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welcome to Keto meals and recipes dot com,
today I am making a refreshing Italian desert
inspired by Japanese milk
pudding, which I absolutely love how
beautifully it was presented, this is my
version and I call it a keto panna cotta cake
the macronutrient ratio for this
recipe is 12.1 to 1
with 3.5 grams of total carbs, 0.2 grams of
dietary fiber, resulting in 3.3 grams
of net carbs per serving,
since knowing your keto macros requires
accurate measurements begin by
assembling everything and weighing them out acurately
next into a medium
saucepan pour the cream, almond milk,
add the sweetener, a pinch of salt, the
vanilla, and three or four ribbons of
lemon rinds, then before starting the
panna cotta prepare your gelatin
by sprinkling the gelatin powder into a cup
of cold water, stirring well and setting
aside to allow the gelatin to bloom for
at least 10 minutes, place your pot on
the stove top over medium-low heat, as
this cooks continuously stir the cream
mixture to dissolve the sweetener, and
continue cooking until the mixture has a
very gentle simmer around the edge of
the pot, once the cream is simmering and
you see small bubbles around the edge of
the pot turn off the heat and add the
bloomed gelatin, next add the tablespoon
of lemon juice and whisk well
if you want to enhance the lemon flavor, can
also add a bit of lemon concentrate to this
but always remember to stir well to
incorporate everything into the cream
the reason to add lemon extract as
opposed to fresh lemon juice is because
you don’t want to increase the liquid
volume to the panna cotta because that
will affect how it solidifies, and the
panna cotta may not set well for you
after everything is cooked and well
blended, strain this mixture through a
fine mesh sieve and set the bowl aside
so everything can cool to room temperature
now for the creative part,
get several strawberries and try to make
them about the same size as much as
possible, cut a thin petal sized wedge
from two sides of each of your
strawberries, and you’ll need about
thirty one strawberry petals to make the
flower, it might be a good idea to cut a
few extra petals just in case you’re
having problems matching the sizes
also cut the tips and make six to ten
small strawberry medallions and set the
prepared strawberry petals and centers
aside, next you’ll need a waterproof
pans such as this deep sided pie pan
into which you arrange the central flower
for a funny demonstration of the
bloopers showing why I ended up using
this pan, I have added a few clips of
failed attempts at this recipe which you
can laughs along with me at the end of
this video, to make the central flower I
think it looks best with six petals, the
first step is to decide which size
strawberry petals fit best for the
center design, then take a medallion and
arrange the rest of the petals all
around it, you’ll notice that I place the
outer part of the strawberry down on the
surface of the pot, because I want that
to be seen when I take it out of its
mold, then I began to arrange the perimeter petals
I first place the two petals, and
the central medallions so they were
aligned along the outer rim, then I
placed more petals around the side rim
to form the beginnings of five more
petal designs
repeat this until you’ve made all five
perimeter flowers, as you can see this
arrangement will create six full flowers
in the final design, the next part is
absolutely critical to the success of
this panna cotta cake, you have to place
the pan with the strawberry flowers into
the freezer for about 30 minutes
the pan has to have time to chill to have time
to freeze onto the pan surface
when you’re sure that your strawberries are
well adhered to the pan surface take them
out of the freezer, in order not to
dislodge the strawberries as you pour in
the panna cotta liquid, use the back of a
large spoon and pour your cooled panna
cotta liquid on top of the strawberries
very slowly, I suggest you begin pouring
at the perimeter to allow the liquid to
flow towards the center, so that the
central flower is not loosened, keep
pouring in this way until you have
poured all the panna cotta liquid into
the pan, then refrigerate for a couple
hours or until the surface has become
stiff enough for you to carefully pour
the strawberry glaze on top, the next
step or the strawberry glaze is
completely optional, but since I had all
the leftover bits and pieces of
strawberries I used to make the petals
with, I decided to make the strawberry jelly glaze
I use the same recipe as I
had for my cooked raspberry jelly and cake glaze
for your convenience I will
provide a link for the whole how-to
video in the description below, I’d like
to mention that when I was making this glaze
I skimmed off the foam that formed
at the top so that the glaze would be a
bit clearer, you don’t really need this, but
as I said this glaze step is completely
optional, you don’t need it for the panna
cotta I just didn’t want to waste the
rest of the strawberries, when the
strawberry jelly glaze was done I set it
aside so that it too could cool to room
temperature, and when my panna cotta was
stiff enough I just simply poured it
gently on top, but I only used half the glaze
and I poured the rest into a jar
and placed that into the freezer for some
other recipe, your freezer jelly will
keep well for a month or two if stored
in an airtight container, when you have
finished glazing the bottom of the cake
place the pan back into the refrigerator
uncovered, because this is a very large
volume of panna cotta as compared to a
single serving, it will take a bit longer
to set fully, fact I
to leave my pan in the refrigerator
for a full 24 hours, to remove the cake
from the pan I used a hairdryer to just
get the frost off the outside of the pan,
then I put a plate over the top and flip
the cake over very quickly, I had a bit
too much of the cream melt because I
overheated the exterior so please just
make sure you’re just barely getting the
frost off, because the panna cotta melts
very quickly with this kind of direct heat
like my single serving lemon panna
cotta, you’ll find the link in the
description below, this cake version is
very delicate and has a traditional Italian flavor
just like my mom used to
make, when you want to cut your cake use
a sharp knife and warm the blade, I hope
you like this alternative way to serve
this amazing, easy, silky and satisfying
Italian panna cotta that has ratios that
are even better than most fat bombs,
enjoy. I’d like to thank you for watching
this video and hope to see you next time.
Now for the bloopers, first I tried
using a springform pan, but as you can
see that was not waterproof
second attempt, the silicone cake pan, the
problem with this method was the
strawberry petals did not stick to the
side, and the bottom of the pan, and when
I poured the panna cotta in, everything
floated around, third time I almost had it right
but something was still missing,
what I realized was I needed to put the
pan into the freezer to allow the water
in the strawberries to freeze against
the metal of the pan and stick there,
and this is the trial and error
process I went through to try to get
this recipe to work, and through these
trials and tribulations I finally made
the recipe a success, the link to my blog
that has the keto panna cotta cake
printable recipe, and the link on how to
make my cooked raspberry jelly and cake
glaze, as well as the original lemon
panna cotta that I used for this recipe
will be provided in the description below

  1. I totally have to try this. I love that you put the bloopers in. It goes to show how much hard work you put into these recipes.

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