Keto Diet Plan For Beginners Day 1 – 3 Meals (Low Carbohydrate Foods High In Fat With Macros & Cost)

keto diet plan for beginners a lot of
times people want to try something but
they’re confused there’s some question
marks they’re not totally sure about how
it works so today we’re going to talk
about some of the basics and we’re going
to give you some examples of meals that
you could eat to get started on a keto
diet we’re going to talk about calories
and macros and percentages and make sure
that you’ve got everything crystal clear
coming right up
hey I’m dr. Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor
and a former Olympic decathlete and if
you want to truly master health by
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so let’s first just cover some of the
very basics that there’s a lot of talk
about calories and yes calories matter
because in the end if you want to lose
weight you need to have a calorie
deficit but all calories are not created
equal they don’t affect the body the
same so if you eat a hundred calories of
carbohydrate you will trigger a lot of
insulin your blood sugar will spike your
insulin will spike and your body will
attempt to store the excess calories
because you can’t burn through that
instantly but you have to get the sugar
out of the bloodstream almost instantly
so therefore insulin and carbohydrate
puts you in a storage mode and as long
as insulin is high then you’re still in
that storage mode and it’s difficult for
the body to retrieve whatever fat you
have stored and therefore you get hungry
and this is something that’s so
overlooked and people that have tried
keto and then they slip a little bit and
go back to carbs they can testify that
when you eat carbs you get hungrier all
right so it’s not just about the
calories a hundred calories of carbs
make you hungrier than a hundred
calories of fat because 100 calories of
fat reduces insulin it it produces
virtually no insulin response and over
I’m it allows your overall insulin to go
down which puts you into a fat-burning
mode which means that you are satisfied
because you have access to the food
store so that’s the very first basic
fact to realize that calories are not
the same they create different hormone
responses and that’s why the keto diet
is so popular and so successful and why
people are so satisfied even though they
lose weight on it so let’s dive into it
and look at some examples of meals of
food that you could eat on a keto diet
so if you like cereal in the morning a
lot of people eat milk with a banana and
then they have cereal grain cereal sweet
and grain cereal and now you’re gonna
get a bunch of sugar from the milk
you’re gonna get a bunch of sugar from
the cereal and a lot of carbs from from
the grain but instead let’s say that we
swap out the milk for yogurt and I like
to use sour cream I like to mix yogurt
and sour cream because I like it really
creamy and by increasing the fat content
that means that there’s actually less
carbohydrate and if you find a really
sour really tart yogurt then there’s
also less sugar in that there’s going to
be some carbohydrate in the yogurt but
we can still fit that into a ketogenic
diet so let’s say that we have half a
cup of yogurt and half a cup of sour
cream that’s one cup total about 120
grams of each 240 grams that’s about a
cup so let’s look at the yogurt part of
this then you’re gonna get 4.4 grams of
fat from that amount from half a cup of
yogurt you’re gonna get four grams of
protein and you’re gonna get four point
eight grams of net carbs so there’s no
fiber in yogurt but if there is a food
with fiber then you take the total carbs
and you subtract the fiber because
you’re only interested in the carbs that
you can digest that you can
absorb into the bloodstream so let’s
take one example where we explain in
detail we look at the details of how to
calculate the percentages how to
calculate the macros for a keto diet so
fat is gonna give you nine calories per
gram protein is going to give you four
calories per gram and carbohydrates
gonna give you four calories per gram so
the fat has the most calories so we
don’t have to eat as much fat by volume
to still get the fat to be dominant so
four point four grams times nine
calories is forty calories from fat in
that yogurt four calories times four
grams is sixteen calories from protein
and we have four point eight grams of
carbohydrate times four calories as
nineteen calories from carbohydrate and
the carbohydrate in this case is all
lactose that’s the sugar in milk and
this is just a little bit less lactose
than in milk because once the yogurt
turns sour the lactobacillus actually
consumes some of the sugar and turns it
into lactic acid that’s why there’s less
sugar and it tastes a little bit tart so
the more sour the more tart you can find
your yogurt the less sugar and the more
beneficial bacteria now when we add up
those calories we find that 75 calories
