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– [Interviewer] Do you think
that Bjork was hanging out with you just for fun, or
do you think she gets paid? – How much did my parents pay you? (Bjork laughs) (cheerful music) – [Interviewer] – Hi. – Hi.
– Hello. – My name is Nicholas, and this is Stacey. – [Interviewer] How do you know Stacey? – She’s my babysitter. – What’s another word? – A family friend? – Oh, I like that too, actually. – I was six when I met
her, this person, Alex. (Alex laughs) – Long time. – And I just know her. I don’t know how we met you. – What are you doing here? – I am here to let you try
some of my favorite foods from when I was little. When I was like your age. – You’re in for a treat. – [Nicholas] Can I open yet? – [Stacey] No. (silverware clanging) – Open your eyes, look. Does it look good? So, that’s a Swedish
dish, called epleflesk. And it doesn’t look the
best, but it’s actually good. – Pickles, crunchy peanut butter, and jam. Wait, on a sandwich? – On a sandwich. Crazy, right? – I get these two together,
it’s a well known sandwich. – Yeah, it’s a normal sandwich. – But with pickles? – I know. I feel like you’re gonna like it. You like weird things. – Have you ever had mole before? It’s kind of a bunch of spices and chilies and a bunch of different
things blended up into a paste that you make into a sauce. – I don’t know if I’m going to like it. – So there is a bit of chocolate in mole, when it’s made the traditional way. Does that make you wanna
try it a little bit more. – Yeah. – 3-2-1 – Same time. Not that bad, right? – Mmm. (Alex laughs) – Mmm. Mmm. – Do you love it? – Mmm. – Oh you liking it huh? See, it’s not so bad huh? – I think I’m going in for the bacon. – What are we thinking,
what are we feeling? Come on. Oh, we got a thumbs up, yes. Mmm, it’s good. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. – Does eating this bring you any memories from when you were little? – It reminds me of living
in Puerto Valarta in Mexico. My mom and I had a cute little
apartment right on the beach. She used to always make
this for me after school. – We’d go gather at my nana’s once a week and she’d always make
some kind of Swedish dish. So I remember this a
lot when I was little. She’d make this for us,
usually breakfast, it’s like a breakfast food. – Does it bring back any memories? – Not really, it just reminds me of– – Can I lick the plate? – The pickle juice? – Yeah. (Alex laughing) – I mean that’s on you, go for it. – What is this thing called again? – This is elpeflesk – Elpeflesk? – Pretty close yeah, see
you’re speaking Swedish now. – Do you want to try the other thing? – It’s (speaks foreign language) – (speaks foreign language) – Which means strawberries with cream. – I like it. – This is one of my favorites. My mom still will make this
whenever I come home sometimes. – Did you have a nanny? – I did not. I went to after school care
at my elementary school and before school care
or I stayed with my nana. My nana watched me a lot. – I was raised by my
mom and my grandmother on my mom’s side. – Does your grandma ever babysit you? – Sometimes. – Would you ever want to be a
nanny or babysit other kids? – Nah. – No? – But you make money. – Too much responsibility. What do you do after I go to sleep? – Throw a huge party. You don’t even know. – And once the kids go
to bed you know what you get to do? – What? – Watch all the cable you want. You get to look through
all of the cabinets, and the refrigerator, it’s awesome. – Have you ever babysat other kids? – I do, I have several ones
but you are my main one. – Do you know that? You are my steady, main one. – Do you like me better
than all the other kids? – Nick, you know I love you. – How do the other people
who have babysat you compare to me? – You’re the best. – Oh, sweet angel. – How much did my parents
pay you to babysit me? – Uh, they paid me a good amount of money. – How much? – (laughs) What if I just
say that it was fair payment? – Okay. Can you tell
me after (Bjork laughs) because I want to know. ThanK you for sharing this with me. It was really yummy. – Aww you’re welcome. I’m happy I got to share this with you. Let’s do more of these. – Okay.

  1. These people are running out of ideas lots and lots of vids later kids try their cousins parents dogs grandparents neighbours guinea pigs owner

  2. At 1:47 that boy copies Oscar from kids try parents childhood favourite, the thing when Oscar goes mmmm like of u agree

  3. I babysit, too, but none of them are steady (meaning, I’ve only babysat a handful of times for the families) which sucks sometimes

  4. I never had a nanny but we had a babysitter who also worked at the day care/pre school I grew up going to and she would come watch me and my siblings when my parents would go out. Im 21 now and we still talk to this day, shes almost like a second mom to me. im so lucky to have had her around and had her show me all the things she enjoyed as a kid. im sure these kids will cherish that bond they have with their nannies/babysitters someday as well!

  5. Can someone please give me the recipe for the Swedish and Mexican dishes (or at least the names)? They look amazing.

  6. When Clara’s babysitter said Puerto Vallarta Mexico I felt that, being away from our country makes us appreciate what we hold on to more, such as our foods & culture. Como te extraño mi Mexico lindo.

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