How to Stay Keto When Depressed – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
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edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat we make
these videos to help people to
understand some of the information
that’s floating around the internet and
about keto and Patrick finds interesting
articles videos ideas and he brings them
here for us to discuss so what are we
talking about today this week had a
little surprise for you actually
that was an article that caught my
attention that was titled how to keep on
keto when feeling depressed so we talked
a little bit about depression and what
happened like like so Sophie like even
for you guys like I I think I’m in that
seat today I’m gonna like be in the
other ending position let’s let’s dive
into this depression
what’s the depression or it’s like we
can go like I know you can talk about
depression for two weeks but like
quickly like how do you like how how
would someone know basically you know
people throw the word around depressed
like it’s a game like you know I’m so
depressed students over here know if
you’re depressed you’re depressed for an
extended period of time now I don’t have
my DSM in front of me to tell me I like
you know I can’t remember exactly how
many weeks it is but like you’re in a
very negative state where you don’t feel
like you have hope or you don’t feel
like you know like you could feel
helpless you there’s a lot of negative
emotions happening where you maybe don’t
have the motivation to live your life to
do anything pause it and it’s lasting
for it– remember how many weeks it is
there’s actually a number of weeks that
they say but it’s long term I mean by
the time people are in my office they’ve
been feeling depressed for months by
that point before they decide to come
and see me so it’s clear to diagnose
that they’re depressed for a few weeks
the other thing is that if your
depression can be explained by something
else so you don’t get a diagnosis of
depression if someone passes away
that’s grief it’s different you don’t
get a diagnosis of depression if you
become ill unless it’s extended past the
point where it would be normal again
because if I let’s say it tomorrow I
learned that I have breast cancer you
think I’m gonna feel extreme sadness and
that could look like depression however
there’s a reason for it
right so unless I don’t come back from
it like once once I go through my
treatments and everything is solved if I
still don’t come back from that
then I could get a diagnosis of
depression so it’s not so straight cut
as there’s a feeling you’re depressed
right this is why I get so frustrated
when I see normal happy everyday people
talking about feeling depressed I’m so
depressed today because you know more on
more special finish yeah they can be
quite like they can be worth dying down
sad down frustrated annoyed like they
used I do i do get annoyed when I hear
people using the word depressed for
things that doesn’t mean depressed but
okay so but let’s make a link with with
nutrition with diet how can it affect
like a real depressed person like what
what would be like the effects on the
die okay so if I’m actually depressed
and so this is where some elements of
depression are very scary if I’m
actually depressed
I am very likely not to take care of
myself so because I don’t have the
motivation I don’t have the I’m not I
don’t have the interest in life I don’t
have any interest in me so like I I see
a lot of people when they’re depressed
that one of two things happens either
they waste away because they’re just not
feeding themselves because I’m not worth
the energy to get up and make something
okay not eating at all then just not
just like like whatever you know like
okay they kind of get into this whatever
and they stop eating so I see that good
scary um but then we see the other side
of the coin where they’re not feeding
themselves properly so I’m not gonna
invest in cooking myself a meal heaven
forbid but also that because I’m not
happy so because I’m depressed the only
small little amounts of pleasure I am
getting is from the food I’m eating and
what kind of food do we know that gives
us pleasure carbohydrates so I I
sometimes have people who first of all
their weight is rising sadly but their
their health is diminishing because what
they’re eating is things like Brad
they’re eating like crackers they’re eat
so it’s funny because it might not even
be food that looks like sugar it’s like
either eat you know bread crackers they
will be of course eating cookies and
chocolate bar but I’m just saying like
you know when it’s time for a meal
they’re eating bread and crackers and
like these small little snacky things
instead of making a meal okay right or
eating some kind of sandwich maybe if
they’re having a sandwich so maybe some
peanut butter on bread some jam on bread
some cheese on thanks well I heard that
kind of thing a lot Gianna beretta still
works but are you here that kind of
thing a lot and it’s bit so again when
you’re depressed you’re not in this
you’re not thinking about nutrition
you’re thinking about get this horrible
feeling out of my stomach so that I can
go back and lay down and pretend like
the Rose not happening and so okay so
let’s like spiggott speculate a little
bit a person that been on keto for a
good number of years would probably have
an easier time staying on keto with
snacking with nuts maybe or or that
person still you think because like the
carbs are out of it like it’s system for
I would be not like of the system for a