are going to come from
half a cup of yogurt now forty calories
divided by 75 total means that the fat
is responsible poor 53.3%
of the calories are coming from fat the
protein gives us 21 point 1 percent of
the calories and the carbohydrate gives
us 25 point six percent of the calories
so so far that’s not a ketogenic diet
but because there’s going to be other
things in here it can still fit into a
ketogenic diet just don’t overdo the
yogurt portion of that so let’s look at
the sour cream portion of this and this
is why I like to put sour cream in there
not just because I love the creamy
flavor but it actually makes it much
more ketogenic so we get twenty three
point six grams of fat from half a cup
of sour cream we get two and a half
grams of protein and 4.2 grams of carbs
so because there’s more fat in there
there’s going to be less of the other
things in as a percentage so the fat
percentage in sour cream is 89% comes
from fat 89% of calories are from fat
four percent comes from throat protein
and seven percent come from carbohydrate
total calories 240 from the sour cream
and instead of the cereal I like to put
ground seeds and nuts on my yogurt so I
use ground flaxseed you can also use
chia seed they’re very very similar
nutritionally so two tablespoons of flax
gives you eight point four grams of fat
three point seven grams of protein and
0.3 grams of net carbs that percentage
turns out to be 83 percent of the
calories in flax come from fat 16
percent come from protein and only one
percent of the calories in flax are from
carbohydrate so now that we’re adding
some more fat we are sort of diluting
the carbohydrates from the yogurt and
then one of my favorite nuts is pecans
my three favorite nuts are macadamias
pecans and walnuts so it’s going to
change the numbers just a little bit but
all three of those are very very safe
for a ketogenic diet so here we have a
quarter cup or about one ounce of pecans
which gives us 20 grams of fat 2.6 grams
of protein 1.2 grams of carbs and the
percentage the macro percentages is 92%
from fat 5% from protein and 3% from
carbohydrates so now when we add it all
we do have a ketogenic meal and we’re
eating 600 calories in this breakfast so
we’re getting a lot of satisfying fat
we’re getting just a tiny little bit of
carbohydrates all right so now it’s time
for lunch
and I’m assuming with this example that
you’re still eating three meals so a lot
of people once they start a ketogenic
diet then they’ll notice they get less
hungry so after a while they start
skipping a meal because two meals is
plenty satisfying but for right now
we’re just going to assume that we are
eating three meals we’re just we’re not
even trying to lose weight yet we’re
just trying to change the body and get
it a little fat adapted so now it’s time
for lunch and we’re gonna make an omelet
we’re gonna have two eggs that’s a
hundred and ten grams we’re gonna have
an ounce of sausage we’re gonna have an
ounce and a half of tomato spinach bell
pepper mushroom one and a half ounces
each then we’ll have an ounce and a half
of cheddar cheese and a tablespoon of
olive oil 2 eggs provide ten and a half
grams of fat 13 point eight grams of
protein and 0.8 grams of carbs that’s
62% of calories from fat 36% from
protein and 2% from carbohydrates so
eggs and themselves are quite ketogenic
one ounce of sausage will get you eight
grams of fat four and a half grams of
protein and no carbs at all because it’s
an all of meat product meats doesn’t
have carbs that means 80 percent of
calories in sausage come from fat and
20% come from protein for a total of 90
calories all right so the next and the
omelet we put some vegetables and I’ve
grouped those together because they’re
very similar foods these are non starchy
they’re very water rich and they have
lots of fiber so tomato spinach bell
pepper and mushrooms we use an ounce and
a half of each and they provide
zero fat so then people ask well how can
they be in a ketogenic diet I thought
keto was about eating lots of fat well
it’s not really how it works it’s just
that you want to avoid carbs and then
the only other food that doesn’t
stimulate insulin at all is fat so you
reduce the carbs you eat moderate
protein and then you up the fats to fill
out the rest of your nutritional and
caloric needs so for most people a
ketogenic diet a ketogenic effect occurs
when we eat about 75% fat
20% of calories from protein and 5% of
calories from carbohydrate so even
though there’s virtually no fat in the
vegetables there’s also hardly any
protein or any carbohydrate they’re
mostly water so when we look at the
percentages we have 11 17 12 and 8 we
have around 10% from fat we have about
20 to 50 22:56 18 and 53 so it varies a
bit but it doesn’t really matter
carbohydrates we have 67 27 70% and 39%
but the reason it doesn’t matter is that
there’s so few calories all in all these
foods these vegetables provide less than
40 calories so the percentage the
