1. Idiot "It will eliminate toxins."
    Me "Which toxins?"
    Idiot "Bad toxins."
    Me "But specifically which toxins?"
    Idiot "Uhhh… You know chemicals in your body."
    Me "Isn't everything a chemical?"
    Idiot "…"
    Me "Yeah that's what I thought, bye."

  2. The only Juice I drink is the kind my GF delivers during coitus. I make sure to quench her thirst with my own "Juice".

  3. What is relation organic and nutrient ?

    Organic product mean, it is using less chemical in the process of growing. It is more for prevention from getting chronic illness like cancer.

  4. Why do we have weight loss videos from inside edition every January! If you want to lose weight don’t weight for the new year just do it. Excuses.

  5. Yesss! The worst is when celebs/bloggers say "This will detox" your body or they only eat organic food to stay healthy haha right

  6. Cows milk also is a saturated fat. You can get more than enough protein and calcium without drinking cows milk

  7. She’s right about the juices and what not. Just drink your water and that should be enough to cleanse your body of toxins. I’m not perfect and sometimes I will get a sugary drink fix but i no longer purchase any juices or sugary drinks on my regular grocery trips. My kids don’t even prefer them and would rather drink water.

  8. Don’t eat anything just drink Water

    And go for a run every single little day until You become a muscular skeleton .

  9. A food that is organic just means that it hasnt been treated with chemicals and pesticides, where as food that is not organic, almost certainly has

  10. You have a liver and kidneys, you don't need those stupid cleanses, all you need is proper diet and exercise… I got a gastric sleeve because I could, so I cheated, but even now I have to keep a healthy diet and exercise regularly to maintain the weight loss.

  11. So if you want really I formation and I know my mom went to school for 2 extra years learned about keto and the is the best diet you may be feeling sick the is because of the electorlights please take my edvice

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