Lo mein is another one of my all-time
favorite chinese meals.
It is so quick, easy and delicious! I’m
Tess and welcome to my kitchen.

I buy my Lo Mein noodles at my local
Asian grocery store.
I buy them frozen and thaw when I’m
ready. This is a pound of Lo Mein noodles.
They come in very long strands so I
tried to find the middle and cut them in
half so they’re more cooking and eating
Lo Mein noodles are an egg noodle so
they won’t take long to cook. Only about
four to five minutes then i’m going to
drain and rinse with cold water to stop
the cooking process.
You can add a little oil at this point
to keep the strands separated but, I find
just a little fluff every now and then
does the trick.
If you can’t find Lo Mein noodles you
can also use a pasta like spaghetti,
linguine or fettuccine.
This is another stir fry so you want to
have everything prepped and ready to go
before cooking. Tonight I’m using some
garden onions and I just love celery and
carrots in my Lo Mein.
I usually use sliced cabbage or napa
cabbage but
I only had bok choy. So, I am using both the bottom and the tops.
Basically, I use what I have on hand. I am
cutting the veggies into matchstick size
pieces so they cook fast and mix well
with the Lo Mein.
And now for the sauce! Of course we have to start with some soy sauce and this is
my little secret to a good Lo Mein.
I’ve made a lot of Lo Mein over the
years and i found using this mushroom
dark soy sauce will give the Lo Mein
that smoky hint of flavor. You can use
just a dark soy sauce but i find it does
not taste the same. Also going in with
some oyster sauce and some chicken broth.
You can also use water or vegetable
broth. Adding a little bit of white pepper and a
drizzle of sesame oil. Giving that a good
whisk and setting to the side.
You can find this recipe and the list of
ingredients in the description box below.
I think we’re finally ready for the fun
part and we’re going to be eating in 10
In my wok on medium-high i’m adding a
couple tablespoons of oil,
the whites of garden onions, minced
garlic and ginger. Giving that a good
stir for about 30 seconds and then we
will add more veggies.
Turning my heat up to high and in goes
my carrots, celery and the bottoms of my
bok choy. Going to stir constantly and
cook for about two minutes.
This goes quickly!
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Next are the bamboo shoots that I rinsed
really well and drained. Stirring and
cooking for another one to two minutes.
Here are the tops to the bok choy and
the green onions.
This is half of the pound of Lo Mein. I’m
dividing it into two.
It makes it easier to handle in the
wok. In goes half of the sauce I made
and I’m saving the other half for the
next round of Lo Mein.
I wish you could smell this! Giving this
a good toss to make sure everything is
well combined and it’s ready to serve!
I find that some put sugar in their Lo
Mein sauce to sweeten. We don’t like our
Lo Mein sweet but you can adjust to your
My second batch of Lo Mein I’m adding
one of my favorites and that is
bean sprouts.
I love the texture and the crunch they
give the Lo Mein.
This is a vegetable Lo Mein but you can
add any meat.
Make it your own! We just love Lo Mein
and it is a frequent meal at our home.
An inexpensive meal that is healthier
than takeout, easy to make and,
absolutely delicious!
A great way to use leftover vegetables!
It is a win-win meal every way.
I hope you give this Lo Mein recipe a
try. Tell me in the comments section
below how you like your Lo Mein. And
until next time, enjoy.
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in my kitchen.
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