while like is that person still gonna
look out for car see you nor because
yeah I don’t know we’re on a go like
somebody that’s maybe in this first year
of keto like the carbs appeal is so like
really there so so probably what would
be better for that person is just like
okay try to eat something even though
it’s not keto and get back to keto when
you feel better versus that person
that’s been on keto for three four or
five years would you see it like a
difference there so what’s interesting
to me right now and so this is where my
brain one with that is that I think that
part of the reason so that not okay so
disclaimer this is violets ideas right
now I don’t have any book to back this
up but this is just me looking at some
information that I’ve recently learned I
think that part of the reason that
depression rates are so high is because
we eat so many car behind
so you’re saying someone’s in Quito I
feel like people who eat properly are
less likely to run away from solving a
problem right if I’ve actually allowed
myself to learn to eat properly which
took work and effort and commitment and
engagement in teaching myself that this
food as tasty as it might be is not
helping me so right if I’ve allowed
myself to go through that process I also
do believe that people who’ve done that
are much more likely to face a problem
head-on so so there’s the grief process
like someone passes what so but there’s
also like so something happens in my
life and of course I’m gonna initially
have that cortisol reaction but if my
insulin isn’t out of whack causing my
cortisol already to be too much in my
system then when I get that cortisol
reaction from something bad happening in
my life the cortisol stress the stress
hormone right I’m actually gonna react
to it because it’s not always high all
the time and I feel like that’s actually
gonna push me to act so you see the I
just felt there was a bit of an
incompatibility when you said well
someone who’s on keto who becomes too
depressive you know like I mean I’m not
saying it’s impossible of quick life
happens things happen you know but I
just wonder if I might be able to better
manage that situation where it doesn’t
become depressed so I might still be
extremely sad mm-hmm but does it become
depression if I my cortisol is not
already out of this is violence ideas
I’m saying this out loud I have nothing
to back this up I’m just looking at what
I’ve learned so far about cortisol and
insulin I’m looking at for the clients
who I have been talking to who have
changed their food how much better
they’re coping with life so I do feel
there’s a connection there I’m you know
I I know that there’s a book that I want
to read that I haven’t had a chance to
read yet since I learning about that
I came for something about the mind and
sugar but I can’t remember the name of
the article right now I might if I
remember it I’ll put up on the screen
but about the book sorry I’ll put up on
the screen but like again I feel I feel
like there’s a connection
I feel like depression there’s more
people who are depressed today because
our sugar is out of whack and and when
life gets hard we don’t manage well
because our cortisol is always on it’s
on it’s our high elevated it’s you know
what’s up so many people are anxious
today again it’s elevated it’s up and so
so that’s my answer
okay don’t dive in the article no what
they recommend as tips and tricks and
it’s time to put back some fun if you
were too serious a few minutes I’m
actually happy because like there’s some
things you said that like makes sense
from like the articles not all that so
things you should remember like the
order that I I feel like he’s a
psychologist saying this isn’t code like
I would rather you eat a box of macaroni
and cheese then nothing at all
that’s all harm reduction I just I
deserve but you need to eat so also it
depends it depends again right like I
would rather them eat my smart okay then
nothing at all like for weeks
yes for a day no okay
right again like it depends like if they
get hungry tomorrow would they eat so
like I said I have some clients that can
go days and that’s scary but it because
depends vo she remembers a guy or a girl
the worst harm is not eating at all so
so we don’t disagree with that like all
like the the worst harm is not eating at
all for the second worst is eating the
macaroni and cheese so you should yeah
we’re talking about four days yeah yeah
yeah I will agree with him I’m assuming
he’s talking about four de-seed them
okay okay so here’s where I’m pausing
everybody is eating tsukino person is he
Quito is someone who’s kid oh I don’t
think so here’s okay so this is why I
disagree if you’re actually depressed
and then you don’t eat for one day but
you eat tomorrow and
what you eat is macaroni and cheese okay
you didn’t eat anything today eat
tomorrow my cream cheese yeah I agree
with him like eat something but at the
same time what I will say is that if for
some reason I would become depressed
next month okay let’s say it happened
like I became depressed and I did not
eat chances are I wouldn’t be so worried
about that though like me violet now I’m
talking about it because as much as I
would be depressed about whatever the
topic is I also I’m not gonna lose my
intelligence I know that I don’t need to
eat for a few days so if I’m too sad to
make a meal it’s better for me to not
eat for four days and then eat something
proper than to eat tomorrow and eat
macaroni and cheese so it depends on
where you’re starting from if you’re
someone who was already doing low carb I
