– Hi, I need to place
a rather large order.
Basically, one of every food item there.
So like, one of every
sandwich, one of every side,
breakfast, and lunch.
Today’s a very special day.
I’m doing the every food
at McDonald’s taste test.
I should be picking up 60 things.
– That’s a lot.
– That’s plenty.
Now I’m going to try
everything at McDonald’s.
You’ll be able to know
which one’s the best
and which one’s the least best,
the worst.
– You wanna hear an interesting anecdote?
– Yeah.
– So, I used to work in
a chemical lab, right.
– Uh-uh.
– And so one of my co workers
used to work in a factory
like a chemical…
(horn blaring)
– Drive-thru McDonald’s.
Don’t be 8 ft 3.
– Good day, how can I help you?
– I have a very large order coming in,
are you ready?
– Yep.
– Alright, I want one Big Mac,
one cheeseburger,
one quarter pounder with cheese…
(voice sped up)
All of them.
(voice sped up).
Can I get a Signature Sriracha
then the Pico Guacamole burger.
– Do you like McDonald’s?
– I like McDonald’s okay,
I like there chicken stuff.
I don’t like there burgers as much,
but that’s because when I was a kid
I had the stomach flew.
Oh, yes, a fruit and yogurt parfait.
And I think that’s it.
– Alright, so your total will come at
$105.58, first window.
– Wow, all that for a $105 is actually,
what a deal. Also eight
cars have piled up behind me
since I started that order.
Thank you very much.
Wow, they showed up with a box
and look at these three
cute little drinks.
I didn’t order coffee, right?
You know maybe they just felt bad for me.
Maybe they’re like he’s
gonna need some help
pushing this out, lets
give him some coffee.
I would say like “oh, well
I’m lactose intolerant,
I don’t want to upset my stomach,
but I’m eating everything at McDonald’s.”
That’s 60 bites of any food
is too much food.
60 oysters, too many oysters.
60 donuts, too many donuts.
It’s just too much.
But you know, I’m trying to stay positive.
♫I like to eat♫
Lets do this.
♫I like to eat♫
♫Yea, eat♫
♫I like to eat what’s new for me♫
♫I like to eat♫
♫Yea eat♫
♫I like to feel good♫
Okay so, this is everything at McDonald’s.
Not everything on the menu,
because they didn’t have everything,
but I ordered everything that I could
except that I forgot french fries,
so I’m gonna go back and get those
but right now we have enough
McDonald’s to start with.
I think we should start with,
I had a fish sandwich last
night and it wasn’t that good.
This was better than that
and that was a real restaurant,
so, good job McDonald’s.
One done.
Good fish, yum yum.
Let’s move on to the Double
Quarter Pounder with Cheese,
a signature burger of McDonald’s.
This is good. Its a little
more meat than I liked
but some people like a lot of meat.
That’s the thing that I
threw up after eating once
and it doesn’t make me nauseous anymore.
The Big Mac.
Well this is a real star here folks.
Nuggets. This is the
traditional boot shaped.
I have ranch, sweet and sour.
Okay barbecue you got bad.
But wow, look at the size of this chicken,
its coming out of the sandwich.
Oh yes, here we go, there’s
some crispy fried onion strings
floating around this box.
What burger are you?
Signature Sriracha Artisan Roll.
Very spicy.
I taste nothing but heat.
Oh my god.
My body just tried to reject the food.
This the Pico Grilled Chicken sandwich.
Its got guacamole sort of on it
and I guess I’m suppose
to squeeze lemon on it,
so I’m gonna.
Wow, It’s the best thing I’ve had.
Did the quality of my voice get thicker?
Is there like enough grease on my throat
that my voice has changed?
Holy shit.
Grilled chicken southwest
salad, not a bad salad.
Lets give the body a treat,
let’s have some apples.
My body thinks it tastes even
better than normal I think.
Let’s have some breakfast shall we.
I’m gonna save this guy
for last, no I’m not,
cause this guy won’t taste as good later.
I’m gonna eat it right now.
Everybody loves a hashbrown.
Its perfect, it’s the best
thing you can get at McDonald’s.
Big breakfast thing.
The bacon is on the pancakes,
so I’m gonna leave them on the pancakes.
Oh, so sweet!.
Pancakes are actually great.
Love pancakes, you
can’t really fuck-em-up.
English muffin.
Not crispy at all,
how do they make it
look like it was crispy.
It looks crispy right?
It’s not, it’s so pillow-ie.
