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Hi, and welcome. If it’s your first time here my name is Sadia. I’m a registered dietitian and nutritionist and you are on the Pick up limes channel. Today’s topic is going to be binge eating. And I know that this is a very emotional topic for a lot of people or maybe even an uncomfortable one. For some people it’s a daily challenge, while for others it might be because of a momentary lapse and emotional distress. In either case I’m going to share with you five ways that you can overcome binge eating. So let’s get started! The first tip is a very important one and that is to watch your words. They’re extremely powerful. How are you identifying yourself? Let me give you a few examples of what I’ve heard over the years. “As soon as I put the kids to sleep I’m so exhausted, and I find myself just craving some chocolate. What’s wrong with me? And I feel like I just don’t have any willpower.” “Anytime I’ve got an exam or a presentation or interview I go to town on a bag of chips.” “Anytime me and my partner get in a fight, I really just reach for the comfort food.” Did any of that sound familiar? Remember that by saying these things we are identifying with that statement. What we say is a direct expression of what we think. And what we think becomes our reality. Now, whether you know this or not, you’ve got an ego, and that’s okay. It’s very natural, we’ve all got it, and it really helps to protect us in many situations. The problem is that this ego, on a subconscious level, does not like to be proven wrong. So what that means is, say that you do have an exam coming up. And you’ve got some chips in your pantry. Even if you didn’t want the chips you’re going to have it because you’ve already identified yourself as saying: “I am somebody who goes to town on a bag of chips anytime I’ve got an exam.” So the solution for this is twofold. I’ve got two solutions. The first one being to start using past tense instead of present tense. So start to say: “I used to be somebody who’d go to town on a bag of chips whenever I had an exam.” Instead of: “I am somebody…” So you might have heard that expression “Fake it ’til you make it.”? Well, we didn’t come up with this expression for no reason. Now, you’re not going to see benefits right away by using this practice. You’re going to need to consistently start to use the past tense over a long period of time. But I guarantee that if you continue with this you will start to see benefits in the long term because you’re no longer identifying that as being something you do but rather something that you used to do. Now the second solution is to start to visualize what the ideal you would do in that particular situation. And the most important thing here is to remember that the ideal you is consistent in their behavior day after day. So we’re not talking extremes. If you’re going to say: “The ideal me is never going to eat chips ever again.” Is that realistic and is it something you can consistently keep up? If not, then maybe it might be more consistent to say: “The ideal me would have a handful of chips sometimes, but not all the time.” And now if you’re thinking are you ever going to be that person that says: “Sadia, I know myself. If I have just a handful of chips I can’t stop at just that. I finished the whole bag!” I would say refer to tip number one. Which is to say: “I used to be somebody who would finish the whole bag.” Now this one’s the hardest point. I know because I’ve definitely been there. But let’s be honest: no material intervention, whether you’re going to be buying clothes or eating food, neither of these things are going to be the solution to something that requires an emotional intervention. If you eat when you’re down, you’re going to find very quickly that there is no amount of food that can help to fill the void caused by an emotional state. Now, does this mean that you shouldn’t eat when you’re down? No, absolutely not. Please, eat. Especially because sometimes we’re sad for days or for weeks for whatever reason. All I’m saying is to avoid eating the “Trigger foods” when you’re down and instead try to opt for something a little bit more nourishing. My solutions for not eating when you’re down are twofold. The first one is a little bit obvious actually. It’s to try to do something that will help to alleviate your state. So whether it’s talking to somebody, watching a comedy, maybe laughing or if you’re still feeling like you want something that’s feeling nourishing, a little bit sweet and all of that warm. I opt for making a London fog sometimes. Which is just heated up soy milk (either in the microwave or on the stove) and I put in an Earl Grey tea bag. I sprinkle on some cinnamon, and I find that that really helps to be soothing and calming. Now, the second tip is not so obvious and that is to allow yourself to have these “Treat Foods” or “Trigger Foods” when you’re feeling great and happy not just when you’re down. The reason for that is you want to break that link, that association that you have. A