I Ate Only Kylie Jenner’s Recipes For 48 Hours

Oh My god. Oh my god that’s so good
Hello everyone, good morning
It’s Candace. What’s up?
You probably already knew that I’m going to try and experiment where I eat only Kylie Jenner
Jayners… I eat only Kylie Jenner’s recipes for 48 hours
now the reason why I say 48 hours is because
She’s only made enough recipes for 48 hours
From the recipes. I’ve read they’re very simple and
They are not at all what I expected
Kylie Jenner is always sharing her recipes on snapchat on her app which
Like I don’t really want to have to pay for
On her half and people go crazy. They freaked out by seeing it
I’m like this bitch is just adding butter and garlic salt to her ramen and people’s faces are melting off so
You know maybe it’s worth the hype. Maybe it’s not but
everyone loves to see what kind of food sheets so I guess I’m jumping on that train I
Am going to try these see how they taste
You know just experiment with it, and then also look at the nutrition because some of the recipes like
Doing an overview a lot of the recipes are just
Kind of carbs and meat which on one hand. I’m like you know go Kylie for acting like a
you know
College student and just eating whatever shit you can find, but on the other hand. I’m like wait like how?
How do you not have hypertension like why are you still so like fit and then I mean she’s rich so when you’re rich you
Basically look however you want
Let’s get into it
Let’s eat like Kylie for 48 hours. We’re gonna start the day off with
Kylie’s go-to breakfast, which is jennie-o sausage rice and eggs and
On the recipe on our page. It doesn’t say how much of each
literally it just says eggs of rice and sausage so
There’s not much to this it’s pretty white because there’s not any seasoning
She said you can click on exalt if you’re feeling
We’ve got a hundred percent of my daily amount of cholesterol
50 percent of my daily sodium
And some carbs. I just got in the car
To go to work, and it’s it’s sitting in me like a rock right now
Kylie, baby
It was good though, I can’t complain for having that breakfast like come on, so I’m making Kylie Jenner’s ramen
I’ve got the ramen the egg the butter and the garlic so
Hopefully this is enough butter
Excuse me, what did you just say okay now the garlic salt up wouldn’t when should I stop here we go ready
There oh
I’m gonna have hypertension. Honestly. Okay, I added my egg
I’m not mad you have to love something. That’s just covered and swimming in butter so I
just got back from the grocer’s and
We are making
her shrimp tacos however she includes cilantro and
Tomatoes in her dish and I’m like hell to the end oh I hate both of those things
We’re gonna get through this the recipe what is this on my chin the recipe for this is relatively?
Simple it is
Frying up your own
shrimp Old Bay seasoning
onion powder
onions on three Funyun
some sour cream and
Some homemade guac. That’s about it. It’s organic
Compared to the ramen. I just ate I’ve never fried my own tortillas before
Pray for me all right. I’m not gonna lie this looks pretty damn good right now um
Okay, I am chef Paula candy right now
I’m gonna fill up my talks. Here’s the finished finished taco right here. We’ve got our
Cheese our sour cream our little veggies in here and our shrimp and these stayed
Folded and crispy I am a ready to try these
I’m actually very excited
Oh my god, okay Kylie you might have won on this one, holy
Shite this is good
Yes, yes continue what you’re doing
Yes, oh
Happy dance. My tummy is full and happy. I love them uh-huh Oh Kylie
I don’t know. We don’t look like but I’ll be your friend now. I
Kylie Jenner eats these every night. She says she eats shrimp tacos every day
I might be concerned about her cholesterol level, but like
Might be worth it hey
Hey everyone good morning
We are having
I’m here with Brittany aka brought and we’re gonna be making Kylie Jenner’s Saturday morning breakfast feast
Which really?
frosted flakes to make the
Crusted french toast. We’ve got the skillet sausage
healthy skillet play
some turkey bacon and some eggs, so we’re working on the bacon and all the potato mix but
Brittany he failed to tell me that her roommate took her pans with her when she left
So currently you get one band in a pie sorry. I’m not adult enough to own and actually
I burnt it a little bit, but we’ve got her french toast
coated in frosted flakes our eggs
well-seasoned our
two pieces of bacon and our
potato mix
There’s just like um a
Hangover his champion breakfast. You know still I will say there’s so much sodium. I just got out of the shower
I will admit that that breakfast was a little much and has been tiding me over for a while
So I’m gonna make smoothie. I wish that I could say it’s some crazy-ass like
Bullet does have killed some crazy
Maca powder something like that, but it’s literally a just
Strawberries pineapple
Blueberry orange juice and kale and spinach it smells like Jamba Juice
You know that Jamba Juice
you smelled Jamba Juice has when you walk in that’s what smells like it became really thick because
there wasn’t a lot of liquid in it but
Tastes like Jamba Juice. Hopefully this little kind of detox me from that prick
What’s up? How’s it going? Hey, so I am going to make Kylie Jenner’s famous
Teriyaki sliders they it is ground beef garlic
hamburger buns white cheddar butter teriyaki sauce
Season and pepper I usually shop at a Korean market near me they didn’t have white cheddar
So I got Swiss and then these buns are bomb. I have no self-control cuz they already ate one on the way home
I’ve got my beef got my teriyaki sauce got my ketchup because I am making a meal for one hashtag lonely
And I’m going to put this into little balls and then save this for later
Right now I have my buns on
Some, but right now. All right. We’ve got two beautiful balls right there. Oh
Hell yeah, they laid some cheese on here like they do in the Food Network, so they’re almost done all right
I got my mustard my
Ketchup on there my cheese looks so good and melty ooh that bun that crunch that crisp
Yes, these are great it could benefit from a crisp of lettuce
I think bacon would be a good addition again super easy to make are they’re super good for you
not really, but
We’re enjoying it. I feel like I’m having just two good old cheat days right now, and I’m loving it but up
Hello everyone it is
Day three I’ve woken up from my Kylie experience the general experience
Well, no that sounds like Kaitlyn
Okay, but whatever these recipes were unique I enjoyed
a lot of them I did and
I will as much as I like shat on the fact that it
was they were very simple and they were a fatty I
actually applaud Kylie for
Making these recipes that are just like everyone else. She never really got to have like
Those I’m in my 20s. I’m gross. I just want pizza face, which I feel like with this food
She’s able to go through that I will say
my favorite is a toss-up between the shrimp tacos and
The sliders those things were so good. I just wish I had like vegetables to go with
These recipes are fun, and I’m sure that you know a couple of them are in moderation
But it sounds like she eats a lot of these every day is Kylie workout
or did she just have a metabolism up like a teen still here’s my ranking system here, so we’ve got the
Ramen at
Least favorite it was just kind of like mmm. I wasn’t very full after it. I just felt really puffy
Then the smoothie
then the day one breakfast then the day to
breakfast then the sliders
Then the all-time winner is the shrimp tacos make up make them
This is not sponsored by Kylie Jenner. She does not need my money
I mean I let me know if you want me to try anyone else’s recipes I quit peltro anything like that
It’s just always fun to cook and do things like this, but let me know if you like this video
Please give it a big thumbs up
I’ll see you next time and thank you so much for watching and
Stay cool out there

