Maddox is it true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away no but I do know that garlic could repair vampires what’s your favorite food my favorite food is well I have lots of them do you eat fruit what like what a moron well I read this – weird fruit well well your eyes I’m gonna bring out the first one what what what is it it looks like a dead pineapple yep it’s dragon fruit you didn’t know that it yeah I see dried them throughout the store so let’s meet a dragon I like dragon ha ha I think I’ve tried it was it look good a pink sweet mango curled up in a ball with no legs well it looks at all times what do you think this is called no onions this place is like nothing not my fave it doesn’t actually have a flavor to me can I take this Helmke here dad [Music] okay well it’s no sweetie it smells like a giant plum now oh wow this banana did I love bananas it tastes good actually no I do not like that it’s tasty it also has kind of new flavor rod I’ve actually punch me I know how to say this it’s okay let’s just put a short sweet yes some people use this poopoo sometimes when people have a cut or like a skin infection they’ll rub it on them oh he’s good I feel so good do you feel better now that you rubbed it on you can now it just cold would you eat that every day sure only on Monday through Friday and on the weekends I’m just happy so what is this Wow sea urchin this is a fruit see I don’t think it’s both to eat outside what does it look like to you I look up porcupine hairy fruit egg hairy fruit coconut cow leg how do you get out of here oh okay this one’s hard to buy it actually tastes really good there is no flavour to me but it is really chewy yellow which is kind of like pizza oh no I am trying this with no way it has healing factors it’s got lots of vitamin A in it don’t worry I might have all the vitamins I need oh I’m trying it smell it was it not nothing it’s really really really soured foul and good I love it as yaki belong I’m gonna swallow what is it called that’s called the horned melon the forms on hand a horned melon from the baffling cucumber I love it I love the Appleton Cuba and can you take this house [Music] looks like it’s a dead animal it stinks ah people have banned this fruit in some places like hotels public transportation because it’s so smelly I could tell mmm it’s not fun this better be good Oh mm-hmm that does not taste good I do not like it I’ve tasted a lot to Meg jelly beans and this is exactly what it tastes like well what do you think of that hello Wow it smells good but I do not like the page you want to give it to your dad to take home you know I got to try water why does the next food everybody get any of its waters fruit

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