– And, this is what makes America great. Deep fried Twinkie. Bon appetit. (upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Desmon. – I’m Mackenzie. – [Woman] Hi Mackenzie. – Neela, I love your outfit. – Thank you. – [Woman] Today, we’re gonna
do Kids Try deep fried foods. – Whoa. – [Woman] Time to bring
out our special guest. – Yay! – [Woman] Close your eyes. Alright, Mackenzie you can open your eyes. – Hi. – Hi. (laughs) – My name is Zachary. – My name is Neela. – Do you recognize anything on this plate? – Yeah. This kind of looks like
a sandwich, it’s not. – Most people call that an Oreo. – Oh. – Which three would you
like to try deep fried? – Cookie dough, Oreo and Twinkie. Sounds lovely. (woman laughs) – It looks so good. Twinkie, pickle and butter. – Turkey sandwich. – Turkey sandwich. Goin the savory route. – [Woman] No one’s done that. That’s exciting. Alright, so Zach’s gonna
bring out the deep fryer. – Alright, this is what
we get to play with. How hot do you think that
that oil is right now? – All the days in summer mixed together. 375 degrees. – Ahh. – Do you want to do the pickles first? So, this allows this batter
to stick to the pickle. Drop it in. And, then use the fork to stir it around and make sure it gets all coated. And then, we’re gonna throw it in there. – What? (woman laughs) – Yeah. – Aw, it’s so cold I can’t stand this. (woman laughs) – No, no. – Oh, you got it? Oh wait, one at a time. And, in we go, awesome. – It looks like soda. – A little bit, yeah but you
don’t want to drink this soda. (laughs) – Come get your butter on a stick. (oil popping) (woman laughs) Have you already practiced? – No, I’ve never deep fried butter before. – Oh no. – Let’s just hope it
doesn’t explode everywhere. – How long does it take? – It will take a couple minutes. – How hot does it have
to be to melt metal? – I don’t know the answer
to that question Ethan. I’m sorry. – Have you ever seen Batman? He never smile. – Alright, so our Oreo
is pretty much done. – The Oreo one? – Looks pretty nice. Alright, that’s I think as far
as we’re gonna be able to go. – [Woman] It looks yummy. – What? – Ohh. – Ohh. – Ohh, that is some good
lookin’ cookie dough. Oh look, it started to
explode out the sides. I’d still eat it. Doesn’t that look good? Like a giant turkey and cheese donut. – [Ethan] If you do (mumbles) – Did you know a Twinkie
can stay on the shelf for hundreds of years. And, you’re about to eat it. Doesn’t that sound great. (squeals) Alright well bon apetit. You have your choice to dip them in either cinnamon and sugar or some powdered sugar, or both I really don’t care. And, just kind of toss it around. There you go. – [Woman] Oh, that looks so good. – I can’t have a lot a lot of sugar. – [Woman] Why what happens? – I don’t want to vomit. – Alright, alright that’s good. Oh careful. – These look amazing! (crunching food) – Oh, very hot yeah. You don’t have to eat the whole thing. – No, I do. (laughing) – You want to crack this bad boy open, see if it’s ready to go? Think we got a cookie inside. – Oh my gosh! – Is it better than a cookie? – Um, actually it’s better than Menchie’s. – [Woman] Menchie’s Froyo. – What if we put this on
top of some Menchie’s? – That would be good. – Mom, next treat. (women laughing) Really good right? (woman laughing) Can I have this one? – Looks like a banana. – Can I have this one? – [Woman] Can he have a bite? – I make banana breads
at my grandmas house. And, I use water, oil
now I put it on the oven for 40, 400 minutes. (woman laughs) – Ah, butter. – It’s great right? – Mm hmm. – [Woman] What does it look like? – Yeah, there it is. – Okay I like to try my sandwich. – This might be a little hot. Oh yeah, this is gonna be good. This is gonna be hot
still so you might wanna. – [Woman] How’s the turkey sandwich? There’s one last thing to taste. – Oh yeah it’s Twinkie,
it’s still a little warm. – Is this stuff healthy? – No, far from it. It’s delicious. – Thank you (mumbles). – Deep fried woo! – What’s your favorite thing fried? – That’s a really good question. I’m also like choking on the
excitement of thinking about deep fried items. Today, the pickles. – What is your favorite deep fried food? – Leave us down the comments below. – Thanks for watching. – Bye. – [Woman] How’s the pickle? – It’s good right?

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