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it’s one of those things that if you are
looking to lose weight or just get more
back in tune with your body and your
mind you need to start looking at the
foods you’re eating. Hello the beautiful
people welcome back to another wonderful
episode of Clareminded – my name is Clare
and in this episode today we are talking
about the kapha weight-loss diet
so we’re I’m going to give you an ayurvedic
food list specifically for the
kapha dosha so I’m going to kind of go
over briefly what the kapha dosha is and
then I’ll give you examples of the
preferred tastes for the kapha dosha and
then I’ll give you specific foods that
are balancing for the kapha dosha because
the kapha dosha is made up of earth and
water so it carries a lot of heavy dense
kind of like stable static qualities so
when you think of someone who is a
kapha dosha these people tend to have
they’re very sweet they’re calm they’re
more grounded they usually have a slow
time making decisions but stick to it
very strictly they can be stubborn deal
with some lethargy some weight gain and
they tend to just kind be softer rounded
shaped people the kapha dosha tends to
deal with slower digestion and their
body shape tends to be a little stockier
thicker bones stronger features thicker
hair eyes nose bridge just like wider
features all around and so for the
kapha dosha these people because they
have so much earth and water already
naturally in them that’s just who they
are that’s the way they’re made up they
want to bring in some balancing elements
so this comes out in what they eat
specifically is a great place to start
so because they are earth and water they
want to bring in air ether and fire they
have slow digestion so they need to
speed that up with some like extra fire
to like get it going so of the
ayurvedic six tastes the kapha dosha prefers the
bitter astringent and pungent
taste and the bitter taste has a lot of
air in either – it’s a very light
quality it would and it’s also a little
bit cooling as well so you want to bring
in this bitter taste so a lot of like
leafy greens are really good for the
kapha dosha then you want the astringent
taste with it which is air and earth so
a more air in the body this is gonna
kind of help move everything so your
digestion isn’t uh slow or sluggish
so there’s stringent are things like
legumes and these kind of give the whole
body and digestion a little quote more
Airy quality so it kind of helps lift
you up creates more air in the body and
then you have the pungent taste as a
preferred kapha dosha balancing taste
and the pungent taste is fire and air so
this is a lot of like spicy stuff this
is like black pepper ginger Curry’s
really good things for the kapha dosha
because it’s igniting that extra fire
it’s gonna get things moving a little
bit quicker aiding in a quicker
suggestion which we want for the
kapha dosha especially if you’re looking
for some weight loss right now as we’re
in kapha season it’s springtime so
kapha season is the end of winter –
about end of spring you know early
spring so we’re dealing with a lot of
just like we’re coming out of
hibernation we’re moving from cold to
warm so everything is melting so we’re
dealing with a lot more congestion
there’s mucus buildup there’s like some
coughs going on cold sometimes fever so
these are all symptoms of just like
naturally kapha seasons as we go from
cold to warm so during this time you can
also bring in balancing elements by
focusing on the bitter the astringent
and pungent taste so the springtime is a
really good time to focus on those
tastes if you’re dealing with a little
bit of mucus or coughs or anything
getting back up a little bit those taste
will help lighten your body and kind of
cleanse it out so kapha dosha you want a
cleansing act of all the foods that you
eat if you’re dealing with any of those
kind of imbalances some taste that you
don’t want to focus on are things like
the sweet the sour and the salty taste
those are too earthy too heavy for the
kapha dosha especially
the springtime as you’re trying to
spring clean you know you want to
cleanse your body you want to purify it
so the sweet it’s too heavy it’s dense
it carries a lot of water in it any of
the salty which again it holds a lot of
water and it builds up that water
retention that kapha dosha already has
just naturally in their body makeup so
by adding more salty taste it’s only
going to expand that water retention and
the salt is a little bit too
strong for the kapha dosha so it’s gonna
offset the balance there so really you
want to focus on taste to have the
bitter astringent and pungent taste
however overall you do want to
incorporate all six tastes but you want
to focus on those three because that
will help bring you back into balance
now always go off how you feel because
you do need a little bit of everything
for complete balance but if you were
dealing with like you can’t get off the
couch you’re dealing with a cold you
have congestion your nose is super
stuffy have some tea some warming spices
to kind of help clear the channels do
some neti pot in your nose to kind of
help clear the channels and get your
body back to feeling healthy so do a
little exercise maybe some vinyasa yoga
or try a new dance class whatever is
going around town get yourself out call
a friend to kind of help get you back
into the community winter is a really
good time where we just kind of
hibernate out so spring is the perfect
time to really start to build up those
relationships that have been you know a
little push to the side because it’s so
cool to go anywhere you want to start
every activating those calling your
friends going out and doing new things
this will help bring that kapha dosha
back into balance from all those heavy
earthy qualities so you want to move
your body you want to ignite it with a
pungent the astringent and bitter taste
now specific foods that I can give you
to eat and focus on if you were dealing
with a kapha dosha in balance now
remember these tastes and these foods
are just preferred so if you’re dealing
with a strong imbalance these are the
foods you want to focus on however they
are not Bible you can take them
the non-preferred ones in smaller
however the preferred tastes and foods