lot of us have these certain foods that we eat only when we’re emotional or even as a reward. Say, we got a promotion or we did really well on an exam, we’ll opt to eat this particular food. I would recommend to eat it any time outside of that for no particular reason, when you’re feeling great to break that association. Now, this “Evil Twin” as I call it is that voice inside of you that’s telling you what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. Let’s explore what I mean. So one twin is the “Militant” or very strict twin. It’s the one that says: “You can’t have any cookies. You can’t have chips. You can’t have ice cream. You can’t have nuts. You can’t have anything that’s really high-calorie.” The second twin is the “All-or-nothing” or extreme twin. The one that says: “What? You ate two cookies?! You aren’t suppose to eat any! What’s wrong with you? Do you not have any will power?! You know what? Now that you had it, you may as well finish the entire box because tomorrow we are starting fresh!” Now, the third twin is a little bit more encouraging. You might think this one’s on your side. It’ll say something like: “Hey, you worked out today for 30 minutes. Good for you! You know what this means. I think you definitely deserve a second helping of dinner.” Again, for this one I’ve got two solutions. The first to be to listen. Actually listen to these voices, these dialogues going on in your head, and identify: “Is this me talking or is this something outside of me?” And I really want you to identify as this twin being something that is outside of you. It’s not truly you, yourself. Now, the second tip being if you have identified it not really being you it’s this other thing saying: “Hey, you should do this, you shouldn’t do this.” Then start to use the word “nourish”. And by doing that you push away this twin and you start to actually tune into your inner self and listen to what you really want. And what I mean by that is to actually ask yourself: “Will this particular food item nourish me whether it’s my mind, my body or my spirit?” So going to town on a bag of chips, for example. We know is not nourishing so maybe we won’t do it in that case. But equally depriving ourself of having some if we really want to, when we feel it would nourish our soul and our spirit is not healthy either. So use that word nourish and in tune into your inner voice. Or the word should. I think we use this word all the time. “You should do this. You shouldn’t do this. I should do this. I shouldn’t do this.” Don’t should on yourself. I mean think about any two-year-old kid. If you tell them to do something or not to do something what are they going to do? They’re going to rebel and we do the same thing. It is instinctive. Just remember that when you use the word should it’s very likely going to have the opposite effect to what you are intending. So what’s the solution? To say could instead. And by doing that we’re making it less of a demand and we’re giving ourself more options. By doing that you can also throw in the word nourish. So, for example, you might say instead of “I should not have any cookies.” That can become: “I could have a cookie.” “Which one feels like it would be more nourishing to me?” And by doing that mean will actually be able to assess “Do I actually want that cookie?” If you say you shouldn’t have the cookie, you’re likely going to rebel and have it and have way more and binge. Whereas if you said: “I could have the cookie.” You might actually find you don’t really want it. You can save it for another time. Or if the answer is: “I do want it.” then certainly have it and savour it knowing that you actually tuned into yourself and listened to what you really wanted. Now when I say talk to someone, I mean genuinely talk to somebody. We’ve all heard about that person that says: “I ate so much last night, and I felt so gross. I just overdid it.” That’s not what I mean. I mean to truly invest your time in sitting down and speaking with somebody. Somebody particularly that you trust and that you can trust to be your support person going forward. And when you talk to them of course talk to them about your emotions and your feelings but go beyond that. Talk to them too about what you feel the triggers are and what might have worked for you in the past. The act of just talking it through might help you gain a lot of insight and clarity and might help to offer you some solutions. Alright. So, those are my five ways to overcome binge eating today with eight solutions in total. I hope that you found this video helpful. If you did, please give me a thumbs up for support or actually be very interested too to know in the comment section just down below which one of these tips you may have not heard before which ones do you find helpful or even if you’ve got any useful tips of your own I would love to read them. And subscribe as well by the way if you haven’t already so that you don’t miss out on any future videos coming your way. Thanks for watching and I will see you in the comment section down below.

