♫ I’ve been staring at
the edge of the water
♫ Long as I can remember
♫ Never really knowing why
(lively music)
– So good.
– So good.
– Yes (mumbles).
(boys scream)
– [Smaller Boy] I see you peaking.
– Blop.
– Blop.
– How does it not turn into yoke?
How does it not run down
like my egg this morning?
– [Girl] On that side, go down, down.
– Oh, good idea.
If I do that, will I have to eat that?
– Promise it does win.
– It’s actually good.
I recommend it.
– Take a bite; I’ll hypnotize you.
– [Boy] I’m trying to take a bite.
– Just take a bite!
– What’s it called?
– What?
– Oh, I thought you said hoco moco.
– Japan.
– I wish it was.
– It’s a really beautiful country.
– It’s actually pretty good.
– Told ya.
– Sushi!
– I’ve seen them, my
parents just never buy them.
(girl singing to herself)
– Salty.
(boy whispering)
– It’s a pig nipple?
– No.
– Who needs a bow clip?
Here’s one for free.
– Awwww.
– I want to keep it.
– Save it for later.
– [Both] Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
– You’re not taking my seaweed.
(making noises and laughing)
– What?
– Rice rolls.
– [Smaller Boy] What’s that?
– I like the juice in it.
Now I’ll spit it out and get more juice.
– No.
– What?
– With dirt?
– Woohoo, we used dirt.
– Yeah, that’s good!
– You had to do that
just to make this.
– Wow.
– Why not just catch a pig
and use some sticks that
are like this on the top
and then poke it through then cook it.
That sounds crazy.
– [Bigger Boy] Yeah.
– Jello!
– Cake.
– Please say this cake is from America.
– Can I eat all of it?
– Mmmmmm.
– Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm.
– It tastes good.
– I would eat this for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Definitely dinner.
– Thank you for watching.
Subscribe is right here.
– Aloha.
– [Both] Subscribe to Hiho.
– Subscribe.
– Press the button right here.
It might be on my head, just so you know.
– [Child] Aloha.

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