Keto Day 9 | Evaluating Your Keto Progress

do you know what day it is I do it’s day
nine keto update
headed to the concerts I’m so excited
Scotty McCreery he’s crap I felt like I
was drinking which I’m not and actually
have like a two hour drive there and
then a two hour drive home tonight
barf no drinking for this girl we’re
gonna keep it keto real easy two of the
best bars to make bad decisions at
louisia but today I’m just gonna give
you Dana an update anything new that I
noticed and also just a little quick
talk about like being fair with yourself
watching your wallet get emptied on your
giant diesel truck but she’s so
beautiful he she I think my truck has
gender identity issues
two hours later
this is Luna look at her look at the way
she laid like super dark Luna
oh my god she called it we’re here we’re
inside release so we’re gonna go up here
just anticipate
it’s like mini Vegas
what was day nine on keto like it was
pretty great actually an elevated energy
mood I mean I don’t think I’ll say that
from here on out like if that changes
I’ll let you know but all of that has
been very consistent hunger pains went
way down they had already started to
decline but they certainly continued to
go down and I drove like all the way to
Mississippi yesterday went to a concert
and came all the way back and ate one
time and had nothing to drink so and I
felt completely in control and it was
the first time I think I’ve ever gone to
a concert where I didn’t have like
snacks or something to drink or whatever
didn’t even occur to me I was actually
just able to be like there and watched
the the concert which was awesome by the
and so I woke up this morning which is
actually the top of day ten but I’m
talking about Dana and guys what why was
I down 2.4 pounds so I’m like freaking
out the other day and anyway so let me
show you like me weighing in because
this was like I had a moment guys so
let’s go look at that
well that’s really it as far as my day 9
update in my video yesterday I kind of
talked about the the meal plan book that
I’m gonna be working out of and I’ll
show you me doing my like grocery shop
and flight meal prep tomorrow but the
thing I wanted to talk about really
quickly today is just the not being so
hard on yourself because the friend of
mine called me she’s my best friend
actually Hank red she called me after
she watched my I think it was day 8
video the day that I weighed in and I
was or day 7 yeah that I waited and I
was just like super discouraged and I
wasn’t gonna quit but I was definitely
discouraged and she was like let me
remind you of a few things real quickly
hey you’re already pretty fit like you
know she’s like there could be a lot of
people that were 160 pounds at 5 foot 4
and their body would not look at tight
as yours does she’s like you have a
different standard maybe for how you
want your body to look but you already
have a really healthy lifestyle you
already work out all the time you
already eat clean your eat you know
drink a ton of water she’s like so it’s
not you know it’s not gonna be as big of
a jolt to your system as it would be
somebody who’s kind of just like
adopting a healthier lifestyle right off
the bat so I thought that was a fair
point to me and she did remind me she’s
like you know and you’re not in your 20s
no I’m not I’m in my 40s and that that
does have that is it plays a role you
know your hormones are different your
metabolism is certainly different so for
me to expect to be seeing I feel like a
lot of the videos that I watched are
maybe people in their 20s or 30s and you
know I was expecting these like huge
weight loss or whatever in the first
week and I didn’t see it and that was
discouraging but not really by the way
my body felt but by comparison to other
people so you know she reminded me hey
this isn’t their journey it’s yours and
your journey is gonna look a little bit
different some other things she reminded
me you know hey you have addison so you
have an autoimmune condition that your
body is gonna have to kind of work
through all of that and you know she’s
like you really didn’t eat a ton of
carbs for the last couple of years
because of all of your training so you
know it’s not like you went from eating
150 grams of carbs to 20 which of course
is going to make
body go away that’s not the case I went
from eating maybe 50 to 70 down to 20 so
it isn’t as big of a jolt and and one of
the most important things she said is
you know she’s like when I talked to her
basically every day on the FaceTime so
she’s like I can tell like I can see it
you know in your collar bones and in
your jaw when you speak and she’s like
you know that’s not something that’s
maybe we were reflected on the scales
she’s like you know you look different
you feel different and those are all
changes changes that are not captured by
a scale so I guess I wanted to as I’m
giving myself I don’t want say leniency
but as I’m being fair in checking in
with myself I wanted to remind you also
be fair you know do you have a health
condition that you’re working with are
you already relatively fit how old are
you how committed were you the first
week you know all of those things I
think kind of play into your first week
results and like anything else guys it’s
week one I mean really honestly at the
end of the day when I look back on this
journey in six months nine months and I
see that I only had that like not even
one pound loss the first week and I saw
that I had the courage to keep going I’m
gonna be so proud of my so so much more
proud of myself than if I had had like
an eight pound weight loss right out of
the gate I mean look if you did in your
first week not only am i jealous but
good for you I didn’t so I’m excited I
stayed the course even though it’s only
been like two or three more days but
here we are now I guess this is so nine
days in 3.4 pounds down is 3.2 pounds
down so I started at 161 point two and
I’m now 158 even so guys I mean nine
days 3.2 pounds
feeling pretty good about that I hope
you guys are enjoying these videos I’m
really loving just kind of giving you
daily clip and a little updates and
letting you know what’s happening please
leave any of your questions or comments
below I love interacting with you
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and I’ll see you guys tomorrow don’t
quit on yourself

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