  1. I love using the word, 'nourish'. That really changes the whole feeling surrounding it. Also saying I can have this. These I've never heard before. I think they will help so much. Thank you.

  2. IF fucked up my stomach: fasting and then compulsively binging like there is no tomorrow. Had several gastritis after a while because my stomach first shrunk during the fasting and then abnormally expanded during the feast. Better eating a small meal every 3 hours than starving for 16 hours a day and then eating the whole fridge. Never again IF, it leads you to severe eating disorders if you like food too much.

  3. Hi I just want to say I binge I feel guilty I'm overweight as I st a lot which is so bad trying do hard but can't stop bringing

  4. Finally something different and useful. Although, I have a problem with No. 2 tip, its second part – to eat "trigger" foods when feeling happy and grate instead of when "down". It happened with me before. I used to eat chips when I felt grate and happy – Friday night, parties, vacations – thus, this food is now associated with something good and pleasant in my life, and when I want to revive this feeling I want to eat chips, eating them makes me happy for a while.

  5. Hey sadia (I have a huge problem of the extreme all or nothing twin) binged for 5 days continuously I don't know what to do🙁

  6. Hi, thank you for your advice! I really like the advice to use the past time, because it combines acknowledgment, acceptance, and growth

  7. I like the points about past-tense words, and visualizing the ideal self!

    I also really struggled with the "twins" in the past and really thought of myself as two people. Good-me would go to work full of plans to eat healthy and have a good day and really caring about my health, but then Bad-me would get tempted by all the sugary treats at my workplace and binge eat and in those moments I just didn't care about my health. It was "oh, I just need this treat to deal with my stress, just leave me alone and let me eat this".

    After the binge, later, Good-me would feel really frustrated by Bad-me's behavior. "I don't know what's wrong, I mean I feel like I'm doing everything right and trying to eat healthy all day, but in a span of 1-2 hours of binge eating, Bad-me comes along and ruins it all".

    I think it helped to just think that there's really just one "me", and that by excusing Bad-me's behavior and treating it as unavoidable, Good-me was really complicit in what was going on and allowing the loss of control. I was just letting it happen over and over and not really trying to stop it from happening. Maybe Good-me even wanted it to happen because deep down, I liked eating all the junk. Blaming all my problems on my evil twin, or my workplace for stocking sugary treats, was a way to absolve myself of responsibility for what I was doing to myself.

    To get out of this cycle, I try to do things at the start of every day to set up my day to be successful, like eating a healthy breakfast, watching a motivational video each day (like I just watched yours!), or preparing snacks to take to work. So basically, there are things I can do while I'm still my "good" self, to prevent my "bad" self from coming out later – it's NOT something I have no control over, even though it can feel like such a loss of control at the moment that it happens. I also came up with a way of thinking that, if I am about to put a piece of candy in my mouth, I am saying at that moment, "This donut is more important to me than living a healthy and happy life". When I think about it like that, it seems ridiculous, so that helps me remember what my priorities are.

  8. I've read a lot about binge eating but this video made more sense and makes it seem more achievable than anything else I've read. I love the tip about having 'treat' food for no reason at all in order to break the pattern. I allow myself 'treat' food after exercise but I'm going to try to change that and incorporate 'treats' into the rest of my life. Thank you x

  9. i literally just ate 2 large slices of chocolate covered sponge cake and one small pudding, i did 30min hiit,, and ate it all so i did 100 crunches but i know none of it will help, this video should really help me, hopefully i can overcome my binge eating and the self thought in my head telling me to purge it all out.

  10. Found your channel and subscribed a couple of months ago. I've changed my eating behaviors just like that. (Not fully vegan, but no land meat and almost no dairy, added oatmeal w/ nuts/seeds every morning, trying your delicious recipes, etc). I've lost ten pounds in two months, which I feel is real weight loss, not water. I'm still going through and watching your advice videos, like this one, which I found particularly helpful. The shame of out-of-control eating, which is such a public addiction (everyone can see how your clothes fit), can inhibit every part of your life. (I USED TO be a person who was seduced by the bakery department, NOW I can walk past the beautiful treats without being tempted to buy them and eat them.) I am confident that the changes I've made will stick — my new way of eating feels comfortable and satisfying. Thank you so much for the time and effort you take to share your knowledge and inspiration.

