Khloe Kardashian complete workout and diet plan – Khloe Kardashian Fitness Mantra

Hello Friends, today we will talk about Khloe
Kardashian Workout Routine & Diet Plan.
Khloe Kardashian Workout Routine & Diet Plan.
The Kardashian sisters have always been in
the news for one reason or the other.
Most of the times the reason is related something
that they’ve tried with their body.
However, Khloe was always referred to as the
‘fat’ sister.
People have often attacked her with comments
on her weight until Khloe had enough and she
managed to lose 18 kg!
Her transformation has stunned us all, and
we are in love with the figure she has maintained.
Khloe talks about what all she had to go through
to get into the shape she is in now.
She had to change her diet and work out for
She also shares that it’s not just about
shedding the weight.
You have to put equal effort into maintaining
your body keeping the fat from coming back.
Khloe Kardashian’s Workout Routine.
Khloe takes her gym routine very seriously.
She knew she just had to work her ass off
to shed those extra pounds.
She made it a point to go to the gym regularly,
five days a week working out for over an hour.
Even on days that she was overloaded with
work, and she had lesser time than the usual,
she would still make it to the gym.
This one time, she only had 35 minutes for
her work out.
But she was so determined that she burned
543 calories in just those 35 minutes!
Here’s the workout that she followed during
her one hour at the gym –
 Weight Lifting: Khloe’s trainer, Peterson
emphasized on lifting weights.
Your old tissues get torn down into strong
new ones, and that’s how your body strengthens
itself and builds muscle.
Fat does not get converted into muscle.
You have to burn the fat and build the muscle.
What To Do: Single dumbbell clean and press.
How To Do: Keep your feet apart and push your
hips back as you squat on the floor.
Then smoothly pull the dumbbell and bringing
it at shoulder height as you stand up with
pressure on your heels.
 Boxing: Boxing is a great way to tone
up the muscle that you have built.
It opens up the body and improves coordination
and balance.
 Lunges: This is one of her core exercises.
It is an essential lower body workout that
strengthens the leg muscle toning and giving
them a great shape.
What To Do: Twisting Lunges.
How To Do: Perform lunges by rotating a medicine
ball or dumbbell from one side to another.
Prefer doing this exercise barefoot.
 Squats: Squats, of course, are the best
way to tone up your butt, and evidently, we
can see the effects on Khloe well.
Along with regular squatting, Peterson asked
her to a special type of squat called ‘Bosu
Ball Ski Squat.’
What To Do: Bosu Ball Ski Squat.
How To Do: Stand on a Bosu ball and hold that
position for at least a minute.
This would cause your leg to recruit muscle-firing
With practice, you will learn to stabilize
yourself more easily and efficiently.
You can even see one of Khloe’s ‘Khlo-fit’
videos on YouTube to see how this whole squat
If you do not have a Bosu ball, you can use
a pillow and a folded mattress for the time.
That was Khloe’s simple yet challenging
Just be regular and don’t skip the workout.
You can even perform this routine without
going to the gym.
Along with working out, you have to have a
control on what you eat to make a difference
to your body.
Khloe shares how she moved to a better and
healthy lifestyle with what she ate.
Khloe Kardashian’s Diet Plan.
Khloe selected her diet very carefully, eliminating
unhealthy fats, excessive sugar, and dairy
products from her diet completely.
She switched to fresh organic food rich in
protein and fed her body a nutritious and
balanced diet during the day.
 Oatmeal.
 Eggs.
She kept her breakfast simple and nutritious
by eating a different variety of eggs and
oatmeal each day.
She says if you are trying to lose weight,
boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelets are
the best choices for breakfast.
They keep you energized for the day, and you
don’t get hungry soon, thus purging away
the possibility of you munching on unhealthy
snacks between breakfast and lunch.
There is a wide variety of oatmeal that you
can choose so that you don’t get bored.
A little health tip, prefer to eat oatmeal
with large flakes because it will take longer
to digest thus preventing you from consuming
unnecessary food.
 Salad.
 Raw leafy Vegetables.
Well, if you are trying to lose weight, there
is nothing better than including raw food
in your diet.
Raw food is highly nutritious and, low calorie
and keeps your body fresh and energized.
Nothing keeps your body young like eating
fresh green food says Khloe.
Also, if you have gotten your hormones all
messed up eating lots of junk food, eating
raw food helps you get them balanced and back
to normal.
Evening Snacks.
 Fresh fruits.
 Juices.
 Protein shake.
When Khloe gets hungry in the evening like
all of us, she prefers to fill her stomach
with juices and fresh fruits.
If you want to keep your body fit and skin
glowing, fruits are a must for you.
Fruits help you feel full for a longer time.
She also takes a protein shake before hitting
the gym to keep her energized.
 Grilled skinless chicken.
 Cooked vegetables.
Well it’s hard to cut down on chicken, isn’t
But if you are building muscle, it is necessary
for your diet.
What you can do is avoid fried chicken and
take grilled chicken instead.
Also, skinless grilled chicken has fewer calories
and more protein.
Besides chicken, eat your vegetables as there
is no substitute for the rich and fibrous
nutrients they contain.
Most importantly avoid bread and pasta in
your diet, especially at night.
It takes time to digest and gets stored as
fat in your body which is difficult to shed.
Besides this, don’t forget to drink lots
and lots of water!
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