disagree with what he said if you were
doing standard American diet I agree
with what he said okay so I’m gonna put
it like that okay if the pression
suppresses your appetite the author says
to focus on what feels good or looks
good to you in the moment so I guess it
can’t be bad but actually make sure that
what looks good and feels good at the
moment is not like crap food I don’t
know if your if when you’re depressed
like you or maybe have someone somebody
help you to have some salads and meat
always available instead of cookies and
the chocolate and the chips and because
you don’t want to cook against we were
starting with the premise where you’re
too depressed taken to cook or your
appetite is suppressed so again what I’m
gonna say there is this if I’m at the
point where I’m starving
yeah I’m saying feed the person whatever
you can get into the person like if you
if you’re this person has eaten in like
a month
feed the person well wouldn’t be a month
well yeah it could be a month no depends
how much you weigh like I feed the
person whatever you can get into them
but that’s not usually what happens
right so like but I mean again I see
clients that are losing weight but
they’re not losing weight to the point
where there’s starvation right I’ve had
clients I’ve lost large chunks of weight
but not again but at some point they do
eat so but what I will say is
especially if you know you’re depressed
and you’re trying to solve so it’s a
because this article assumes you’re
trying to solve I’m reaching out to my
mother I’m reaching out to my sister or
brother I’m reaching out to somebody who
can cook me some meals and just say
listen I’m too depressed to cook please
make me some healthy meals because if
they’re all I have to do is heat them up
I might eat them you know what you might
eat a third of what they bring to you
because again don’t forget you don’t
have an appetite but if you’re conscious
enough to be doing what he’s saying that
you’re looking for something you’re
trying to push yourself if the food is
there you are more likely to heat it up
than if you have to make it for yourself
depressed people tend not to do anything
positive for themselves so really now
the minimum that you need to do in that
scenario is say yes when somebody
reaches out to you and says you want me
make you something it is saying yes
right I honestly believe that I’m in
that story a meal that would probably
you would eat in one day will probably
last you three days but at least it’s a
real meal it’s real food it’s what
you’re used to eating what and that’s
the other thing right your family’s
gonna make you what they know you will
actually eat so let’s review some tips
that the order that’s why where I got
confused because like did like I said
the article title is how to stay keto
and feeling depressed and all of those
tips and tricks that the author give are
all to me but keto so maybe we can just
like fix them just try to fix it okay
like what would the article shit I’m
sorry the person is saying how to stay
keto how do when you’re depressed but
all the tips and tricks like when you
that’s why you’re saying that’s why you
say you don’t persecute yeah yeah that’s
like kind of kind of weird so okay so
okay so like the paragraph goes out over
there are some things you can keep in it
get it in your kitchen at all times so
you’re prepared for the next time I’d
appreciate a depression episode hits
this is assuming that you got better you
got better and maybe the next time or
like yeah but what you have on hand so
the first thing is our protein bars okay
so that’s making the assumption that
protein bars are low and carb if you’re
so again if I’m keto and this article is
trying to help me to be prepared for the
next event
cuz it’s true this if someone becomes a
there’s a chance they could become
depressed again if they haven’t really
saw figured out correctly why they
became depressed in the first place so
finding solutions is really important
but the core so the question is how do i
what do I keep and I’m keeping protein
bars most protein bars are high in
carbohydrate so unless and I’m just
trying to think unless and even keto
friendly protein bars tend to be high in
carbohydrates right i mean i i i use the
word keto friendly with like you know a
little bit of hesitation there I do find
that they’re typically being they’re
typically high in carbs so I just try to
put this in perspective if I’m depressed
and I’m not feeding myself properly and
the only thing I have like so one of the
things I have in the house to how to
help myself
is a protein bar that’s even 7 grams 5
grams of carbs if well I’m trying to be
a keto friendly one I’m trying to give
the benefit I’m not talking about keto
friendly one this is where I find it
hard to believe like seriously like if I
have two of those or even like I’m still
just right the quality the quality of
fat and then if we can make a
recommendation we talked about last week
yeah the break would be better and
micros and now the thing is is that I do
agree like having some keto Brooks
around might be a better choice than
than a protein bar mm-hm
and again I think I was being really
generous of 5 it’s probably more like
set butt in it but the keto breaks are
very low in carb and there are actually
complete meal replacements right there’s
like a thousand calorie bars with how
many grams of carbs like two or you know
between two and four so you have to be
careful because some of them are
shelf-stable and some of them aren’t you
have to like if you’re if you’re buying
this as a just incase thing that you’re
