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hi guys, welcome back to my channel fat-free
life and I’m doctor Neelam. today I’m going to share a very nice delicious salad recipe
with you guys. its the cheesy salad for the keto people. people who are doing ketogenic
diet.salads and green leafy vegetables are very important for those who are on a low
carb high-fat diet, so its a very nice cheesy salad recipe. and it is very easy and delicious.ingridients
for this are green beans you can take one onion im taking two small tomatoes and one
pepper you have to take few peanuts and for cheesy taste you have to take some mozzarella
cheese.. this is a pizza cheese and you have to chop them into small size so, its like
this just cut everything into small pieces like this and for this you will be needing
some spices also. for spices, I ll take some chili flakes and this is the oregano if you
like the taste of oregano you can use oregano also. and you have to take some olive oil
and some salt black pepper and if you want you can use some butter also so the recipe
is like that. you have to mix everything and put some amount
of chili flakes according to your taste.put some salt I’m using pink Himalayan salt as
it is very good for health and for thyroid people and for any health issues .you should
always use pink Himalayan salt according to your taste.put some black pepper in it. and
I like the taste of oregano so I’m using some organic.
so after mixing everything, this will look like what we have to do? we have to
take one aluminum foil .and just transfer everything in this. now what you have to do?
just take some amount of mozzarella cheese now to this mixture add some olive oil just
this much and if you want to add some butter you can add some butter you have to
make mozzarella cheese and just grate over this or you have a slice you
can place one full slice over the not having slice today so I’m using this mozzarella
cheese grated cheese like this. now what you have to do? just close this aluminum foil like this for here
and one from here. now you have to take preheated toaster and you have to place this
foil in it. like this and now heat it for the next 5 mins.
within the next 5 minutes, our recipe will be ready and we will be ready to eat this
tasty cheesy, guys, we will just check for our salad weather it is ready or
notwoww……see your salad for keto is ready its a nice cheesy salad you have to grab it
like this and just have it.. its so oo yummy if you like my salad recipe and if you want
to get more recipes about the ketogenic diet then just like comment and share my video
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videos of recipes you will be notified and try my recipe and let me know how it turned
out for you..its nice its still burning so I will just close it. thank you for watching
my video..thank you so much.

  1. make it eat it and let me know how it tastes? how u make it ?

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