Keto Diet 3rd week Progress Report

Hey guys! Three weeks down, one week to go
for my ketovegetarian diet. So right now,
I’m going to share you pictures of the
meals that I’ve got for the previous
week and as well as my weight loss
report. So let me show you the meals
I’ve got for the week. So this is my
favorite for Monday: 5 Cheese Lasagna,
and it’s as good as the real thing.
So, congratulations
ketovegetarianph team and also I’d
like to congratulate as well
ketovegetarianph for your one-year
milestone. Congratulations. The next one
is a special mention, the chocolate
cheesecake was also very good. Next one
is the Tuesday favorite: Mozzarella quiche,
and I think there’s also eggs right here
so I really appreciate the texture of it,
because taste is not just about the sweet,
salty, etc, but also it’s about the
texture as well.
Special mention for Tuesday is the
Chocolate cake. They never fail me
with their desserts and snacks. For the
Wednesday my favorite was the Silvanas,
that’s a new dish that I’ve got
throughout the three weeks. For the
Thursday my favorite was the Dairy free
Laksa, and for me it’s
not spicy actually but it’s as
good as the real thing as well. And my
Friday favorite is the Mozzarella pizza
frittata because again in keto you
cannot eat pizza because of the carbs,
but they do magic with their dishes. And
for Friday, special mention
again, Chocolate cream cake.
They really amaze me with their
chocolate cakes. So that’s it for the
meals, and now for the progress report of
the weight loss. But let me share with
you first what happened during the week.
I’m expecting that I won’t lose that
much weight or even possible that I gained
some weight because during Tuesday and
also some days during the week, Tuesday
especially I ate with friends at a
Japanese restaurant
and I was able to consume seven
makis. So that’s really a lot and that
there’s rice involved in the Maki. That’s
why it’s possible I’m not gonna lose weight,
I’m even gonna gain weight. So let’s find out!
So that’s 195.6. Previously we were at
195.4. So not bad. I gained
weight but it’s minimal, but it’s
manageable. I hope to make more progress
next week. Thanks for watching and see
you around!

  1. Time sure is flying by, I feel like every time I see one of your vids Jus the time goes faster and faster, that Laksa looked amazing haha

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