Welcome to in the kitchen Ashlee Marie. I
hope you guys enjoy cheesecake! Cause that’s
what I have for you today.
all the tips and tricks that I have, so
that your cheesecake won’t crack
won’t over cook and will come out perfect, along with my very favorite recipe!
Alright let’s start with the crust!
you can pretty much use anything you want for a graham cracker crust
obviously graham crackers which is what we’re using
today, But I also like to use Nilla wafers
or flavored graham crackers. I really enjoy
gingersnap and adding those as well
and even some ground nuts. Now you want about
cup and a quarter crumbs, which happens
to be about the size
of a pack of graham crackers. Now
you can go ahead and use your food
and really chop these up fine but I
that rather than get something else dirty just using
a ziplock bag and rolling pin work great
Now we’re ready to add the sugar.
And again I just keep it in the bag. It keeps me from getting
another bowl dirty and it’s super easy
so now we want some melted butter
I’m just gonna pour it right in here. Now I like to use
freezer bags cause their a little bit sturdier
and they don’t really have a problem
with the hot melted butter
melting through them, or anything like that, close this up so I don’t make a mess
this is a great one to let your kids help with. I don’t know about you, but mine love helping me in the kitchen
Alright you wanna get that nice
crumbly and kneady.
Alright, grab a 10 inch springform pan. Now the reason that you want a springform pan
is because you can open it up and pop your
cake out without having to try to scrap
the sides
or basically ruining your cheesecake
trying to get it out. You wanna just pour our crust down in there
I like to get
every last piece I can out of the bag
I love crust
right now comes the messy part, make sure you’ve washed your hands
I kinda first go through and just to
make sure it’s even before I press too
not what we don’t want
is for this to be to loose because then
as you cut slices and take them out
the crust will just fall apart
alright our oven is preheated and we’re ready to put our crust in
our crust is done so we’re going to pull it out of the oven.
now we wanna bring a temperature down to 300
and because this oven runs a little hot I’m actually gonna bring it down a little bit
lower for me.
do whatever you need to do to get your
oven to 300
we want our oven really moist
so I’m gonna take a big pan of water and in
this case I’m using a big huge cake pan cause,
thats what I have. So have our temperature down to what will hopefully be 300 hundred derees
we have are our water on the bottom rack
and we have our crust cooling. Now it’s
time to make our cheesecake
this is a really easy cheesecake recipe, and it’s the best.
it’s just 4 ingredients
cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and eggs.
one of my biggest tips for not getting
cracks in your cheesecake
is to make sure everything is at room
now you can tell already
because this cream cheese was already softened
its nice and smooth. It took
barely any work at all. So we’re gonna go
in and add the sugar
now what we wanted it now is beat it. Add the vanilla
We want to beat until the sugar is
completely incorporated
there’s no chucks and it has this great velvety feel to it
now we’re ready to scrape down the sides and mix it again. Or
I love this new tool that this fits right
over that
and I it scrapse the sides down as you go.
so you can see just how smooth this is
it’s just perfection and it really smells good
already. Anyway, now our very last
is the eggs. I learned this tip, actually, from Martha Stewart and
I swear by it. You can beat the
cream cheese and sugar and the vanilla and
any of your other ingredients as much as you want. But once you add the eggs
barely mix it in. All those eggs being beat in are
actually one of the number one causes for
cracks in your cheesecake. So
you wanna be a little bit delicate with this. Since I just want to get all those nasty
strands of the
egg whites kind of broke up I’m
just making sure to go nice and slow and
so that I’m not whipping a lot of air into these eggs
alright it looks pretty smooth to me
still a little sting, but not too bad
Splash gaurd
Now we don’t take away all of the goodness that we just did by whipping those together
so slowly so we just wanna barely
incorporate this eggs into this mixture
as soon as it’s incorporated stop. Alright
so as you can see
this is nice and thick and creamy and
we’re just gonna
pour that right into our crust. Now one of the
things you wanna be aware of when your
pouring this into the crust
is our crust is still pretty delicate. So if you just plop it all in one spot and then smooth it around
you might break up your crust a little bit. So
as I glop it in…
glop it in… I’m not quite sure the best way to say that… Into the pan
I kinda make sure that I’m glopping it
evenly. Go ahead smooth it out. It doesn’t have to be perfect
we’re actually gonna end up covering this with a nice sour cream topping
as well. You just mostly want the top even.
It in the oven
we’re gonna leave it and we are not
gonna check it
for just over an hour. Probably an hour and a quarter
It can take a little bit longer but if you’re constantly opening up
the oven then you getting rid of that
really nice, moist, warm,
even temperatured environment. And we
don’t want to do that
so try not to open the oven until your
pretty sure
yours is ready. We just a few minutes left
I’m gonna get the sour cream topping ready to go. You have sour cream,
and vanilla.
the first time around go out it just
a little slowly so…. So your not getting
splashes everywhere. Then after that go for it.
Our timer when off so it’s
time to check our cheesecake. So what I just do is give a little giggle
and you see how that center is still jiggly?
It’s ready.
So we’re gonna pull it out and add the sour cream topping
and then put it back in the oven for 5 more minutes. Now
we don’t want to plop this in one big plop
and have it weight down that still jiggly section
of our cheesecake. So you wanna be careful
as you add this. Now it’s nice and warm
which is gonna help with the spreadability of this.
Now notice
I didn’t use the whole thing it’s kind
of up to you
but I do try to spread it pretty smooth.
and time to go back in the oven
alright, 5 more minutes
this is my last tip when it comes to
instead of pulling it out and sitting it on the
counter open it up a crack
and let it naturally cool on its own. So
our cheesecake is out of the oven, it’s cooled down to room temperature
it sat in the fridge for over a day and
look how beautiful it is.
I’m so happy with how it turned out. So now we’re going to
take off the sides to unmold it. So just VERY slowly
take that off. kinda pop away from the
cheesecake. Kinda let the pan do the work for you
if you really paranoid about you
can run a knife around it but I find
kinda six of one half a dozen of
another. Sometimes when I run a knife
around it I end up making a bigger mess than
if I just let the pan kinda pull some away on it’s own. So it’s totally up to you
I find the easiest way to do this
is to take
the bottom and very
carefully go up
set the ring aside
look how beautiful, it is gorgeous it’s not too dark
it has a little bit of golden color around
the edge, the sour cream topping looks
now this is the real test right? you
can tell it’s not
jiggling it all like it was when we first
pulled it out so it’s settled a lot

make sure when you cut it to go all the
way through the crust
I don’t know about your cheesecake pan but mine has a little bit of a lip around the sides
so once I get that cut to the center I’m just
gonna bring that point all the way to
the edge
right now to make the next cut I like
clean off my knife. and I just keep some paper towels or something
so that I can just keep cutting
without making a huge mess along the top
Now the worst part
any cake, cheesecake or not, is getting that first slice out. There we go…
alright! look how beautiful
let’s try some
before we share
It’s perfect that sour cream topping
gives it just a little bit of that
tangy tartness
but the cheesecake itself being so… just
simple with those 4 ingredients
is… Ahhhh, just to die for. It’s creamy it’s smooth
really cheesy, which is what I like.
alright, that recipe turned out perfect and I
hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I do
I hope you guys go ahead and make it.
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