you take pictures, please do tag us on Instagram,
use the #HeadbangersKitchen and I’ll see you
on the next episode of Headbanger’s Kitchen.
Cheers and keep cooking.

  1. I beleive if you add vinegar you can extend the shelf life….i will not be able to use all that mayo…you think this will make it last longer?

  2. Hi …
    Luv all your recipes …
    Today being fast akadashi I will be making peanut curry for the family ,in Marathi its called shengdanyachi aamti…
    Sharing link …plz watch and let me know if I can have that on keto diet …too tempted.

  3. Soy…almost all the store mayonnaise use SOY BEAN OIL…which is absolutely CRAP on your body! Soy Oil <-VERY BAD for fat loss efforts!

  4. Can you please show which oil have you used? I made twice with Disano olive oil but the taste was horrible. Brand and type of olive oil please.

  5. Absolutely love your enthusiasm and humour! You make cooking so simple! It's a joy watching your videos! Thanks for all the recipes and tips! Kudos! 🙂

  6. 😂😂😂😂 love the matrix reaction. Almost got me dropping to the floor, but it gave me an awesome ab workout.

  7. I tried to make it by my mayonnaise was runny and i tried to make mustard from scratch but it turned out to be extremely bitter.. Can u suggest any tips to help me out please?

  8. Wish people would realize olive oil comes in extra virgin AND light. Light Is for frying and mayo. It has
    a very mild taste. Extra virgin olive oil is for drizzling over
    food for that great taste and for salads. All olive oil is not the same.

  9. u just made my day Sahil !!!! I was in the process of making keto mayo w/ my new immersion blender for the first time and the consistency was of an egg yolk so I almost gave up and i went to your channel and re made the whole thing but in a food processor like u did n it worked !!!! I wished I could show u my picture. First time making mayo.:)

  10. My mother’s traditional mayo recipe only takes a boiled egg, a raw egg, olive oil and seasoning (salt and pepper) Vinegar and lemon juice?? NOO!!!! Just try it, best one I’ve ever eaten.

  11. Be super careful with this one because the brand of olive oil makes the difference between a great mayo and a horrible mayo.

  12. You can sub actual avocado for the egg. If you do that, don't use avocado oil or it will taste too much like the avocado. I sometimes use a light olive oil.

  13. Ran out of the junk mayo…made this instead (needed two small eggs). Used the hubs special spice blend (which now contains garam marsala…told ya, you created a monster with that stuff LOL). Turned out beautifully. Takes a little time, but believe me, its a keeper.

  14. Both of those look delicious! I’ve made mayo myself. Instead of black pepper, I prefer white pepper. It leaves no black bits in the blend. I’ve also made garlic or garlic-ginger mayos by adding garlic or garlic-ginger paste. (Garlic and ginger powder works too.) And… I prefer to use avocado oil… but I know that’s harder to get and very expensive, in India. (Here in the US, I can find a 24oz bottle for $16 at the grocery store and $10 at the discount store.)

  15. I guess I'll be using this to make egg or tuna salad. I really want to be able to make my own ingredients, so this is very helpful!

  16. Awesome, thanks for this, all the mayo in the store has unhealthy ingredients.

    So we don't need to worry about getting sick from the raw egg? How long does it last?

  17. About how long does the home made Mayo keep in the fridge? Thank you for all the keto goodness

    Also lmk when you get that eggless ommlette recipe together 😉

  18. Making some more Mayo today😁. I was doing some keto baking too, and
    I chuckled when I thought it how I could add some monk fruit to the mayo and make essentially keto miracle whip…eww gross! (I find that stuff so disgustingly sweet, but I wonder if people would actually like that??😀

  19. OMG how have I never seen this one?!?!? I LOL'd so hard at you "getting bombarded" by egg-less requests & THEN about them asking about egg-free omelets! bwa ha ha thanks for these recipes- it's pretty impossible to find a mayo in the store that meets all my criteria!

  20. Just now tried turned out to be very watery ..I used Amul fresh cream..wat to do to get it creamy (don't have avacado)..else it will be wasted:(

  21. wow, how simple was that? I have a food processor. I can make this. Thanks for showing me how to do this. I just love your videos.

  22. Aaaawesome, just made it rn! Can’t believe it came out great! I substituted the olive oil by avocado oil ( to avoid the strong olive oil taste) added little bit of garlic and liiiittle but of chopped parsley for a taste boot 😊 love it !

  23. Aioli is garlic and herb mayo so you had it right calling it mayo. I like my mayo with chipotle pepper, lime, and cilantro.
    And yeah, a stick blender, right in the jar is the way to go.
    Idk if it's true, but supposedly if you use just the yolks, the mayo will last longer. I freeze my extra whites or yolks when I have them, in ice cube trays and store them in a baggie for when I'm breading something or egg wash, etc.

  24. I'm going to use this with canned tuna. I'm new to Keto and a friend urged me not to buy mayo because of the bad fats — mostly soy in the brand I used to buy. I hadn't thought of putting mustard in the mayo. Now I want to try it with dill, celery seed, cayenne, lemon zest. I'm excited!

  25. I tried making mayonnaise sauce like u today, sadly mine turned out running like salad dressing?

    Could u tell me where could I possibly gone wrong? Cheers

  26. Sounds good! I ave seen it done with avacado oil, to prevent an olivey taste, but I don't mnd the olive so all good for me! 🙂

  27. Awesome recipe! I started keto a few weeks ago and was getting burnt out eating the same stuff this is really going to help me out. My first time making this and it turned out perfect. I don’t have a good processor but I do have an immersion blender and that worked great. Thank you! I’m going to make some egg salad.

  28. Thanks just started keto a month ago heres a gift for you Shepherdschapelcom explains whole bible God Bless

  29. Hi thanks for posting this, I’m new to Keto and your channel. Just made this using a stick blender and it turned out brilliant so creamy! Thanks again new subscriber

  30. The cream mayo is genius! Thanks so much for that idea, I made mine with sour cream and avocado oil and it's great! It tastes the most like store bought and it's white instead of yellow, which I don't mind the yellow, but my kids look at it funny ☺️

  31. my mayo keeps separating and hardening in the fridge. Is it suppose to do that?
    I got safflower mayo at the grocery store. No carbs or soybean oil and much cheaper than all the Keto advertised brands. It was only $7 for a 18 oz. jar verses the usual $8 for 10 oz.

  32. You can use the light olive oil which has less of a flavor. Thanks again for your wonderful videos, Sahil.

  33. I made it and i must tell u it was awesome… It's so tasty that we might tend to add a lot.. Kindly advise as to how many spoon's or gms we can consume maximum in a day..

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