composition doesn’t really matter as
long as the net carbs are very low which
they are and that’s why you can include
lots of non starchy vegetables in your
ketogenic diet and then we top off the
omelet with some yummy cheese and we
cook it in some olive oil an ounce and a
half of cheese provides 15 grams of fat
ten point eight grams of protein 0.6
grams of carbs and percentage-wise it’s
75 percent of calories from fat 24
percent from protein and only one
from carbohydrate and then we cook it in
some olive oil and I lose I like to use
extra virgin olive oil organic extra
virgin olive oil because we want to use
a nutritious and whole food and while it
is very sensitive to heat if you put it
in the pan and then you pour the egg
batter on top of the olive oil the olive
oil is never gonna get really hot so you
can safely cook in extra-virgin olive
oil when you’re making an omelet and
that 1 tablespoon of olive oil provides
15 grams of fat and no protein and no
carbohydrates so obviously 100 percent
of the calories in oil comes from fat so
the cheese adds 183 calories and the
olive oil adds 135 so in total this
omelet has 597 calories so both the
breakfast and the lunch have right at
600 calories and both of them would fit
great into a ketogenic diet and for
I often have a salad and I love a
hamburger salad I just cook hamburger
patties whether it’s on the grill or in
a frying pan like I would cook a
hamburger and then instead of having a
bun and vegetables I just throw it on
top of a salad and I use 15% fat in the
ground beef and I eat about half a pound
so that half a pound gives me 34 grams
of fat 46 grams of protein and no
carbohydrate so from that type of
hamburger meat you get 62 percent of
calories from fat and 38 percent from
protein for a total of 487 calories so
just like in the omelet the vegetables
have very little impact because there’s
so few calories 45 grams of spring mix
which is about 2 cups have zero fat 0.5
protein 0.5 carbs 45 grams or one and a
half ounce of tomato has
0:01 and onion has zero and a half and
three point four so they’re very small
amounts and even though the percentages
again are pretty high the total calories
are four seven and sixteen compared to
487 so these the percentages from the
vegetables really wash out and then at
the end if you’re a hard die hamburger
fan you might have to put some mayo on
it I put a little bit of mayo and some
olive oil if you don’t want to do the
Mayo then you can just use more olive
oil but I’ll use about two tablespoons
of mayo and a tablespoon of olive oil
and those are virtually all fat of
course so almost a hundred percent of
the calories come from the fat they add
235 and 135 calories so all in all this
salad is going to get you about eight
hundred and eighty-five calories and if
we add this all up it’s two thousand
eighty five calories and some people are
going to lose weight on that and some
people are not but like I said this is
just really to get you fat adapted you
don’t want to try to starve yourself
until you have changed your metabolism
from carb dependent to fat dependent to
to fat adapted so then a lot of people
say that OH
Kido is too expensive or eating clean
keto is too expensive I can’t afford to
get healthy because this food is so
costly well let’s look at some of these
costs and I’m gonna go through and
explain where I get these foods and what
they cost me and then we can just kind
of add it up and see the only yoghurt
that I really like that you can buy is
european-style organic plain whole fat
from Trader Joe’s I love it you can make
it a little more sour if you make it
yourself but that’s about the only sour
yogurt that I found and that’s the kind
that I like half a cup of that yogurt is
gonna cost you fifty three cents the
sour cream I get from Costco sometimes
I’m getting organic somewhere but I’ve
found that
the Costco sour cream even though it’s
in a big tub and it’s very inexpensive
it’s actually a very good quality so I
do very well with that and it only cost
me thirty five cents it’s actually
cheaper so if you want to dilute your
yogurt with sour cream it actually
brings the cost down as well as make it
creamier flaxseed is almost ridiculously
cheap two tablespoons of flax of organic
flaxseed is about 13 cents and grind it
myself I keep it in the freezer and then
it’s ready to go
pecans are a little bit more expensive
than some other nuts but a quarter cup
doesn’t cost too much it’s about
sixty-two cents so all in all this
wholesome high-fat breakfast is going to
cost you a whooping one dollar and sixty
three cents I don’t think that’s an
argument for having to stay with your
brand-name cereal in the morning when it
comes to eggs it’s a good idea to spend
a little bit extra I don’t worry so much
about organic as I worry about pastured
I want the chicken to have a normal life
I want it to run outside and get some
sunshine and eat some bugs and eat
whatever chickens like to eat those are
