– Caramelized onions are a
naturally sweet and savory way to take your favorite
recipes to the next level. Learn how easy it is to
caramelize onions by sauteing them in a skillet with only a
few simple ingredients. (upbeat music) Hey there! I’m London Brazil from EvolvingTable.com, where you’ll learn how
to make nourishing meals to serve the ones you love. And today, I’ll be
teaching you how to make the best caramelized onions. There’s something so addicting about perfectly caramelized onions. Oftentimes, I find that
I completely ignore the filet mignon or the piece of chicken that they’re sitting
on top of, and instead, I just focus on devouring up those onions. While, yes, there are a
few quick and easy ways that you can speed up the
caramelization process, but y’all, let me tell you
that if you take a little time, have a little patience,
you will get the best caramelized onions you have ever had. So if you’re ready to get to caramelizing, then come on in and let’s get started. Any type of onion can be used
to make caramelized onions, but the best type to use is a sweet onion. They have more naturally-occurring sugars than their red or white
cousins and will caramelize more easily because of this. If using a white, yellow, or red onion, you may need to add just a touch of sugar to get them to the level
of sweetness you desire. Now that we’ve got our onions, it’s time to start preparing them. The thinner you slice the
onions, the more quickly they will caramelize in the skillet. Typically, you’ll want
to slice the onions about one fourth inch thick
for the best results. You can either cut them
lengthwise for longer slices, or widthwise to make shorter slices. And if you’re not sure
how to cut an onion, you can learn how at the video up here. Before adding the onions to the skillet, make sure to separate
them from each-other. Doing this enables them
to have even contact with the skillet and heat, so
they cook at similar rates. And speaking of skillets, a
large stainless steel skillet is the best type to use when
you’re caramelizing onions. Stainless steel is a great
conductor of heat and will cook the onions more evenly than
a nonstick skillet will. Place a skillet over medium-low heat, about a four out of 10. Add two tablespoons of
olive or avocado oil, along with two pounds of sliced onions. Cook onions for 40 to 50 minutes, stirring onions every
three to five minutes. In the beginning, you can wait a little bit longer between stirs. Towards the end, you will want
to keep a pretty close eye on the onions so they do not burn. After about 30 minutes, the
onions will start to become a light yellow color. At this point, you can add
one tablespoon of butter or vegan buttery sticks
and a half a teaspoon of salt to taste. If you accidentally burn the
onions during the process, a quick fix is to add a
few tablespoons of water and scrape the bottom of the pan. You’ll know the onions are
done cooking when they reach a rich caramel color and have
a natural sweetness to them. Oh my goodness, these
look absolutely beautiful! Just look at that gorgeous caramel color. Oh, they are gonna have an incredible depth of flavor to add to your favorite seared chicken breast or filet mignon. Since these do take a little
bit of time to prepare, you can always store them
in an airtight container in the refrigerator for
up to four to five days. While, I know I have these
gorgeous chicken breasts sitting here that are
just covered in those caramelized onions, I think
I’m just going to go ahead and eat them straight
out of the pan today. Nice big bite there. (humming) Oh, the sweet and the
savory mixed together with that soft texture of the onions. These are absolutely worth the time and the little bit of patience to get them to naturally caramelize on their own. If you liked what you saw here today, make sure you check out these
other quick and easy ways to add a ton of flavor
to your favorite dishes. Thanks so much for hanging out! I’ll see you again soon. (whooshing)

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