– Ernie, open wide. The
(mumbling) is coming.
– Umm … I have to tie my shoe.
– Oh, okay.
(upbeat fun music)
– [Girl] I have a good feeling about this.
– Ohhh.
– Butter!
– What is this?
– Eww.
(chews food loudly)
– Are you thinking about
what it tastes like?
– Spicy!
– India.
– Aloo papaboo?
(chewing loudly)
– I need water!
(exhales loudly)
– Vetni?
– Kablah!
– Kablah!
– I think it’s a Chinese food?
– Blah!
– You take this and
then you put it in here
and then you eat it with
your hand or the spoon.
– Hmm. I don’t know how
this is gonna taste.
– Can I eat one more bite?
– Oh this is actually good!
– (Laughs) I knew it!
– Open wide Ernie!
– Uh-uh.
(Laughs loudly)
– Aw, it just got me
on my neck, my clothes.
– Kabhi?
– Good, not.
(boop noises)
– I’m gonna eat this!
– Only way I’m eating this is with a fork.
– Pizza.
– Pizza pizza.
Got three pieces of pizza.
– No. It’s either called chipati or roti.
– This is tasty.
(smacking loudly)
– A thali.
So you first take a piece like this,
and then you put it in
one of the three things,
and then you put it in your mouth, yeah.
– Mmm.
– Umm, okay.
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