called pasture chickens if you can get
past your organic that’s a little better
even but I’d much rather have a pasture
non-organic than an organic
mass-produced so I pay about six seven
dollars for twelve eggs so two eggs are
gonna cost one dollar eight cents an
ounce of good quality sausage without
nitrates or msg or anything is gonna run
you maybe about 40 cents tomatoes
spinach bell pepper and mushrooms I’d
like to get organic as much as possible
I try to get them from a local market
like a local farmers market or sprouts
or something like that they’ll run you
25 30 40 cents per item an ounce and a
half of a good quality cheese is 89
cents I had to look pretty hard to find
a local farmers market that has
grass-fed raw cheese that’s the best one
that is least interfere with it still
has back
tyria and enzymes and it’s grass-fed so
it has the right ratios of omega sixes
to omega-3 so it’s worth spending a
little bit extra I was lucky to find
that one it runs about nine or ten
dollars a pound I typically get my olive
oil from Costco they have these big tubs
two liters I think it is of organic
extra virgin olive oil so a tablespoon
of that will run you about fifteen cents
so all in all making an omelet with
top-notch ingredients is gonna cost you
about $3 76 cents the quality of meat is
very important and I’m thrilled that at
least where I live
walmart has started carrying grass-fed
organic ground beef and it is five
dollars and 64 cents a pound so it is so
well worth it even if you can find
ground beef for three or four bucks
somewhere those extra couple of dollars
are well well worth it the taste is
incredible they’re nice and juicy
flavorful and you know that it’s gonna
have that healthy fat ratio in it for
the salad I typically use a spring mix
or a mix of power greens from Costco you
get that one-pound tub for about 399
sometimes $4.99 so two cups only gonna
run you about 40 cents I like to get
organic tomatoes and onions when I can
from the farmers market they’ll run you
about a quarter and ten cents when it
comes to Mayo most of the time I try to
make my own war I try to get a kind that
brand that uses of a kada oil or
something that’s a little better than
the soybean or the canola oil but
sometimes I’m lazy and I just want to
kind of grab something and I’ll have
some commercial mayo it’s not the best
fat but it’s not gonna ruin your keto so
if you only use it once in a while then
it’s not too bad but I would recommend
that in the long run you try to find
some some better Mayo or even make it
yourself two tablespoons gonna run you
probably about 20 cents again the olive
oil I get organic
extra virgin from Costco with
tablespoons about 15 cents and I also
like to put some vinegar on my salads
two tablespoons is typically about ten
cents and if you want to get some if you
like apple cider vinegar then that’s a
great way to get a little bit of extra
apple cider vinegar in there but if you
like the balsamic or the white wine or
the red wine vinegar those will work
fine as well so in this particular
example I’ve put together amounts of
food that total two thousand and eighty
five calories and the total cost for
that for a whole day of good quality
grass-fed mostly organic high-quality
food the whole cost for the day is nine
dollars and 41 cents and if you’re a
little bit smaller person and you’re
getting into the keto a little bit
longer and you get less hungry then
you’re probably going to end up eating
even less so maybe 1,500 calories and at
that rate you’d be spending six dollars
and seventy seven cents per day so
considering that a cup of coffee at
Starbucks a specialty coffee is over
five dollars I think it’s hard to
justify for most people that you can’t
afford to eat healthy when a happy meal
is as much as you would eat in an entire
day now I realize that there’s some
people on very very tight budgets and to
those people I would say just do the
best you can you you pick and choose and
you do what you can afford but you’re
still going to be much much better off
eating a low-carb diet than eating a
high carb diet so if you have to get the
cheaper ground beef if you have to get
the the regular eggs then then do that
but realize that you don’t spend a whole
lot of money by going for a higher grade
of food so now I’m sure you want to know
what are the macros for this example so
we said in the beginning that we want to
shoot for 75% of
from fat about 20% from protein and 5%
from carbohydrate and in this example
when we add it all up we have eaten 180
grams of fat 93 grams of protein and
only 22 grams of net carbs and the
percentages come out 78% of calories
from fats 18 percent from protein and
only 3.9 percent from carbohydrates so
this is going to be a very powerful
ketogenic diet for most people I hope
this was helpful if you enjoyed this
video make sure that you check out that
one thank you so much for watching and
I’ll see you in the next video