I’m out of breath.
I’m not really suppose to eat eggs
but, I’m also not suppose to
eat 60 things from McDonald’s,
so, you know, what’s the
worst that could happen.
Omelet tasted egg-y.
I’m not really suppose to eat blueberries
or dairy.
The hot fudge is fucking delicious.
It’s good but it’s like
an assault of sugar.
I had 32 different things,
not really though because
they didn’t give me salads.
They’d doubled up one of
my breakfast sandwiches
but my mind is very foggy.
Case of the post
thanksgivings, you know em?
This is sort of where we are.
Kind of enjoyed everything.
My mind is kind of blown.
Fries, I haven’t had fries.
By the end of the video
I’m gonna eat fries.
I just, I don’t know what to do.
only 28,
there’s way more things than that.
I wanted 60 of them. There’s only 28.
Got to go get more.
Calling Zack.
– Yow.
– Hey boy.
– What’s up?
– Not much. What are you guys up to?
You want some McDonald’s?
– I was about to go get a salad.
Cause I want nutri…
– Oh, I’ve got salads.
I think you just need to come now.
– Keith just put up the bat signal.
He’s got a lot of McDonald’s
and he needs some help.
Are you guys ready?
– Let’s go!
– [Group] Hey.
– Here are the things that I ordered.
It was only 28 things.
– Well that means, you
should be able to eat
this all by yourself then
if it’s only half.
– Yeah well, and then
I forgot french fries
and I’m an idiot. I feel like an idiot.
I know.
– You forgot french fries!
– I know.
– I feel like our first mission
should be to finish all this food.
If we can finish this food,
then you can order more.
But I don’t wanna just order more food
when we have this food.
– Yeah.
– Well you do need fries though.
– Time for lunch.
– Are you okay Keith?
– I don’t remember taking that bite.
It just kinda happened.
– Are you, like, on the
McDonald’s high right now?
Can you see space and time?
– My vision’s kind of funky.
Lets load this up into a cart
and just take it around the office.
– That’s what I think we need to do.
– More like a McDonald’s dim sum.
– Here’s our dim sum cart.
– And do you want some McDonald’s?
– I’m good.
– What did you do to it?
– Why are you giving me McDonald’s?
It’s old too.
– Do you wan to grab something?
– Nope.
– I think you’re gonna
have to flash your charm.
– Is this making you hungry?
– Which one of you ate from it?
– You’re not charming enough Eugene.
– What’d you get?
– I got breakfast.
It looks questionable.
– Don’t worry about that.
– We’re spreading happiness.
– This has a huge bite out of it.
– Spreading joy.
– Why is this eaten?
– We’re doing it.
– We’re making a dent in this guys.
– Happy birthday.
– Thank you.
– Let me mark your ticket.
– Wow.
– You’re spreading joy.
– How’s it feel?
– Cold.
– Wow Keith, you know, at
the beginning of this day
I think we all had our doubts but,
you’re really spreading joy.
– And seeing the look on peoples faces,
you did a good thing.
– We gave everybody a gift today.
– A dim sum.
– And damn son.
– I think the lesson,
the big take away here,
is don’t do this.
– Yeah you shouldn’t try to eat everything
at a restaurant.
You should just pick one thing.
But, I did learn what
was the best thing there.
– And?
– It was the Pico Grilled
Chicken Signature sandwich.
It was so good.
Well, thanks for watching
our vlog, it was a vlog.
– Until next time.
– Sorry I farted when I did that.
– Did you actually?
– I think pop culture
is a social construct.
Every one knows that viral media
is just opium to the masses.
I like BuzzFeed before The Try Guys,
so over this.
I just can’t wait till I leave
this small town, Los Angeles,
and move to Sweden,
fidget life.
The irony is not lost on me.
I reject commercialism
but I love Harry Potter,
so lit.
So it’s another day, but
I just went to McDonald’s
and got all the other stuff.
I don’t know, 16 or 20 things.
But I’m not gonna give up on this.
I’m gonna taste the rest of this stuff.
So we’re gonna go eat it.
It’s just me, it’s just
me and this food so
we’re gonna do this as quick as we can.
Quick and painless baby.
French fries, the most
important thing that I forgot.
Alright, are really good.
They’re not as good as you think you know.
French fries.
♫I like to eat♫
♫Yea eat♫
♫I like to eat what’s new for me♫
♫I like to eat♫
♫Yea eat♫
♫I like to feel good♫
My fiance is so mad at me for this.

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