gonna want it to be able to sit on the
shelf for a few months and maybe you’d
only eat ERISA replace it every few
months so but that does another thing
that if you felt yourself becoming
depressed but I don’t see how a protein
bar how many of these am I gonna eat in
the day the other thing is that protein
bars tend to be low in total calories
and I’m I’m only saying calories for the
understanding of energy if I’m trying to
use this to fuel myself for the
des it’s not gonna be enough they’re
gonna be alright okay so so then she
goes on with like yeah another thing we
want things like but but that’s where I
feel like it’s more like a low-carb
thing but the article really says keto
so that’s why I’m I’m bringing this up
so we want things like whole grains
fruits and vegetables but even
unsweetened dried fruits is fine so
these are not keto friends and foods I
don’t only need to keep in your kitchen
like so first of all let’s just let’s be
careful because I’m gonna go back to
what I said earlier if I’m depressed and
then I start ingesting high carb foods
so especially if I was Kido
because this article is like how to stay
Aikido so if I start ingesting high carb
foods I’m pushing my cortisol all over
the place now I’m pushing my insulin all
over the place now feel worse than I
should I believe I would feel worse it
doesn’t make any sense at all that’s
what’s gonna help me in the time that I
need to be stable mm-hmm why shouldn’t I
be making sure that I keep my my Sugar’s
stable so I’m a little I can I’m
confused so better choices salad I’m
good I want to keep this better choices
so the end today I want to hear what
else because I actually have a few
different choices in my head in terms of
foods that we should keep also
recommends whole-grain cereals that are
either unsweetened or sweetened with
very lightly or sweetened very likely
oatmeal with it’s table writing this
article does not understand keto at all
this is the reason that we do these
videos you guys because whoever is
writing this article started off with
the buzzword how to stay keto and then
is giving you complete garbage in terms
of staying keto everything that’s being
listed right now is stuff that’s gonna
be how much you’re gonna eat a teaspoon
that’s not gonna feel you for the day
these are not keitel friendly foods so
open you and I’m not trying to be the
key to police at all these foods of
their listing is not gonna help you to
stay in a ketogenic state while you’re
depressed it’s gonna spike your sugar
so oatmeal with no spoon or you know of
oatmeal with a tablespoon of peanut
butter like the butter maybe
oatmeal no or even or even popcorn with
peanut butter on it so popcorn peanut
butter I would throw away completely and
if the oatmeal and peanut butter what I
would say is leave off the oatmeal just
had peanut butter yeah just just have
peanut butter like you have some nuts
like I mean again we’re trying to get
something into this person and we want
it to be something that’s going to fuel
them if their fat adapted we’re looking
for the fat not the carbs popcorn is a
bunch of carbs oatmeal is a bunch of
carbs like the truth is you’re so I
can’t talk for everybody I know that
when I go over my carbs I actually
physically don’t feel well so you have
somebody who you’re saying is keto and
fat adapted they become depressed and
then you’re gonna give them sugar if
they’re anything like me now physically
they’re gonna feel bad and they’re in a
bad place in their might I feel like
you’re just double whining in them at
that point what is the point of this
better for them to have not eaten yeah
at that point is actually better for
them to have not eaten so I would
suggest like okay now I have other
suggestions here what else okay yeah so
yeah another registered dietician so
just keeping your pantry stock with
things like cans of tuna again or
oatmeal to support a balanced intake so
kind of cans of tuna I don’t mind the
tuna I think put some olive oil on it
yeah and oatmeal we already talked about
and lastly peanut butter or any type of
nut or seed butter is a great item also
to have enjoy yeah that’s good
enjoyed on whole grain crackers a slice
of old grain toast or with fruit she
said people this is not a friendly
article if you’re depressed
reintroducing carbohydrates is not going
to help your depression as a matter of
fact it’s gonna throw your insulin off
which is gonna throw your cortisol off
which is gonna make it harder for you to
be able to manage your emotions I don’t
believe that this is a good article what
I would suggest if you keep us so
depressed or not maybe you just want to
don’t want to cook like one evening we
like you don’t have your kids you’ve
tired or so depressed or not like
there’s better choices than what’s being
said in the article yeah of course that
article is absolutely not kid-friendly
like absolute
know what you need to do if you’re
depressed is focus on energy fat and
building blocks to your body protein so
if I’m depressed and I know that I’m
gonna eat just a very small amount of
anything because I’m depressed and I
have no appetite I’m going for pepperoni
sticks I’m going for cheese I’m going
for nuts and nut butters and I’m going
for a if Y card hard-boiled eggs yeah I
mean again we go to the fun foods
scrambling an a boiling an egg omelette
in your neck is much easier it’s gonna
take me a minute or two in the kitchen
if I’m actually hungry honestly if you
have children your kids can make it for
you like it’s that easy to cook an egg
so but if nobody’s there cooked for me