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  39. Dr Ekberg you are indeed the best in conveying information and your thoughts with such an easy understanding and pleasant way. Thanks for all the valuable information you are giving us.

  40. Being on keto and 1 or 2 meals a day saves so much money. A lot of my money used to go to those high carb foods, such as ice cream, cookies, donuts, etc. Thanks!

  41. Hi Dr.Ekberg, have you watched the game changers on Netflix? It’s a documentary about vegetarian diet, how much is true? Is that better than healthy keto?

  42. Hey Doc, every year it's the same, how do I stop all my good work being undone during the dark days of autumn and winter?

  43. The Whole Foods near me carries Stonyfield Farm's whole milk, Greek style yogurt that's 100% grass fed. It is worth every penny!! OMG, so delicious! I stock up when it goes on sale.

  44. Quick question. My fasting glucose was 104 2 days ago. Today it was 115. I didn’t eat any carbs. Did 19 hr fast both days. Is this normal? Thank you

  45. Thank you Dr Ekberg! As someone struggling to regain health, I find your videos very encouraging. I appreciate the time, and knowledge you put into them. Thank you for sharing.

  46. You'd be so proud of us. Now, we're buying Daisy Sour Cream in the 5lb tubs. Before we started watching your videos, we were only marginally aware of sour cream's existence. So glad to know that Daisy is OK, as we were assuming there were live-culture sour creams out there, which we didn't know how to find. OH! And have you seen "CarbMaster Dairy Product"? It's a mixture of dairy products – SUPPOSEDLY keto-friendly. We skipped that one, when one of us spotted 'Modified Cornstarch' high in the list of ingredients. I'm assuming it belongs on the long list of new 'Fad Keto' products being pushed at unwary consumers.

  47. Hello dr. Sten, is apple vinegar compatible with Keto diet? I am using the one without any honey added in, but it still has decent amount of sugars in it, does it contribute meaningful ? I put it in water every day? Also additional question how about cappuccino that i buy from store, has 4 grams of sugar in it, is that non-compatible with keto, if its non-complex carb?

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