  11. I binge on healthy foods but still im binging

    BREAKFAST 2 rice cakes =70cals
    LUNCH roast dinner w/beef gravy =900cals
    DINNER prawns (hole packet) with pesto,an egg and steamed veggies =450cals

    SNACK after 3pm : My Binge
    rest of rice cakes (20 packet)=
    An apple =80cals
    Half a cucumber =50cals
    A banana =110cals

    Altogether I dunno but I rather of done

    Breakfast =400 calories
    Porridge with a banana and peanut butter

    Lunch (I have school lunches only)

    Dinner :I don't eat carbs at dinner and veggies with healthy proteins

    Snacks :NON

  12. I don't struggle in binge eating anymore but you made me laugh explaining the evil twins and your video was very calming THANK YOU

  13. Wow! To be told to visualise what the ideal you would DO in various circumstances, is such a breakthrough!
    I've been told to visualise what the ideal me would look like, but never what I would DO to get there!

    This changes my brain…

  14. I don’t listen to myself at all . When I tell myself no, I tell myself yes . So idk what to do , I’m gaining a lot of my weight loss back and I am fed up

  15. ok, so here is a problem that I have. if I am upset and lonely or whatever I want to eat and yea, often it's an unrestricted eat anything you want pity party. but the thing is, it works. I feel way better afterward, I feel happier, have more energy, or it makes it easier for me to get to sleep, etc. the only downside for me is weight gain. so, it's hard to break this habit because nothing makes me feel better or even ok like a big snack or treat type thing that is usually overeating or something way to high cal. how would you address that? even if I am well nourished and eating well this will happen. is this a matter of will power. because if I say, I don't want to do this because the WHY is I will gain weight later and that is not good for my knees. that doesn't work either. it's like nothing will stop me. I don't feel I have any control over it and if I give in to it and say ok well it's ok once in awhile, that doesn't work either because I don't have any control over when it will happen. gastric bypass maybe?

  16. i think the tip that might work best for me is to say i could have this cookie and think about it. i think i would still eat it and probably binge eat too but maybe not. i don't know. i'm actually getting really angry watching your tips on weight loss, not because they aren't good, because i know none of them will work for me. i pretty much tried everything. the only thing that helped me lose 50 pounds once (and I have since gained 30 back but kept the rest off) is that i wanted to lose weight so that this man i liked would have sex with me. he didn't but just the idea of that chance of him thinking i was sexy was enough to motivate me, with no encouragement from him even, to try to lose the weight. am i deeply crazy and deeply screwed up. yes. but even crazy people want to be thin (oops, i mean loved).

  17. THE way to stop binge eating is by making sure that you are consistently eating enough and to satisfaction. And by not restricting your food intake.

  18. Mine started from trauma. Now I’ve had bulimia for years and I’m still living in the same place the trauma happened and it feels like I’ll never recover. My eating disorder began at 12 and now I’m 20… I want to be free.

  19. Thank you Sadia for this video. I struggled with anorexia and as a result, ended up developing a binge eating disorder.I used to only eat at night, and I’ve adapted to that disordered eating so even though I’m eating throughout the day, I still feel the need to binge on rice cakes, peanut butter, almonds, chocolate, hummus, and crackers. Thank you for such a helpful video, and although it will take me a while, I know I will be and am someone who “used to” binge eat on rice cakes, peanut butter, crackers, hummus, chocolate, and almonds. You inspire me and thank you!

  20. First time seeing this video and encourage me more because I binge before watching 🙁 . Now I can see my reality but this video is really inspiring Thanks Sadia.