pepperoni sticks pepperoni like the low
pepperoni ziti throw in a pizza like
seriously I’m gonna be hardcore like
lazy just get something in me that I
know is gonna help me to move forward
you know like I do think that there is a
way to fuel yourself without introducing
carbs and throwing your all your
hormones off the other thing that I
would suggest because you need to drink
I would put fat in my coffee
all right um I’ll consider you’re
depressed you’re not moving around a lot
I wouldn’t put a lot of fat in the
coffee but maybe maybe a teaspoon per
coffee just because you’re probably
gonna drink more coffee because you’re
not eating but I still suggest pepperoni
pepperoni pepperoni some kind of meat
you know likes honestly throw a burger
patty in the in the in the oven throw
like like again coming from someone who
doesn’t like to cook I understand that
if you’re depressed the last thing you
want to do is take care of yourself this
is just reality we don’t want to do it
but allowing yourself to throw a burger
in the oven it’s easier you probably
could do that right a matter of fact I
probably would cook 12 of them one shot
so that I don’t have to do it again for
12 days all the pork rinds also maybe
could be a good option to dip to spread
stuff so that peanut butter on
crying’s yeah might be a good idea but
honestly you know what you’re trying to
do is you’re just trying to get yourself
to the point where you’re not dealing
with hunger so that you can solve the
problem that’s in front of you in
actuality the solution to all of this
have solved the problem whatever it is
is causing you to be depressed you need
to solve it is if it’s a divorce if it’s
the passing of someone then that’s not
really depression that’s grief but you
need to live that grief wrinkles through
the grief or if it’s a loss of job if
it’s a loss of friendship if it’s a lot
like whatever is happening in your life
that’s causing you to be depressed if
it’s maybe you just don’t know what you
want to do with your life and and you’re
trying to like reorganize but you need
to solve it the real answer is solve it
right so like that’s the real answer
not not self-soothing with carbee Foods
right that’s that’s what that article is
asking you to do is ask me to
self-soothe with carbee foods and when
you’re feeling good you weren’t doing
that to yourself so why on earth would
you do it to yourself when you’re
feeling poorly when you’re depressed it
doesn’t make any sense it’s not because
you’re depressed that you lose common
sense you still know what’s healthy to
eat and what’s not healthy to eat right
you’re just not interested so you can
make better choices at that point in
time and it’s gonna help you to do the
other things which is solve the problem
so this is a very serious article today
but I liked it I like I like when I have
to try to problem-solve things so you
know this is the kind of information
that when we find it it just kind of
roused me up it makes me frustrated
because what are they telling people you
know if you’re trying to do keto 9 10 20
grams of carbs in one sitting it’s not
good you’re just hurting yourself and
then oh my god I didn’t even think about
this you’re gonna eat what they’re
telling you to eat while you’re
depressed and what’s gonna happen your
weights gonna go up and then what’s
gonna happen to you can even more
depressed you do all this work to be at
a good weight and then your weights
rising because you good not to mention
that if you become depressed and you’re
depressed for long enough your doctors
gonna start trying to push medication on
you and if you’re unable to solve it and
you end up taking the medication guess
what the medication does causes your way
to rise so eating these foods when
you’re in the first beginning process
trying to solve for yourself is not
gonna help you right if your weights
already starting to rise and they start
taking that Medicaid there’s just too
much here anyway so uh I can I think I
these kind of articles they just they
frustrate me it’s been a while it’s been
a while I want to thank everyone for
something you know my oldest worries I
always love when you guys come by and
you leave good comments I want you guys
to actually the comment have you ever
been in the situation where you felt
like you were just too upsets might not
have been fully depressed but just too
upset to cook what did you do how did
you manage that situation tell us in the
comments what you did I want to thank my
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edition we love making these videos for
you guys and can’t wait to see you guys
next week invoke you next week

  1. I saw your frustration with the article. I had to laugh with you because the article was absurd. I've never been depressed before but I have been overwhelmingly stressed out. I gave up pork but as far as the peanut butter on pork rinds go, I can't see it. LOL! For this edition of Pat Chat, you both did a great job.

  2. Thank you for mentioning the connection between a high carb diet and depression! Dr. Berg has mentioned on his channel that there are studies linking high carb diets and hormonal imbalances that cause anxiety and depression.

  3. This discussion has made me think about my upcoming surgery. What do I eat in the hospital?even diet gelatin has maltodextrin in it. They will bring sugarfree but I don’t think they will serve keto. Also I can’t get butter or cream. I’m going to see what I can prepare ahead. Thanks for interesting questions and answers.

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