Keto diet shows success for local diabetes patients

it’s the latest fad in the dieting world you’ve probably heard of it or seen it on Facebook it’s the keto diet but how does the diet affect someone with diabetes Chris 6 News reporter Ashley porta Theo explains people looking to lead a healthier lifestyle may have considered the keto diet a low-carb high-fat Dining Plan and for diabetics it could be a way to control their disease their fasting glucose levels can improve their hemoglobin a1c can improve dr. J can go Paul a bio attrex surgeon at the better way Center says the diet affects each person differently for Justin Shirley who’s shopping for his keto friendly groceries today looking at 2 grams of carbs per keto diet has been nothing but success so far I feel much better about myself I have a lot of energy Justin a type 2 diabetic is 25 pounds lighter since starting the keto die in April I love fried foods I love eating out but I knew being a type 2 diabetic I couldn’t do that anymore a blood screening from late March shows Justin’s readings consistent with diabetes but since the diet his readings read normal his doctor even recommending he stopped taking his medication for a week I was amazed that on this diet I can control my blood sugar I can lose weight I can have a better lifestyle but one thing doctor Gopal wants people to keep in mind is that the keto diet is still controversial long term consequences of the keto diet we don’t we have some idea but in terms of what it does in terms of diabetes heart disease liver disease we don’t have that data yet ashley 4006 news so here’s a deal if you want to try the keto diet dr. Jagan recommends that you talk to your doctor about it first


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