  21. Yesterday I was really hungry at night and wanted to eat cookies and brownies and ice cream and all that.
    Instead I made a hot chocolate and it 100% satisfied me and filled me up.
    It reminded me of the tea tip in this video:)

  22. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately due to trying to pass my real estate exam, sitting at a desk all day for work, taking care of my son. i’m horrible at binge eating, i do it all the time when i’m under duress 😔😔 but i’ve got a hold of my diet and i’m done eating unhealthy foods and binge eating ! i’m feeling confident, it’s all mental people, we are all capable of wonderful things. Love yourself ❤️

  23. You sound like a very nice person, and I love your voice – you should read for audiobooks or guided meditation or something! But I feel like this video was completely useless to me. I don't mean to be offensive, maybe your advices help some people. I hope they do. But I have a very different case. I don't have a particular trigger food, or anything you mentioned. And when I binge it feels like I can't even control it. And everything you said sounds just useless and ridiculous for me, because I know it's not going to help me. Sorry.

  24. Sadia, your Why Power suggestion, and indeed the postit note, really rang true. It got me thinking, I'd like to be my own role model. Is that bizarre?

  25. You know when you said talk to someone, in my head, I started to search for people who I can talk with. Then I suddenly realized, I had tried talking with my dad and he told me, " That depends on you. Where is your will power? You should have self-control." And I genuinely believe that this is my problem and only I can help myself get through this. I'm the one to blame so I am not supposed to talk this out with anyone.
    So, am I still allowed to talk with someone about my problem?

  26. I just want those chips you showed at the beginning of the video. I mean, I used to want those chips you showed. I used, I used I used, those chips.

  27. Summary

    a) good does not makes you happy when you are down

    1. alleviate your state
    2. enjoy treat food when we feel great

    b) Twins/Voice inside your head
    stric twin
    all or nothing twin
    encourage twin

    1. listen
    2. nourish will this food nourish me?

    c) should
    will happen the opposit

    1. „used to …“
    2. visualize the ideal you
    > consistent

  28. While listening to your first tip
    I thought one tip for myself
    And that is when i feel stressed and start going for something not so nourishing i will give myself more of nourishing food which will ultimately soothe me and reduce the stress

  29. I try not to buy jar of Nutella as l scoop it out then l have to even it out isn’t it funny you feel bad after eating 1/2 jar of it but it’s ok to go out and pay for a glass of Nutella at a restaurant and we don’t feel bad why !!!!!! Lol 🇦🇺

  30. Honestly, this is the best tips video for binges I've ever seen here on youtube. Thank you so much. Your tips are thoughtful, and I'm sure they will help me reconsider my disorder and the way I see myself in a good way. I'm gonna write these tips down and try to apply them right now.

  31. What changed my life: RESPECT YOUR CRAVINGS, BUT NOT SURRENDER TO THEM. My diet consists from 90% of what I know is healthy and nourishing for me, and for 10% from whatever unhealthy, comforting food that I enjoy. Any day, every day. When I know I can enjoy my favourite food any time I want, I don't crave absurd amounts of it anymore. When I know I have nourished my body properly, I don't feel bad about having a treat. I am respectful and "nice to my cravings", and that's why we live in harmony ;-).

  32. binge eating is currently a struggle I'm dealing with. I've committed to confroting it for all of december. Thank you for the tips!

  33. Hi. I love you very much.
    Your videos are beautiful.But unfortunately Turkish subtitles .
    So I don't understand much.
    Would you please add Turkish subtitles?
      Good day I love you♥️💁🏼‍♀️

  34. These are great tips! I use the past tense tip as a parent – I'll tell my child, "remember when you used to throw a tantrum over something like this? It's so nice that you are able to handle it now."…even if "used to" was a month ago. It really empowers them! Why didn't I think of using it on myself? 🙂

  35. Hey, I have a tip which I’m not sure will help anyone out there, or, girls, to be specific.


    My cupboards are always FULL TO THE MAX with snacks.

    We have Reese’s, Sunbites, Pringles, Peanut butter bars, Nutella, Nutella biscuits (called Nutella-be-ready), snickers and mars, Twix, bounty and Milky Way, a BIG box of Oreos and Nesquik Oreos, Lotus biscuit, and like 30 different types of Lindt dark chocolate, all kinds of carton boxed- juices and MANY more.