are going to gain you the best balance
for your body type so starting with the
grains so the grains that are best for
the kapha dosha are things like toasted
breads because they’re really dry
amaranth basmati rice is pretty much
corn flour and quinoa which is another
tridoshic grain some grains that
you want to moderate are things like rye
and millet sweeteners kapha dosha really
wants to avoid all of these sweeteners
because they’re very heavy and dense and
really only weighs the kapha dosha down
even deeper however if you do want to
indulge in a little bit of sweetness you
can have aged to honey any honey that is
about six months or more in stored is
going to be a little bit drier and
better for the kapha dosha oils you want
to focus on small amounts again because
they are so dense and heavy the best
oils for the kapha dosha are lighter oils
like canola corn safflower and sunflower
you want to moderate or avoid as much as
possible things like almond avocado
coconut olive and peanut those are all
super heavy too heavy for the kapha dosha
fruits the kapha dosha really wants to
focus on dried fruits they want to focus
on those astringent tastes like the
apples and pomegranates things like
cherries cranberries and grapefruit are
also okay prunes are okay for the
kapha dosha
kind of fruit that you want a moderate if
you’re dealing with a kapha imbalance
or things like apricot lemon lime papaya
those are a little bit too sour any
super dense heavy foods sweets like
papaya again pineapple those are a
little bit too strong and too heavy for
the kapha dosha
so moderate or limit those as much as
possible when talking about the
vegetables the best vegetables for the
kapha dosha are all leafy greens leafy
greens are green kale spinach Swiss
chard cilantro
we have sprouts artichokes asparagus
green beans bell pepper broccoli
Brussels sprouts carrots cauliflower
corn potatoes hot peppers are really
good seaweed turnips mustard greens
these are all amazing vegetables for the
kapha dosha a couple ones that you want
to moderate or limit if you’re dealing
with an imbalance or things like
mushrooms tomatoes and squash sweet
potatoes those are a little bit too
heavy for the kapha dosha for nuts and
seeds the best seeds and nuts for the
kapha dosha are pumpkin and sunflower you
can moderate sesame seeds but you want
to avoid cashews pistachios almonds
pecans walnuts and peanuts these are all
way too heavy for the kapha dosha and
will only ground you even deeper legumes
the best legumes for the kapha dosha are
mung beans red lentils and soy beans
legumes that you want to moderate are
things like black beans fava beans
kidney beans lima beans and black
lentils now when talking about dairy I
personally suggest going off dairy
especially if you’re a kapha dosha
because dairy is very mucus-forming and
it’s very heavy so you really want to
avoid butter cheese cow’s milk frozen
yogurt ice cream sour cream yogurt those
are way too heavy berry mucus-forming
for the kapha dosha however if you do
indulge you want to focus on the lighter
dairy products things like goat cheese
unsalted not aged goat’s milk
cottage cheese moderately are okay for
the kapha dosha if you follow dairy in
your diet though I don’t recommend any
meat products especially for the
kapha dosha just to give you a little bit
of info if you were to indulge in a
but a meet if you are in kapha dosha you
want to focus on white lighter meats
white chicken freshwater fish white
turkey eggs are okay pretty much tridoshic
in their whole sense and if you do
indulge in the meat you want to avoid
and all the heavy meats like beef
buffalo dark chicken dark fish saltwater
fish duck lamb pork salmon these are all
way too heavy for the kapha dosha moving
into spices the best spices for the
kapha dosha are a nice basil cardamon
cinnamon clove cumin fennel dill
fenugreek ginger especially the fresh
ginger garlic mustard a rate you know
rosemary saffron sage thyme turmeric
black pepper black mustard seed nutmeg
peppermint bay leaf all great the only
spice that you want to moderate for the
kapha dosha is salt limit the salt limit
that salty taste and lastly the
beverages the best beverages for a
kapha dosha are green veggie juices
wheatgrass juice cranberry pure
cranberry unsweetened juice things that
you wanna moderate are carbonated water
coffee black tea beverages that you want
to avoid for the kapha dosha are apple
and orange juice those are very very
sweet and any soft drinks too much sugar
for the kapha dosha and then will
ultimately lead to weight gain so
focusing on the cup of weight loss diet
you want to avoid all those sweet juices
and sweet soft drinks as well so closing
out our cup a weight loss food list and
on the automatic food list that I’ve
just given you for any kapha dosha
imbalances first you need to figure out
what kind of dish of body type you are
because this will lead into a world of
just kind of knowing your body things
that you can do to moderate any
imbalances that you’re dealing with and
just kind of help you get back in tune
with yourself your mind your body and
your spirit
and if you are a kapha dosha or dealing
with these any imbalances you can check
out some of these other videos about the
kapha body type characteristics kapha dosha
imbalances to see if you’re dealing with
any things of like lethargy cough
respiratory systems if you have any
mucus buildup
these are kapha dosha imbalance symptoms
so check those out and see if you have
any and if you are dealing with anything
try and focus on this kappa weight loss
foodless this will help you bring those
opposing qualities back into balance
kapha’s earth and water it’s heavy so you
want to bring in the bitter the pungent
and the astringent taste focus on the
air ether and fire and that will
kick-start your metabolism your
digestion and get that imbalance back in to
correct working order some agni ideal
state for the kapha dosha so if you liked
this video and you want to see more
about it hit the like button let me know
in the comments if you need more
specifics there’s also a more tot out
foodless on my website that you can
check out thank you guys so much for
being here my name is Clare thanks for
tuning in and I’ll see you next time

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