  1. Its garlic powder, not garlic salt. They are different things. Garlic powder is dried, ground up garlic. Garlic salt is garlic powder with salt.

  2. I use garlic powder (not garlic salt because it's too salty) and add a raw egg to the ramen ass it cooks instead of a boiled egg at the end and butter lol. comes out soo good

  3. Girl, no, you crack a raw egg in the ramen and stir it in but dont break the yolk and soft boil it in the broth ๐Ÿ˜

  4. All you dumbasses… like how stupid can you be to sit here and say "Oh so and so has been doing that for years" or "She stole that from so and so" like STFU, there is no way that there is this many stupid people in the world that bitch about what foods someone EATS and things that are HER FAVORITE…. They're not 'HERS' Stop bitching you dumbasses jesus man.

  5. And just to avoid getting pop with the hot grease when you deep fry your tortilla shells you can use those tortilla bowls that's what I use and it tastes the same

  6. I remember the day she posted the French toats on her sc and I decided to try them… Lets just say my family and I only cook French Toast the kylie way now

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  8. Girl. You are misinformed. Very little of the cholesterol you eat ends up in your blood. Cholesterol in food is not something you have to worry about.

  9. First impression of you…. I like you๐Ÿคฃ youโ€™re funny &&. Humble *New*Sub*๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคช

  10. You pointed at the orange juice and said ketchup when the only other condiment you had left wasnโ€™t even ketchup it was mustard?

  11. These celebrities donโ€™t have cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc because they secretly eat very healthy. But they share these kind og recipes just to act like they eat normal like all people. Lol..

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  13. I love how ppl are constantly roasting her but hey all benefiting from her right? The amount of jealousy is horrendous. Hating someone for being popular and rich is so petty.

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  16. I don't think this is what she actually eats this is just what she wishes she could eat and we all know that she doesn't work out lol I do agree the shrimp tacos look bomb she should just come out with a cookbook that says things I wish I could eat

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  19. You were meant to crack and mix the egg into the rice and cook and with the ramen your also meant to crack the egg in

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