    But here’s the thing. 😉

    I only eat those when I’m on my period

    Yup! Whenever I’m not, I don’t touch that cupboard and often forget it.
    Who am I kidding, I always forget it!
    I get sad a LOT,..
    trust me 😔 please.
    But you just gotta tell yourself,
    “ I’ll wait till I get my period, then eat *insert amount* of food.”

    And it’s really worth it!

    Why?? Why do I do this?
    Because, first, I know myself just like you know you, and when I’m on MY period, I get cravings sometimes, so I eat, for example, one dark chocolate stick. (I buy the 20 cm sticks)

    And second, your body technically ASKS for chocolate or some sweets when you’re on your period. I don’t know the biology complicated information about it, but I do know that your body needs magnesium, which dark chocolate has.

    Of course, don’t always get the excuse that you’re on your period so you eat a HEAP of chocolate 😂
    I said your body needs a little, not a MOUNTAIN of sweets. 😄
    (Be careful, stay moderate.)

    And with that, instead of constantly snacking, you’re only eating snacks about 1 week a month!

    For example, to school, I eat a small bread called “Pain au lait” with my traditional country’s “labneh” with a tsp of oil and some olives, all inside the bread.
    That is for my FIRST recess.
    For my SECOND recess, I eat 1 black date for a snack. I love dates. 😋

    Also, a helpful tip is to write down your feelings or keep a journal to express them.
    I’ve never had someone to talk to about my problems, so this really made me clear my mind sometimes… 💞

    I’m pretty sure you didn’t read the whole thing.
    (I wouldn’t have; lol I’m too lazy)
    But at least give a reply saying that you will… at least take my advice into consideration? Think about it❤️ it won’t be a waste of time.
    It would be trying to improve your body, so TAKE your time!!

  36. i was always a little fat but not too much maybe 20 pounds more than I should and I could not get why I cant lose my weight and why i cant control myself and then i saw somwhere video where the girl spoke somethig about it and i find myself in it im searching all over the internet to find something that could help me i hope this will help because it sound so calming and realistic for me if I ever get over binge eating I'm gonna thank you for life and now Im thankful for making this video❤

  37. I've been dealing with restrictive eating for approximately 8 years, and although I don't currently struggle with binge eating, I'm afraid that because of my recent relapse in calorie restriction, I'm going to develop it. I've been slowly re-integrating healthy foods into my diet (oatmeal, smoothie bowls, wraps, etc.) and recently I've allowed myself to have dessert after dinner. However, I know that I'm still ignoring a lot of my hunger queues out of habit, and I'm afraid that if I let myself snack more often, I won't be able to stop.

  38. Off topic but what are your secrets for speaking in such a beautiful way? Your oratory is amazing. I kind of have a good oratory too but I speak a bit faster than I should, then I get choked. Even when I try to control my speaking rate, it seems like my voice betrays me every time. It's so embarrassing

  39. Whenever I feel to have something which is not healthy I pause and take a moment to think whether this is going to make me happy after I eat it. If the answer is no I don't eat it.

    This quick thought before going to grab something which is not nourishing have helped me so much to overcome binge eating.

    I also carry peanuts, nut bars, banana or boiled sprouts with me when I go out so that I don't buy or crave for something that is not healthy for my body. 🙂

  40. I thought that I used to trick was bs at first because I have really bad temptation for binging. I don't get urges often but when I do, I cannot control it. But I gave it a try once and IT WORKED! My father bought a box of chocolates and even being a sweet tooth, I am not saying I am not tempted by it but the urges is not that strong and I am able to resist it. So, I came back to Thank you for this advice

  41. It's not easy to disassociate ourselves from the habitual identity we've created for ourselves but these tips you provided can greatly help in creating a new and healthy relationship with ourselves and food. Thanks so much Sadia for the amazing work you do to provide such great nourishing information for the mind, body and soul

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