IN DEFENSE OF FOOD | Michael Pollan’s Seven Words | PBS

[ Indistinct conversations ]
-What you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna go down the center.
-So, whenever I give a talk,
I explain the choice
we’re facing.
We are at a fork in the road
when it comes to food.
We have two options —
one, surrender
to the Western diet,
stay on processed food,
and junk food, and fast food,
and wait for evolution
to adapt us to it.
[ Laughter ]
It will happen eventually.
It should happen eventually,
but there will be
so much suffering.
There will be so much expense
before that happens
that I would argue
it’s really not sustainable.
Well, there’s another option.
We can take the more practical,
the more economical,
and the more beautiful path,
which is simply to change
the way we’re eating.
And everything I’ve learned
about healthy eating
can be summed up
in just seven words.
Eat food, not too much,
mostly plants.
And those seven words
tell you all you need to know
about how to eat
in a healthy way.
When I say, “eat food,”
I’m basically saying
eat the kinds of things
that people have been eating
for a long time —
and fruits…
Eat food, which is to say,
“Eat real food.”
And that other stuff,
we shouldn’t even dignify
with that beautiful word —
And so I call it something else.
I call it
edible food-like substances.
And that’s all
that processed stuff
in the middle
of the supermarket.
The Western diet
is in the center aisles.
Go to the produce section.
The healthiest food in the store
is in the produce section,
and there are no health claims.
You go to the middle
of the store
where the food is just screaming
about its whole grain goodness,
and there’s cereals
that are gonna, like,
save you from heart attacks.
They don’t talk that way over
in the apples and the broccoli.
Why is that?
Well, they don’t have packages,
They don’t have big budgets.
The quieter the food,
likely the healthier the food.
-You don’t have to be
a scientist to know how to eat.
To me, that’s one
of the interesting things
about nutrition — is everybody
can eat a healthy diet,
and they can put together
their own healthy diet
without knowing thing one
about the biology of nutrients.
Just go around the outside
of the supermarket
and pick up fruits,
vegetables, meat,
and stay out
of the processed foods
because they’re fun to eat
once in a while,
but they shouldn’t be
daily fare.

  1. its simple, the more food is processed the more it fine for rats en other vermin, during the process it turns grey then they ad food colouring en stabilisers  to it.

  2. you know what though? It's NOT that simple. I am having a HELL of a time avoiding genetically modified food. It should be Eat ORGANIC food. Mostly plants.

  3. Meat isn't food 🙄🙄 its flesh and most of the healthiest people dont eat meat. Vegan is the only way. I havent been sick not even a cold for the passed 3 years since becoming a plant based vegan. It will save hundreds if animals cure naturally health problems and help to save the planet. Meat , eggs and dairy are not food. See Dr Sebi.

  4. This is still a Western diet. I come from East Africa where our diet is mainly vegetarian and there is almost no cancer, diabetes, heart disease, which are food related. And what about the oldest village in China. Where the diet is plant based with a tiny bit of fish. Meat and animal products will increase your chances of disease, if you dont already have something waiting to develop and will be fed by animal products. Meat and animal products are the best modern and affluent lie. 🤷🏾‍♀️ sorry its true.

  5. I bet if people were privy to the processing of meat and dairy products they wouldnt consider it to be a healthy wholefood

  6. None of these nutrition videos ever cover calorie intake and size/weight of people.

    This is very important. Cuz for someone my height and weight to maintain, I need 3,000 calories a day. Doing this without processed food and meat is very difficult.

  7. “The quieter the food the healthier the food.” So no animals. They scream when they get killed… in slaughter houses.

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